Reading can cure most unhappiness in life.

/August 2022


I occasionally have moments of depression.

sometimes it is because of not having a good rest, running and busy every day, which consumes a lot of physical strength and energy.

sometimes it may be due to lack of experience, and it always takes a little time to resolve unpleasant things.

but when I am in a bad mood, one of the things I often do is not complain or talk, but stay in my room and read quietly for a while.

I don't know why reading is so magical. Once I start reading, the whole person will be freed from trouble.

when I am immersed in the book, I feel tense, relaxed, relaxed and calm.

more time, reading brings me not only knowledge and learning, but also allows me to better understand myself, heal myself, and finally learn to make peace with myself in my alone time.

every process of reading is a process of constantly soothing yourself.

there is no advice and comfort from others, nor do you find any reason or excuse for yourself. When you really achieve peace of mind and peace of mind, you will read not only books, but also self-reflection, self-adjustment, and self-repair.


every day I memorize one or two books in my bag. If I go out or travel, I will bring more books.

you can read a book when you are waiting for the bus for an hour or two, or you can read a few pages when you are waiting in line for four or five minutes, or even take out a book and read it when you are all right.

Reading is probably the best way to kill time and fight loneliness.

sometimes we don't have company all the time, but as long as we bring a book, we are accompanied by a friend.

sometimes we don't always find someone to talk to, but as long as we open a book, we can talk and communicate with countless wise people.

sometimes, we are not understood all the time, but if you read different books, you can get different care and comfort.

in real life, it is not easy to meet a friend who knows you, and there are few opportunities to talk together. Even you need to spend a lot of time and energy to maintain the so-called friendship and relationship.

but when you open the book, your friends will immediately appear in front of you, when you close the book, they will automatically leave, all the lonely time, you can use reading to fill and enrich yourself.


there is a saying: "your problem is that you read too little and think too much."

in fact, everyone will encounter different troubles and difficulties in different choices, different inflection points, and even different stages of life.

at this time, if you want to better answer questions, the best teachers are often books, and the easiest way to ask for advice is to read.

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every book is a different world that can constantly open and broaden you and make you a better person.

whenever I feel confused and confused, philosophy can bring me more new thinking.

whenever I feel discouraged and depressed, biographies can bring me new strength and courage.

whenever I feel trouble and pain, Buddhism can bring you peace of mind and peace of mind.

each book can teach me different wisdom, so that I can better climb the mountain when I am inexperienced, know little, and have little experience, standing on the shoulders of my predecessors and giants.


A person has to face thousands of hardships in his life.

maybe not all the problems, as long as reading, but reading can help you better cure most of the unhappiness in life.

when you are in a bad mood, too much thinking and too many complaints are not as good as reading a book quietly, which can help you ease your mood.

when you feel lonely, instead of expecting the company of others, reading a book will make you feel full, happy and satisfied.

when you are in trouble, instead of asking for help and advice everywhere, it is better to settle down and read a book, which can help you solve layers of mysteries and puzzles.

every good book is fine and plays many roles.

it can be your friend, your bosom friend and your teacher.

whenever I am in trouble, I try to calm myself down and spend the time of internal friction on reading.

maybe the habit of reading won't do me any good for a while.

but all the books I have read will always give me inspiration, wisdom and irreplaceable support and help at some point in my life.

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