Pattern = ending (depth good text)

/August 2022

A philosopher once said, "those who are angry often are not terrible, but honorable are those who secretly accumulate strength."

the cowardly people will only vent their anger wantonly on the weaker, while the really strong have long given up their emotions and know how to build up strength in patience and tolerance.

Xunzi said, "anger is not enough to snatch, but joy is not enough."

in this life, it is often not IQ and talent that determine one's own destiny, but the ability to control emotions.

the weak have long been slaves to emotions, while the strong take the initiative to manipulate emotions.


the more incompetent people are, the more likely they are to get angry

there is an old Chinese saying that "people are slightly irritable". The more incompetent people are, the more likely they are to lose their temper, while those who are really capable are very peaceful.

in history, Zhang Fei was called the enemy of ten thousand people, and he was called the "three heroes of Shu Han" with Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang. He was originally a hero, but he ended up miserably because of his temper.

General Cao Bao beat others because he refused to drink. Cao Bao, who hated in his heart, took Xuzhou with Lv Bu, causing Liu Bei to lose his most important base.

when the general made a small mistake, Zhang Fei whipped others, so the general took advantage of the drunken assassination, cut off Zhang Fei's head and went to Soochow.

A generation of general Zhang Fei was so ruined by his temper that he ended up in a different place, which is really lamentable.

Zhuge Liang once said: if you get angry first, you will regret it. Once you get angry, you will die.

it can be seen that losing temper is not only useless, but also makes people impetuous, lose their minds, and ultimately hurt themselves.

Wang Yangming also said: "narrow-mindedness is the root of evil, and open-mindedness is the door to happiness.

as soon as a person's temper comes, happiness will pass away invisible. if you want to keep it, you must first learn to control your temper.

you know, anger is not only the stupidest behavior, but also the most useless behavior, which not only cannot solve the problem, but also causes more trouble for yourself.

therefore, no matter what kind of environment you are in, you should be calm and calm, not angry, not irritable, and look at things rationally.

as a man, only by pretending to be honored or disgruntled and filled with joy and anger can we achieve great things.


the more powerful people are, the more they know how to forgive

there is a sentence in Su Shi's "theory of retention": "in ancient times, the so-called heroes must have human decency, and human feelings cannot be ninjas."

through the ages, the more powerful a person is, the more he can tolerate what ordinary people cannot tolerate, and the more he can tolerate what ordinary people cannot bear.

Liang Qichao, a famous Chinese thinker, died in an accident. The doctor cut the left kidney that should have been removed into the right kidney.

Today, it is also a major medical accident, but Liang Qichao did not blame the doctor, but told his family not to make the matter public, so as not to shake the trust of ordinary people in western medicine.

there is a saying: "the great wise must be modest, and the great good must be tolerant."

forgiveness is the embodiment of one's mind and pattern. People who know how to forgive others have different patterns and minds.

people who are really kind know how to forgive the faults of others.

because while tolerating others, it is also in the process of forgiving oneself and forgiving others, and at the same time, it is also achieving oneself.

the story of "Zhang Liang picking up shoes" is well known. In the face of the request of rude old people, I believe many people will walk away, but Zhang Liang can pick up his shoes again and again.

it is precisely because Zhang Liang has a magnanimous mind, tolerance and forgiveness that the old man will teach him the last lesson of his life and achieve Zhang Liang's extraordinary life.

in this life, only when one can hold one's temper, can one cultivate one's nature, swallow grievances, and enlarge the pattern.

as Caigen Tan says, "it is only when you treat others with tolerance that you can have grace for a long time."

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the more patient people are, the more capable they are, because they are broad-minded and tolerant of all things in the world, and they are naturally full of blessings.


your pattern determines the end

some people say: I am standing on the first floor, someone scolded me, I was very angry; I stood on the tenth floor, someone scolded me, I thought he was greeting me; I was standing on the 100th floor, someone scolded me, I could not see, and there was only infinite scenery in my eyes.

the reason why a person feels pain and cannot bear his temper is often because the height is not enough and the pattern is too small.

narrow-minded people, life will only be unsatisfactory, with a big pattern in mind, can see higher and go further.

in ancient times, a businessman ran a small shop because the goods were good and cheap, and there was an endless stream of customers.

the people around him saw that his business was so hot that they followed suit and finally began to compete maliciously.

the merchant's men were so angry that they decided to make trouble in the dark. When the businessman learned of this, he immediately stopped it and told him that he had come up with a good idea.

it turned out that the merchant saw many vendors nearby coming here to restock and decided to build this place into the largest trading city. The merchant told other shop owners about this plan, and everyone agreed.

finally, under the leadership of businessmen, the town successfully transformed to become rich together.

Zeng Guofan once said: "for those who seek great things, the most important thing is the pattern."

people with a large pattern can see farther than others, so they can put up with what ordinary people cannot bear. Just imagine, if a businessman retaliates out of anger, how can he gain fame and fortune later?

whether a person's fate is good or not depends not on talent and ability, but on how broad his mind is and how big his pattern is.

where the pattern is, the future is there. How long-term your vision is, can determine how far you can go!


A person's life is good or bad, sad or happy, not in what we have experienced, but in how we treat it.

the strong know how to forgive and can turn big things into small things, while weak people love to get angry and often turn small things into big things.

the biggest difference between the strong and the weak lies in their different attitudes towards life and different patterns of life.

for the rest of our lives, may we all be strong in life, not angry, just strive for strength!