People live to the extreme: can make money, be alone, and often read books.

/August 2022

someone in Zhihu asked

"what exactly do people ask for in their whole life?"

someone answered this question with a poem by the poet Pei du:

"sit still and try tea and turn the book at leisure."

the main road to simple, numerous and complicated, mostly made by the human heart.

the most rare thing in life is to maintain a good state of mind, work hard to make money, enjoy being alone, and often read books.


will make money, have the courage

"do you think money is important?"

A line from the movie Parasite is the answer:

"money is an iron that can iron everything out." The importance of money is self-evident.

without money, what do you give to treat your parents when they are sick?

without money, how can you make a child receive a better education when he has to go to school?

without money, what do you surprise the person you like who wants something?


Soup without salt is not as good as water. People without money are not as good as ghosts.

as the writer Maugham said:

Varying from from the daring to the demure, our elegant bridal gowns for short & petite women are surely your essentials. Your will be elated by your enchanting look.

people certainly do not pursue wealth, but they must have a life of dignity, work that can be unhindered, be generous, be cheerful, and be independent.

in the hospital, he saw something that could change his life.

A patient in the same ward has a very serious illness and needs organ transplant.

but this patient's family has no money.

one day, the patient's relatives and friends gathered in front of his hospital bed and signed an agreement.

the agreement stipulates that patients borrow 400000 yuan for organ transplants.

this fee will be reimbursed by his son, who is in junior high school.

after the agreement was signed, the patient was quickly pushed into the operating room, but before long, he was pushed back.

it turns out that the patient gave up the operation voluntarily.

the patient told Fu Sheng that the cost of organ transplant and operation was 400000, but he didn't know until he entered the operating room that the lifetime anti-rejection after operation also needed 400000, which added up to 800000.

my son is still in junior high school and has to bear a debt of 800000 yuan. Which father can do such a thing?

later, it was not known whether the patient had received treatment, but Fu Sheng was frightened.

he said:

"this fear has been with me for many years. I looked at him as if I saw my future. It's not a future, it's not a dream, it's a nightmare. "

later, this matter became the biggest driving force for Fu Sheng's struggle, and he vowed not to fall into such a situation in the future.

later, he succeeded.

I think of a sentence:

No amount of chicken soup can match. A banknote gives sense of security a little less hypocritical and a little more diligent.

what kind of life you want to live, you have to earn it yourself.

whether money is important or not will be known once.

can make money, is a person's greatest strength, not for money humble, let alone for money depends on other people's face to act.


can be alone, often reflect on

Aristotle has a famous saying:

"he who lives alone is either a beast or a god."

the better a person is, the more he will stick to his heart in solitude, and the more he will gain strength in solitude.

the philosopher Thoreau tried to be alone, away from the hustle and bustle, and live in seclusion on the banks of Walden.

then someone asked him, "you must be lonely living there alone. Do you really want to see people?" Especially in a snowy day. "

Thoreau replied, "isn't the earth we live on a boat in the universe?" Why do I feel lonely? "

I think so.

I have heard a saying:

"the real practice is not to identify yourself in noisy communication, but to reflect on life in quiet solitude."

Oprah Winfrey once said:

"all that time alone determines who we are."

being alone allows us to reflect on our shortcomings and correct them.

being alone allows people to find out what they really want.

there was such a story on the Internet before:

you are a firewood chopper, he is a cattle herder, you talked with him all day, his cow is full, where is your firewood?

you see, there is a lot of useless social interaction in life.

instead of wasting time and energy making so many innocuous friends, spend more time on yourself, learn to be alone, and learn to enrich yourself.

Lin Huiyin said: "the real calmness is not to avoid the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, but to build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in mind."

learn to be alone so that you can constantly update yourself.

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami wrote in what do I talk about when I talk about running:

I don't talk to anyone for an hour or two every day. Whether I run alone or write articles, I don't feel bored. I prefer reading silently or listening to music attentively rather than working with others. I can think of a lot of things that I only need to do by myself.

being alone is a process of talking to the heart.

in solitude, those inexplicable, unsolvable, and complicated questions will gradually be answered.


read a lot, learn more

what writer Sanmao wrote in "giving you a Horse":

if you read more, your appearance will change naturally. Many times, you may think that many of the books you have read have become fleeting and forgotten, but in fact they are still latent. In temperament, in speech, in the boundlessness of mind.

this is the power of reading.

Dong Qing, who was born into a scholarly family, has read a lot of books under the influence of her parents since childhood.

Dong Qing once said:

"if I don't read for a few days, I will feel as bad as a person without taking a bath for a few days."

it is because of her love of reading that she has become a great talented woman.

some people say that Dong Qing in the Reader is more beautiful than ever before, and she stands there as if she had her own light.

as Dong Qing said:

"I always believe that all the books I have read will not be read in vain. It will always help me perform better on some occasion in the future. Reading can give people strength. It gives people more happiness."

really answer that sentence: "the belly is full of poetry and books."