People help people, people compare people, people step on people.

/August 2022

I saw a sentence on the Internet: "No one is an isolated island and can be self-contained."

if you think about it, it is true.

Life is not a monologue. We are always connected and influenced by others.

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people with high realms support each other, and the road becomes wider and wider; those with lower realms find it difficult for each other, and the road becomes narrower and narrower.

Life is not long. It's up to you to decide what kind of person you want to be.


at that time, under the halo of Nortel, she acted as a passer-by with few lines.

at the darkest moment of life, she met the most important person in her life-a fat girl.

that girl is Jia Ling.

because of walking through the road taken by Zhang Xiaofei, Beijing drifters has been unknown for many years, bullied and despised in the crew, so Jia Ling is particularly aware of how important a stage is for people who love acting.

Yes, people who have really been in the rain always want to carry an umbrella for others.

so Jia Ling extended an olive branch to Zhang Xiaofei and let Zhang Xiaofei get out of the predicament and move towards the peak of her career in the future.

at the beginning of this year, the biggest dark horse in the Spring Festival film, "Hello, Li Huanying", finally exceeded 5 billion at the box office, setting a new film record.

A film "Hello, Li Huanying" has made Jia Ling the highest-grossing female director in the world and Zhang Xiaofei the leading actress of billions of films.

and everything is inseparable from each other's achievements.

you bring me hope and dream, I bring you warmth and companionship;

you help me realize my lifelong dream as an actor, and I help you realize your dream of directing for many years.

I have heard a saying:

"if you pave the way for others, you are actually building a bridge for yourself." If you build one more bridge, there will be one more way out. "

people who are really stylish and far-sighted know that to achieve others is to achieve themselves.

between people, they are always mutual.

if you help others, others will help you; if you help others, they will help you.

as the writer Liu Yingxuan said, "Life is an echo. If you give others the best, others will give you the best."

all the success in this world cannot be achieved without mutual support, let alone each other's achievements.


people compare people

as the saying goes, people compare people to death, goods have to be thrown away.

most of the time, we feel tired, mostly because of the comparison in our hearts.

Nan Li and Tian Yulan are half-sisters in the recent hit drama "Xiao she de".

Nan Li's father and mother divorced and married Tian Yulan's mother, and the two were forced to become relatives because of this relationship.

Tian Yulan's mother is a nurse, and the family conditions are not very good, so Tian Yulan has been holding her breath since childhood, trying to prove that she can live a better life than others.

the most impressive scene is

Nanli's daughter Xia Huanhuan won the prize in the singing competition, and Nanli's father asked her to sing a song in front of everyone.

after the performance, Tian Yulan was not calm. She asked her son Yan Ziyou to perform the back-to-back pi for everyone.

in fact, the children's performance is just to arouse the atmosphere at the dinner table and has no special meaning.

but Tian Yulan just likes to compete and compare with others.

your child performs, my child can also perform; your child is excellent, my child is better.

but what is the result of this comparison?

Xia Huanhuan ran away from home; Yan Ziyou suffered from mental illness.

and Tian Yulan was rejected by her mother-in-law because she forced Yan Ziyou to study for a long time. Her husband had a cold war with her, and even his son said he hated his mother most.

Why bother?

American writer Marshall once said, "if you really want to live a miserable life, compare it with others."

there is nothing in the world to worry about. Most of life's troubles are self-inflicted.

whose grades are better when I was a child, whose salary is higher when I work, whose husband is more capable when I am married, and whose child is better when I have a baby.

you see, a person's life has been worn away in this comparison.

there is a saying that makes sense:

"once people start to keep up with the comparison, they are doomed to lose, because there will always be someone better than you."

there are always people who are better than you, there are always endless scenery and mountains that you can't climb.

instead of hurting the peace of mind and making yourself miserable by comparing with each other, it is better to calm down and learn to be contented.

Don't compare with others, be yourself.


people step on people and destroy people

remember the famous "crab law"?

when there is only one crab in the bucket, it can easily climb out.

but if you put a lot of crabs, none of them will climb out.

because every time a crab climbs up, other crabs pull down, crabs and crabs step on each other, and the end result is that no one can climb out.

if I can't climb it, you can't climb it; if I'm not doing well, you can't be too good.

there is a sentence in the TV series you from the Stars:

"that's the way human nature is. Seeing other people climb higher than you, it doesn't mean I'm going there, but to others, come down, come down, and come into this quagmire."

thisThe evil of human nature is called not being able to see others well.

most of the time, we can allow strangers to prosper, but we can't stand the prosperity of the people around us.

just like what beggars hate most is not the boss of a big bank, but another beggar who occupies his booth.

I have seen a piece of news:

Qingdao college entrance examinees are often promoted and have not been waiting for their admission notice.