People have fengshui everywhere, and to raise them well is to be rich.

/July 2022

geomantic omen nourishes people, and people also raise fengshui.

everyone has these fengshui. To be good is to be rich



the ancients said, "Disease comes in through the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth."

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A person's mouth is to a large extent a person's fengshui.

people who can talk, a few words make people feel like spring breeze, and their luck is getting better and better.

people who can't speak will offend people as soon as they speak, and their blessings are getting less and less.

Zhu Yuanzhang was born poor. Before he became emperor, he made a living by herding cattle and mowing grass.

after he became emperor, two brothers who were herding cattle together came to him in the past, hoping to get a part-time job.

one of the brothers said in front of the officials that Zhu Yuanzhang was robbing other people's beans with them in Luzhou.

before the beans were cooked in the jar, Zhu Yuanzhang broke the jar and spilled the beans all over the floor. While grabbing the beans, Zhu Yuanzhang swallowed the leaves into his stomach and almost choked to death.

Zhu Yuanzhang blackened his face and asked his subordinates to drag him out and cut him down.

but another person said: "at that time, I fought with you in the east and west, and your Majesty was so brave that he broke the city of Canzhou and caught General Dou."

although it's the same thing, it's too pleasing to the ear.

Zhu Yuanzhang was so overjoyed that he gave him a large number of rewards.

do not hit people in the face, expose people do not expose weaknesses.

go through your head before you speak, don't open your mouth.

be considerate and considerate of others.

if you embarrass others, they will embarrass you.

if you make others comfortable, others will make you comfortable.

speaking is an art. Only when you have a rich mouth can you attract wealth.



the first impression of a person and a person is to look at the face first.

those with gentle and kind faces are the most popular, while those with hideous and mean faces are the most disgusting.

judging people by their appearance is not superficial, but a kind of accurate intuition to interact with people.

phase is born from the heart.

A person's appearance is to a large extent what a person looks like inside.

Hu Shi's father died early when she was a child, and her mother brought her up alone.

orphans and widowed mothers often have to look at other people's faces.

Hu Shi knew from an early age: "the most abominable thing in the world is an angry face; the dirtiest thing in the world is to throw an angry face to others."

so he is always kind and does not embarrass others.

in 1938, Hu Shi served as ambassador to the United States.

he socializes every day and asks for help everywhere, and he digests a lot of bad emotions by himself.

the people who went with him often went to see him in the middle of the night, but Hu Shi still looked friendly and not unhappy.

Young Hu Shi is handsome and gentle.

but with the increase of age and experience, Hu Shi shows more and more elegant and easygoing temperament.

the face is gentle, peaceful and tolerant, which makes people unconsciously close.

up to the president and down to the peddler, they are all his guests.

he has friends all over the world, and he has a wide range of friends, which can be called the best in the Republic of China.

so that "my friend Hu Shizhi" became a mantra of the Republic of China.

his extensive social connections and excellent personality almost made him president.

A century later, just looking at the photos left by Hu Shi still makes people feel like a spring breeze.

how can people disrespect and love such a person?

the Book of Rites says: "those who are gentle must have a pleasant color, and those who have a pleasant color must have Wanrong."

A person must be kind on the inside and on the outside.

get along with such a person, comfortable and relaxed, no pressure.

people are willing to trust him and help him.

such affinity is one's greatest wealth.



if a person has an amiable face and speaks impeccably.

but with bad intentions, then this person is a hypocritical villain.

kindness is not only a person's character, but also a person's bottom line.

if a person loses his kindness, everything is meaningless.

when Pei du was young, his parents died, his family was poor, and he lived in a mountain temple.

one day he met a Taoist who saw that his face was dangerous and expected that he would suffer a terrible disaster and die early.

coincidentally, Han Taishou at that time was framed for imprisonment and needed to raise money for probation. Han Qiongying, the daughter of Taishou, managed to borrow a jade belt, but accidentally fell on the mountain temple.

Pei du picked it up and silently put it away. Han Qiongying gave it back to her when she ran back to the mountain temple crying.

after seeing Han Qiongying out, the mountain temple collapsed and Pei du escaped.

the lives of the three members of the Han family were saved, and Pei du accumulated blessings for himself.

when the Taoist saw him again, he was surprised and met him again.

the Taoist said to him: if you accumulate virtue and do good, your destiny has changed, so you might as well go to Beijing to take the exam. It will be unspeakably valuable in the future.

sure enough, after Pei du went to Beijing, he married Han Qiongying, the daughter of Taishou, and later rose all the way up to become a national assistant.

for 20 years, he has made outstanding achievements, and later generations have compared him with Guo Ziyi.

all Fukuda, do not leave the square inch.

sow good and reap blessings, and reap rewards for evil deeds.

No matter what the world is like, to refrain from greed and remain kind is to accumulate blessings for yourself.

if you keep thinking about it, there must be an echo.

the kindness to all things in the world, and all things will eventually give back to you.


hands and feet

the ancients said, "what you have learned from paper is not profound, so you must practice it yourself."

all talk without practice is a sham, and anyone who has made some achievements in history is a doer.

instead of talking about it, it is better to put it into practice.

say ten thousand things, you might as well do it yourself.

Zhao Kuo talked about the art of war with his father from an early age, and often left his father speechless on the sand table.

but he has no actual combat experience.

King Zhao believed slanderers and used him as a general. he did not know how to change, so he brought Zhao Jun into the fire pit in the twinkling of an eye.

Qin Bai Qi Keng killed 400000 of his pawn. Zhao suffered a great loss of vitality and soon perished.

Wang Yangming said: "knowledge and practice are one."

one should study the theory hard, bow down to practice, constantly correct the theory in practice, and then apply it to practice.

over and over again, you can really get through one thing.

it is easier said than done. Most people are giants of thought and dwarfs of action.

Wang Yangming is respected by later generations, to a large extent, because all his theories are practical, not a word is empty talk.

wanting to defend the frontier, Wang Yangming immediately learned the art of military riding and shooting. one man and one horse ran to the frontier fortress for more than a month and came back skinny.

after making up his mind to become a saint, he immediately went to the bamboo tree and forgot to eat and sleep for three days with a serious illness.

this kind of action force to do as soon as he thinks of it, let Wang Yangming accumulate a lot of practical experience, and it is these things that made his later "Longchang enlightenment".

the ancients said, "Don't donate merit."

Life has never been in vain, and every step counts.

what I fear most is that I have too many worries, be careful, and dare not do anything.

be decisive, be quick, don't think too much, do it.

only by taking action and trying bravely can we open up a new world of life.

the Book of songs says: "always speak with your destiny and seek your own blessings."

A man's fate is not determined by heaven, but by himself.

repair the fengshui around you, and you are bound to achieve something in life.