Professor Fudan: excellent children are controlled, bear children are used to coming out!

/August 2022

for children's education, there must be discipline, even severe punishment, especially the only child.


White-eyed wolves

are all cultivated by parents

if you ask parents: do you want your children to be white-eyed wolves?

parents' answer: no.

however, Chinese parents unwittingly cultivate white-eyed wolves.

some time ago, the boy broke the things of the store and asked his mother to help him make reparations. His mother nagged him a few words, but he started with his mother and put his hands around his mother's neck.

A family of three went shopping. The daughter wanted a drink, but the mother thought it was bad to drink too much and did not agree to buy it for her daughter. As a result, the daughter immediately lost her temper, raised her feet and kicked her mother hard, but the mother did not spill it at all and did not stop it.

A primary school student posted that his grades were very excellent. He all won the first place in pulley, go, Mathematical Olympiad and so on. He felt that he was too good and disliked his parents to be so good.

A middle school student spoke at the parents' meeting. I worked hard to make myself excellent in order to get rid of this ignorant native family as soon as possible.


the above examples are really sad. Parents have worked so hard to cultivate a child who does not know how to be grateful. What is the use of being excellent? it is simply a wolf with white eyes.

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there is a saying in

but the biggest tragedy of education is that no one took care of it when I was young, but I couldn't manage it when I grew up.

on the way of life, parents need to guide their children to do the right thing.

if parents are obedient, their children will only dislike themselves, bleed themselves dry, and even hate themselves when they grow up, which will only make parents who have worked hard all their lives feel cold.


it's too late for the child to grow up

the child is still young, so don't take care of him.

this sentence comes from countless parents.

A friend of mine has a child who plays with his mobile phone and computer every day. As long as his parents don't cater to him, he will die and live.

when the child's father sees this, he immediately compromises and gives whatever he wants, just don't make a fuss.

do not know that parents have no bottom line to protect their calves, which will eventually make their children more and more presumptuous and defiant.

some time ago, four 17-year-old teenagers jointly killed their 16-year-old classmate and were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and life imprisonment by the court.

after the sentencing, the four teenagers smiled at each other and were glad that they had escaped the death penalty.

surprisingly, the motive for killing classmates is that they do not have the money to surf the Internet.

Li Meijin said: "develop a character before the age of 6. If some problems are not solved, the parents behind will be out of control."

the younger the child is, the stronger the plasticity is. As long as the parents give the child a good education, the child will have a bright future when he grows up.

therefore, parents must not comfort themselves with the words "tree nature is straight".

I don't care when I am a child, but I can't do it when I grow up.

Children's problems are often caused by parents, and children's rebellion has a lot to do with their parents' education.


Children should exercise strict control

grow up to have a future

"strict control" is love, and "indulgence" is harm.

Children who are tightly regulated when they are young will be aggrieved, but they will be grateful to you when they grow up.

many teachers come to me and say that those children who are very naughty and are often beaten and scolded by me thank me most after graduation.

A head teacher said that after serving as a head teacher for 15 years, I met a student who had emigrated abroad and flew home to see me and said thank you to my face.

the head teacher said: at that time, he did not like to study, often made trouble in class, played with his mobile phone, slept, and often fought.

among the 43 students in the class, he is the most difficult to manage and the most ruthless one of mine.

if I am late for class, I will punish him, fire Gu Shiwen, fight and make mistakes. I will let him review himself in front of the whole class and give feedback to his parents. I will treat him like a Mustang.

later, he curbed his ambition, studied hard, was admitted to university, went abroad to study for graduate school, and got a decent job.

regardless of your teacher, I love you the most. Parents are the first school for their children, and it should be so.

laissez-faire education will only harm children.

in the way of education, we need to be a "cruel person" and not always feel sorry for our children and let them be indulged.

as the saying goes, "there are no rules, no square."

there are still many things in the world that need to abide by the rules. When parents do not pay close attention to them, their children will only be loose and difficult to control.

as parents, we should always remember that it is the responsibility of parents to strictly control their children to make them understand and distinguish between right and wrong.

if parents are born without care, is there any hope for their children's future?


how to discipline their children correctly

parents are the first teachers of their children, which are very important to the development of their children's life, and the correct method of educating their children is the key.

so, how to discipline children correctly?

there are rules

rules determine success, rules can not be broken, the system cannot be done without, and there are no rules without rules.

in the film "I'll see you in Heaven", if the granddaughter makes a mistake, Grandpa will let her get the ruler and show her hands ready to be beaten.

Grandpa's "family law", the granddaughter is very clear, and also understand why she was beaten.

GrandpaThis rule is in awe, which will achieve the effect of "management".

so, the sooner you set rules for your child, the better, so that your child can figure out where the penalty boundary is and control his or her behavior.

Don't always satisfy children

unrestrained children. Parents can always be satisfied with eating, drinking and playing, and parents can get it without paying at all. In the eyes of children, all the things they get are taken for granted, and there will be more and more demands, so they will not be grateful.

parents should selectively meet their children's requirements and resolutely refuse inappropriate requirements. Only parents with principles can cultivate a child who knows how to control his desires.

be a role model for children

Dong Qing said: you have to become whatever you want your child to become.

the child is like a blank piece of paper, the parents are the first writers, and the parents look like the children.

Tolstoy once said, "all education, or 999/1000 of education, comes down to role models." this is the truth of educating others before educating themselves.

as the old saying goes, "raising without teaching is a disaster to parents; teaching without being effective is the fault of parents."

A good child is in charge, and behind every bear child, there is a parent who drops the ruler and protects him without principle.