Silence is the last lofty! (classic)

/June 2022

A few words is wisdom, but a few words accumulate virtue.

Life is not a matter of witticism, but of keeping your mouth when you are in a group and your heart when you are alone.

nine times out of ten, there are unpleasant things in the world, but when you learn not to say, you will learn to advance as you retreat, and you will naturally reap the infinite power from silence.

so, a person understands silence, not because he has no emotion, but because he has a strong heart, not because of gains and losses, honor or disgrace impetuous, not upset by the temptation of the outside world.

Silence is the true maturity.


silence does not want to say that

the adult world is strong on the one hand and collapsing on the other.

the book says:

people suffer in everything, but some people have nothing to say and some people have nothing to say.

therefore, the best way to grow up is to keep silent, to forge ahead alone, to make your soul more noble and your life more wonderful.

my friend shared her experience with me:

when she first joined the profession, she was not familiar with anything, there was no one in the department and no special training, the job given to her by the leader could only cross the river by feeling a stone, and she was often scolded for making mistakes.

once, when she had lunch with her colleagues, she cried about her stress and helplessness, but she was ridiculed by her colleagues.

originally wanted to relieve the pressure, but the sour words of her colleagues made her more sad.

she said:

everyone has a dark and obscure time that no one can understand.

there is no empathy in the world. Your bewilderment and helplessness are just small talk in the eyes of others, and will not touch others at all.

the real grievance, the real sadness, is mostly unspeakable, because laugh, the whole world will laugh with you, cry, only you cry alone.

so if you see too much human feelings, you should understand that some words just add annoyance, and some grievances have to be swallowed by yourself after all.


silence is not what

needs to see through. it is experience, and if it is not pierced, it requires a rare accomplishment.

dealing with the world has always been one of the courses that each of us must learn, and in this course, the most important point is not to embarrass others.

because your every word and deed will record your good and evil, every good and evil will have a corresponding cause and effect, and everything will be borne by yourself.

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so, to control your mouth, not to say meaningless words, and to know how to be silent at the right time is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of realm.

writer Gan Bei once told such a story:

in high school, the father of one of her female classmates was a bank security guard. Because of her unique sensitivity and inferiority complex in adolescence, the female classmate always lied when asked about her father's occupation. "Dad is a clerk at the bank counter."

in fact, everyone knows it, but no one has ever cracked it.

once, when everyone went to eat Spicy Hot Pot, her father came head-on, wearing a security suit. The female classmate was ashamed and stood in the same place with an embarrassed face.

at that moment, a girl suddenly said, "I want to go to the supermarket. Would you like to join us?" So he pulled her and walked in the other direction.

Ganbei said: "in this way, we have a tacit understanding to protect the girl's fragile self-esteem for three years."

in this world, there are many things you don't know and bitterness you can't see.

people who think they can see through the world and can give advice to one or two people are cruel.

there is a concept in psychology, called empathy, which, as the old saying goes, means not to do to others what you do not want to do to others.


Silence, it is not necessary to say that

believes in you and will not leave without arguing or arguing.

there is a saying in the Book of songs:

We often think about change and change because of other people's comments.

do not realize that people do not live for the evaluation of others, the important thing is to cultivate their own heart.

there is a temple where incense is very prosperous, and there lives an eminent monk who has learned the Tao, and his name is carefree.

suddenly one day, a small monk came to report that the meritorious money in the temple hall had been stolen, and the abbot called a meeting to find out the thief.

all the monks rushed to the main hall, and they all speculated that when the incense money was stolen, only the worry-free Zen master was in the main hall.

although everyone has misunderstood him and quarantined him since then, the Zen master at did not give any explanation.

after a while, the abbot of the temple called a meeting and said, "the money in the merit box has not been lost. This is just a test I have done."

Don't worry Zen Master explained nothing from beginning to end. After he was wronged, monks apologized one after another and admired him even more.

nine times out of ten there are unpleasant things in the world.

in the face of the "picky" of others, the only thing you can do is to wisely not live in the mouths of others, choose your own comfortable way of life, and live freely.

slowly you will understand that silence is the best weapon for indisputable people and things.

so, after too many unfair comments, we should slowly learn to let it go. After all, not everything needs to be explained, and not everyone deserves your explanation.

Silence has its own power of keeping a quiet face, keeping a low profile and keeping a low profile.The indifference after the Qing Dynasty.

your timely silence cannot be said, let alone. We must understand that no matter what kind of verbal argument it is, it cannot change the facts. Only silence is the best way to protect our dignity.

so, please control your mouth, use silence instead of noise, quietly accumulate strength, calmly face, in order to live a particularly wonderful life.

in this complex world, may you and I both find peace of mind, as simple as heart, as light as chrysanthemum, not afraid of the change of years, and live freely and happily.