Silence is a kind of practice, silence is a kind of realm.

/August 2022

experienced right and wrong, see through the warmth of human feelings, more and more like quiet, more and more like silence.

people who are really good know how to be silent at the right time.

Silence is powerful, sometimes more than a thousand words.

Ma Dong said: "when one's mood comes to an end, it is silence."

after being hoarse, I slowly learn to be silent.

after experiencing isolation and helplessness, I gradually understand silence.

having experienced collapse and crying, I finally understand the wisdom of silence.

Silence is not a sign of nobility or self-pity. True silence is a kind of spiritual practice and a kind of realm.

people who know how to be silent, even in a disappointing moment, are on the verge of collapse.

even though there are thousands of tastes in my heart, the waves are rough. He will still be light, calm down, precipitate himself, and slowly accumulate strength.

Silent, quiet, undisturbed. Walk to the place where the water is poor, and sometimes sit and watch the rising clouds change.


silence is the peace and fullness of the heart.

sit still and often think about your own mistakes and gossip about others.

if one can always calm down and meditate, reflect on one's own shortcomings, and do not comment on the rights and wrongs of others.

then he can face the complexity of human feelings and the impermanence of the world with a compassionate and peaceful state of mind.

I remember that when I was young, when I was a little sad, I was earth-shattering, and a little misunderstanding made me cry bitterly. Now, I have slowly learned to be silent.

when I encountered a setback, I clenched my teeth silently and told myself that there was no difficulty in getting through.

when I got hurt, I cried and hurt, but I still greeted the sun the next day with a smile.

if you are aggrieved and do not explain, those who understand me do not need to explain, and for those who do not understand, it is useless to explain more.

I know that what I have to do is to accumulate strength in silence. Let yourself be strong, not afraid of rumors, not afraid of sadness.

when you are silent, your heart is quiet and rich. If you are quiet, you can hear your inner voice.

A person who knows how to be silent is easier to get along with himself. Learn to be alone, truly accept yourself, and be tolerant of others.


silence is a kind of inner accumulation.

A person will not know the power of silence until he encounters setbacks in his career.

calm down by yourself. Think slowly, do not rush for quick success, do not trust others, know how to slowly accumulate and precipitate.

A person who is betrayed by love will be silent to love.

be cautious about love and don't deliver your heart easily. Let the beautiful words retire and let the true feelings remain. Know how to be silent and learn to cherish.

A person will remain silent to desire only when the body turns on a red light.

in this life, there are many things that cannot be brought by life or death, so why be so persistent?

No matter how many desires, if there is no healthy body, everything is empty talk.

Yi Shu once said: "one must be injured before he can be silent and focused. whether it is mental or physical trauma, it is good for growth."

learn to be silent, wake up after losing yourself, reflect slowly after missing your regrets, and rest and adjust after your heart is tired and collapsing. Ufeffufeff

Silence gives support to the soul.

learn to precipitate your emotions and adjust your state. Ufeffufeff meets better and better self in the process of self-redemption.

even in the hustle and bustle of the busy city, still seek a peace of mind. Filter desires and precipitate yourself.

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silence is the strength to rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

during the Spring and Autumn period, King Zhuang of Chu succeeded to the throne for three years without issuing a single decree.

Zuo Sima asked him, "A big bird landed on a hill and didn't fly or bark for three years. Why?"

King of Chu Zhuang replied, "if you don't spread your wings for three years, you want to make your wings bigger; if you don't sing for three years, you need to observe and prepare. Although it does not fly, it will soar to the sky; although it does not sing, it will be amazing! "

half a year later, King Chuzhuang carried out a series of reforms.

the old ten decrees were abolished, nine new decrees were issued, five treacherous courtiers were executed and six hermits were promoted. Since then, the country has been prosperous and the world has been subdued.

King Chuzhuang knows the right silence and looks for opportunities for reform in silence.

he does not reveal his intentions prematurely, and everything is under his control.

Su Shi said: "A broad view and an appointment, thick accumulation but thin hair."

without a long or short period of silence, without reflection and accumulation in silence, how can there be the joy of winners and the cheers of winners?

Silence is the obscure effort behind it, the persistence that is not eager for success, and the powerful force to rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.


Silence is a kind of practice; silence is a realm.

We will eventually become mature, and the road to maturity is to learn to be silent and accept what we don't like and what we don't like. Ufeffufeffufeff

not happy with things, not sad with oneself. Cherish those who love you. Those who leave need not be nostalgic. Those who are coming are greeted with a smile. Those who turn around, wave goodbye.

Lu Xun said: "when I am silent, I feel full. When I speak, I feel empty."

Silence is like the green in the middle of summer, simple, but full of vitality.

according to a ray of sunshine, take a cool share, grow quietly, and be rich in the green mountains and rivers of life.

when I learned to be silent, I finally understood: don't say anything, don't complain..

for life, the biggest thing is life and death. Apart from that, it's all a piece of cake.

silence is a kind of spiritual practice. Enjoy the silent time, read the inner feelings, and quietly appreciate the beauty of the years.

speechless, it is a realm. No argument, no argument, no words.

right and wrong are fleeting. Keep your heart clean and dust-free, and return to deeper awakening and freedom.

be a silent wise man. There is no need for words or explanations in life.

be yourself and let time tell you everything. In a quiet position, to see the bustle and prosperity of the world.

click to watch, let the impetuous heart settle down and face everything in a soft and comfortable manner.

in silence, reach a wider distance and enjoy the more graceful scenery.