Steady (good depth)

/August 2022

as the old saying goes: life is like tea, calm when calm, indifferent when floating.

the first course of water, two courses of tea, three courses and four courses are the essence.

making tea is like all kinds of experiences in a lifetime, which is the process of precipitation of a person's mind.

in "Chicken feathers fly into the sky", Chen Jianghe teaches his son by making tea:

the same is true of the strong, with a thunderous chest and a face like Pinghu, and Mount Tai collapses in front and remains the same.

the more people want to go up, the more firmly they have to take root.


be calm.

I have heard a very profound point of view:

there are many things in life that are not urgent, and you have to wait for it to be familiar with itself.

I think so. If you are eager for success, you often get nothing; if you can stand loneliness, you can wait for the flowers to bloom.

at the award ceremony of the 69th Berlin Film Festival, actress Yongmei won the best actress for her film "Forever".

she was 49 that year. And this award is the first time she has won an international film queen in more than 20 years. For many years before

, Yongmei played a supporting role in film and TV dramas, and even if she had very few roles, she would seriously polish the characteristics of her role.

in 2004, "Chinese divorce" became popular. When Yong Mei played Xiao Li, she suddenly disappeared when invitations flooded in.

she not only turned down all kinds of activities and interviews, but also gave up most of the performances and only accepted high-quality works.

while others are pursuing a "fast" rhythm, Yong Mei gradually slows down.

she will spend more time focusing on life and observing the details of the lives of ordinary people. The closer she is to life, the more natural the performance will be.

A few years ago, as she shot fewer and fewer works, fans shouted to her to shoot more films.

but she only replied: "I'm waiting for my role, so don't worry if I'm not in a hurry."

later, from "everlasting" to "Little Joy", from Wang Liyun to Liu Jing, she showed her tenacity as a wife and mother to the extreme.

the precipitation of years gives Yongmei calmness in her eyes, and the experience of life gives Yongmei calmness in her heart.

this may be the case with the so-called abrupt rise based on accumulated strength.

there is a popular poem that says:

"New York time is three hours earlier than California time, but California time has not slowed down."

some people graduate at the age of 22, but wait five years to find a good job;

some people become CEO at the age of 25, but die at the age of 50;

some people become CEO at the age of 50 and then live to the age of 90;

everyone in the world has their own time zone, and everyone has their own pace.

Life is about waiting for the right time to act. In the time zone arranged for you by fate, everything is on time. "

keep calm, keep your mind steady, endure troughs, withstand changes, and become great.

if you have peace of mind, let the wind and waves rise and sit in a fishing boat.


not irritable, cold treatment in case of trouble

what is the most correct sign to judge a person's maturity?

there is a reasonable answer on the Internet:

"emotionally stable, will not be easily provoked, and always keep rational;

broad-minded, everything can be calm, not trapped by emotions."

there are too many times in life, it is often your own demons who defeat you.

there is a famous high-altitude cable performer named Valenda in the United States, who has set historical records many times.

Valenda died at a major performance, and he had never had an accident before.

at the beginning of the performance, as soon as he reached the middle of the tightrope, he fell from a height of 10 meters after making only two easy movements.

after that, his wife said, "I knew something would happen this time."

because before playing, Valenda kept saying, "this time is too important to fail."

the importance of this performance in his heart can be imagined. In his opinion, if this performance is successful, it will establish his position in the acting industry.

in previous performances, he only focused on the performance itself and did not consider everything that might be brought about by the performance.

the result of success confused him, and his impetuous mood panicked him.

later, this mindset of worrying about gains and losses and not focusing on the event itself was named the "Valenda effect".

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the famous Festinger law in psychology points out:

"10% of life is made up of what happens to you, and the other 90% is determined by your reaction."

that is to say, that 10% is beyond our control, but 90% is within our control.

your reaction when something happens determines the outcome of the matter.

how many people, disturbed by desire to move forward, can not calm down.

how many people are too impatient because their enthusiasm for life is tied down by emotion.

walking in the world, it is better to try, as Zeng Guofan said:

cold treatment, good mood management, in order to "pass the customs."



if you talk too much, people will easily float away; if you talk too much, there will be no turning back.

when people live a lifetime, what they fear most is not "going up or not", but "not coming down".

when I was working in a company a few years ago, I met a colleague with average working ability but social ability.But very capable.

in the course of small talk, I learned that the colleague had a mantra: "what's the difficulty? it's on me."

someone had too much work on hand, and he immediately offered to share it.

someone broke the phone screen, and he immediately rushed up and said he could help replace it.

there is a planner that is difficult to solve, and he immediately ensures that he has the relevant experience to do it.

at first, everyone was grateful for his enthusiasm, but over time, his trust continued to decline.

it turned out that he had forgotten all the jobs he had taken over.

the mobile phone screen that promised to help replace, in fact, he will not replace it at all.

the planner, which was given high expectations, ended up in a mess.

if you say it, it's like spilled water, and it's impossible to get it back.

the moment when you can trust an overdraft, it is an irreparable character.

disaster comes out of the mouth, speak with a ruler, act with moderation, and do not be too full.

avoid "full". Not only do you want to keep your mouth shut, you'd rather talk more than talk too much.

also means that you should give yourself some leeway, be careful when you are in your heyday, and put your mind at ease when the situation is adverse.

less words is also a kind of transparency, while silence is also a kind of calmness.

learn to precipitate yourself and free the mind.

the highest state of life is like drinking tea:

more or less, there is no need to fight, it has its own set;

or strong or light, do not panic, have its own taste;

or cold or warm, do not be annoyed, have your own happiness.

floating on the surface is all scenery, sinking the heart comes from the answer.