Real success is family happiness!

/August 2022

everyone wants to succeed all his life.

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always thinks that the so-called success.

means rich money and RV, and

means bigger career and higher power.

however, these are superficial perceptions.

went through half his life and experienced everything.

looked down on money and materials,

faded away fame and fortune, and

gradually woke up.

No amount of wealth is as good as a healthy body, and no matter how expensive an RV is, it is not as good as a harmonious and complete family.

only family happiness is true success!


family style is good, no matter how poor a family can become rich

a family,

family style is face.

if the family style is good, the family's conduct will not be bad.

parents teach by deeds and deeds, children learn the same,

parents have good conduct, children are bound to be excellent.

A family that can continuously pass on a good family style can make a family rich no matter how poor it is.

family style is the foundation of family happiness, and

family style is the standard of behavior of family members.

parents' words and deeds affect their children's life.

good family style, correct words and deeds,

can help children establish correct values, and

can make children have high self-cultivation.

the child is excellent, the conduct is good,

will become a useful person,

shine, and the family will prosper.


Family harmony will prosper no matter how hard it is.

for a family,

harmony is the most important factor.

and it is the relationship between husband and wife that determines the harmony of the family.

if husband and wife are at odds and quarrel,

the family is as chaotic as a battlefield, cold as ice,

even if the family is big and rich, it will not be happy.

so husband and wife must know how to tolerate each other.

if husband and wife are in love, the home will be warm, and when husband and wife quarrel, the family will be restless.

any time, anything,

discuss together, communicate frequently,

don't talk hard, don't win or lose.

in order to avoid disputes and affect feelings.

as long as husband and wife understand and understand each other, and

let the family live in harmony, there will be sweetness in life no matter how hard it is.


family members are safe, and no matter how difficult it is, one can be happy.

A person needs a home and family at any time.

you can have a family only if you have a family.

if you lose your family and parents,

you will be left alone for the rest of your life.

only when the family is safe and the parents are alive,

can we live with peace of mind and enjoy everything.

the greatest wealth in the world

is that parents are healthy and free from illness.

means that parents are alive and have a home to go back to.

No matter when or what happens,

parents feel at ease no matter how bitter they are.

parents always have a way out at home.

so take good care of your parents and spend more time with them.

as long as they are all right, happiness will not stop.

A place with a house is not a home.

A place with a family is home.

the happiness of our lives

is not elsewhere, it is at home.

the lover is accompanied, the heart does not change;

the children are on the side, growing day by day;

the parents are alive and sound.

A neat family is wealth, and success is when a family is in harmony.