Read 4 words and live a good life.

/July 2022

with the passage of time, most people do not want to spend this life mediocre, but want to be who they really are and explore the meaning of life.

so, how on earth should we live our lives?

if one wants to live clearly, one must understand these four words.

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people live in the world, moral integrity is the foundation of the body.

doing things openly and being an upright man is worth a trip to the world.

Yu Jackie Chan, a famous minister of the Qing Dynasty, is such a person.

Jackie Chan is a late bloomer. It was not until the age of 44 that he began to go to Luocheng, Guangxi to start his official career.

as the saying goes, "unruly people arise from poor mountains and evil waters". Luocheng County is remote and backward, the people simply do not accept control, and the local public security problem is particularly serious.

Yu Jackie Chan carried out drastic reforms and even led troops to catch the bandits himself regardless of his own life and safety. Under his rule, the life of the local people gradually settled down.

at the same time, he acts fairly, is an incorruptible official, and is deeply loved by the people. Because of his remarkable political achievements, he later got a series of promotions.

in more than 20 years of official career, Yu Jackie Chan has always been honest and honest, and was praised by Emperor Kangxi as "the most incorruptible official in the world".

therefore, only when a person does well can he be a ruler and do things properly.

A person who does well will be open and aboveboard and live a magnanimous life.


stand upright

Ming Dynasty Wang Wenlu said: "people's life is also straight, the heart is straight, the body is straight, can stand tall."

the implication is that only when a person is upright can he stand on his own feet in the world.

in 1550, 35-year-old Hai Rui Zhongju served as an instructor in Nanping, Fujian Province. Just as the inspector came to inspect the work, other teachers all bowed down on the ground to meet the inspector, but Hai Rui only clasped his fist and clearly explained the reason: "according to the law of Daming, I am a schoolmaster and a teacher, and I cannot bow down to you."

when he was just entering officialdom, he was so "rude" to his superiors, which naturally made the inspector angry.

later, Hai Rui was promoted to Chun'an in Zhejiang Province and Xingguo County in Jiangxi Province. He repeatedly settled unjust and false cases and severely cracked down on corrupt officials, which was unanimously praised by the common people.

Shizong Zhu Houyi was superstitious in witchcraft and ignored the government. Hai Rui, who worked in Yunnan, directly submitted a letter to criticize the matter and was forced to go to prison. It was not until the death of Shizong that he was released.

however, after he was released from prison and took office, he still did not change his usual style, punishing bullies and officials, building water conservancy for the people and dredging rivers.

Hai Rui has been upright all his life and won the hearts of the people, so he has been repeatedly excluded. But he never took it seriously, always adhered to his inner integrity and became a model of honest officials in Chinese history.

only when a person stands upright can he have the mind and spirit to stand upright.

mind is right, things are right, things are right. Only in this way can the righteousness of heaven and earth last forever.


it makes sense

"Cai Gentan" says, "if you are benevolent and relaxed, you will be blessed and grow."

benevolent and loving people are broad-minded, so they are rich and long-term.

Huang Yuanyu, a traditional Chinese medicine scientist in the Qing Dynasty, has made rapid academic progress since he was young and intelligent, coupled with hard work. He can read books without forgetting, can speak into chapters, is a rare talent in all villages and towns.

in the era of "everything is inferior, but reading is high", he also secretly set up the ambition of "always striving for a clear cloud and a high reputation in the world" to give full play to his ambition through reading.

however, unexpectedly, an accident ruined his road to becoming an official.

at the age of 29, he had left eye discomfort due to long-term reading and excessive use of his eyes.

the quack unwittingly found by the family prescribed a large amount of bitter cold medicine, which not only delayed the best time for treatment, but also caused Huang Yuanyu's left eye to be completely blind.

to make matters worse, at that time, the imperial court stipulated that those with incorrect facial features were not allowed to become officials, and Huang Yuanyu's former Ling Yun Zhuangzhi had to stop there, and he had no choice but to accept this cruel reality.

Huang Yuanyu, who was born well, could have lived lazily, but he thought twice and made the decision to become a doctor. He wrote, "Life is not for the sake of fame to save the world, but also as a famous doctor to help people."

from then on, Huang Yuanyu took out the energy of studying poems and books at that time, nibbled down some of the medical classics, asked people for advice in many ways, and finally became a master of traditional Chinese medicine.

instead of fighting the fate of injustice, he figured out that the matter lies in man-made truth, and then made efforts to realize the value of life.

it is not difficult to see that for people who can make sense, no matter what kind of ups and downs they encounter, there will be hope to change their way of thinking.

so, if you can make sense and know how to turn at the right time, the natural world of life is wide.


A Dream of Red Mansions

although Granny Liu is just an ordinary old country woman, she knows how to be grateful. After overcoming the difficulties, in order to express her gratitude, she went to Rongguo House with her own melons, fruits and vegetables.

it was with this sincerity that she was received by Mother Jia. In order to win the favor of Mother Jia, Sister Feng randomly inserted a lot of chrysanthemums on her head.

Granny Liu not only didn't mind, but said with a smile, "although I was old, I was also flirtatious when I was young. I might as well be an old flirtatious person today."

this self-deprecating jingle really makes you sing poems on weekdays.The people of the words smiled from ear to ear.

people have to bow their heads under the eaves. Granny Liu, who mocks herself, is actually a wise man.

those who see through have fun all the time; those who can't see through are in trouble everywhere.

therefore, seeing through is not only a skill, but also a pattern of life.