People's Daily: educating your children well is also your most important career! (please read it patiently)

/August 2022

"double reduction", let learning return to school, this is the right thing to do.

but in any case, we should always understand that no matter how the education policy changes, parents are the first responsible for their children's education, and they are the most important teachers for their children.

double reduction is to reduce the heavy academic burden of children, not to reduce the responsibility of being parents.

People's Daily once published an article telling parents:

educating good children is not only a matter for teachers, but also the most important career for parents in their lives.


No matter how many responsibilities teachers take

parents should never be the shopkeeper

A retired professor at Peking University said that parents now always think that teachers are omnipotent.

whenever there is something wrong with the child, he will pick on the teacher.

the child did not excel and felt that it was the teacher's problem.

this sentence is often heard from parents: "there are no students who can't teach, only teachers who can't teach."

many parents always think that when I send my children to school, it is the school's responsibility to educate their children. If family education is very important, what else does the school have to do?

especially after the "double reduction" policy came out, some parents took advantage of the "double reduction" umbrella to constantly make demands to the school, waiting for teachers to assume more responsibilities, and became shopkeepers themselves.

it is true that some things should be done by schools, but some responsibilities cannot be shirked by parents.

how to ensure the child's long-term happiness, how to exercise the child's strong will, how to ensure the child's good conduct. These are what parents can give to their children.

the parent is the first responsible person and the lifelong teacher of the child on the way of growing up.

We can't let go of children's education just because there is a school.

if education only depends on teachers, that is the real delay of children.


it is the bounden duty of teachers to educate people.

parents are the influencers of their children's life

Han Yu said: teachers, so preaching and karma.

when teachers choose education as their lifelong career, they must have enthusiasm and deep feelings for education.

however, all teachers can do is to "water and fertilize" during school time.

the teacher prepares lessons hard to teach children, hoping to teach every child, but things often backfire.

Why are children different when they are taught by the same teacher in the same class?

in the field of education, there is a famous "5-2-0" formula, which refers to the impact of family education on children.

5 days of school education is quite effective, but if 2 days of family education fails to keep up, the child's education will always turn around, or even get worse and worse.

as Chen Baosheng of the Ministry of Education said:

when parents put all their hopes on teachers, do they realize that they have a far greater influence on their children than teachers?

A good teacher may influence a child for three or five years.

but the influence of parents is lifelong, and parents are lifelong teachers and role models for their children.


parents are only valid for ten years

your laziness is a lifelong regret for children

for parents, in addition to educating their children, they are also busy with work.

but being a parent, compared with educating children, work is the second priority.

Dong Qing once said a thought-provoking sentence:

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"when educating your children, you choose to make money instead of disciplining your children. when your child grows up, your hard-earned money for the rest of your life may not be worth a year when he lost the family."

many parents always think, wait a minute, and then discipline their children when they are free.

also always think, wait a minute, when the children grow up, they will understand.

but in the end, it's probably just waiting and waiting, leaving only regrets.

the growth of a child is irreversible. There is only once, and if you miss it, you will not have a chance to start over.

the laziness you steal from your children today will become the deepest regret of your life tomorrow, and it will even make you repay it double.

so parents, don't miss your child's education again.

Children grow up faster than you think. If you don't care about some things, you really can't control them.

when children are most in need of education, do not neglect to accompany them, and do not bury hidden worries for their future.


behind every excellent child

there is a conscientious parent

remember Chinese math genius Chen Jie?

entered the youth class of the Chinese University of Science and Technology at the age of 14, went to the United States to study for a doctorate at the age of 18, and became a doctoral supervisor at the age of 25.

Chen's excellence has always been obvious to all, and he has won countless awards since childhood, which is what parents call "other people's children."

some people will wonder, how on earth did such a genius high achiever be educated?

in the interview,

he said:

he said that his father's family education had the greatest impact on him:

"the first is ambition, which he pursues every day;

the second is self-study, which makes him more efficient in learning;

third, parents talk to him on an equal footing, which makes him very confident."

We all admire the excellence of other people's children, but every excellent child is not born, and it is the heart of every parent behind it.

the excellence of children is soaked in the sweat of their parents.

the real education is actually fighting for parents.


educating their children

is the most important career for parents

there is a good saying: parents and children are always accomplishing each other.

parents always give for their children with no regrets, and here in their children, we can feel the most complete dependence, love and trust in the world.

"parents" is the most glorious title in our lives.

educating their children well is the most important career in parents' lives.

as said in Poor Dad, Rich Dad:

"success is having time to take care of your children."

while the child is not yet grown up, accompany well, cooperate with the teacher, and educate attentively.

Children's education has a long way to go. Please remember the three "noes":

Don't let it go, but be deeply involved in your child's growth.

Don't interfere too much, give the child plenty of space.

Don't be half-hearted, please give your child heart, respect, patience and companionship to grow up together.

raising children is a practice for parents.

parents' education and companionship are irreplaceable.

parents should take the responsibility of guardianship and never be lazy.

everything for children, everything for education! Be a good escort for children!