Ten minutes earlier, life is very different.

/June 2022


have you ever encountered such a situation:

I love to stay in bed in the winter morning. Ten minutes late, I found that the bus had just left.

I finally got to the downstairs of the company and found that there was a long line at the breakfast shop.

after buying breakfast and returning to the office, I found that there were still many colleagues waiting to sign in.

when we stay in bed, we can't expect that such a short ten minutes will have such a great impact on our lives.

this is not alone. People often regret missing important minutes.

Don't underestimate these few minutes.

if we can deal with small accidents ten minutes in advance no matter what we do, then our lives can be more leisurely.


in the middle of an interview, an interviewer arrived in a hurry.

the reason given by him is that there was a delay in confirming the departure report of the original company.

the interviewer said nothing but a slight cross on his resume.

being late for the interview shows that he didn't take the interview seriously. If he takes it seriously but is still late, it shows that he is a person who can't distinguish between priority and priority.

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when a person leaves the impression of unpunctuality and poor ability, how can he get a better chance?

on the job, punctuality is the most basic respect for each other and for this meeting.

A few minutes late will leave a bad impression, lose the trust of customers, and even miss the opportunity to change your life.

when people look at things, most of the time they can only see the results.

to do everything ten minutes in advance is not only to respect others, but also to be responsible for yourself.

if the time can be arranged just right, then a little earlier, give yourself a buffer time, even if a sudden accident, there is also time to deal with calmly, will not delay the business.


No one likes to deal with people who are not punctual, either in the workplace or in life.

can people who can't even keep the time schedule make other more important appointments?

if you look closely at the people around you, you will find that colleagues who are often late are also prone to mistakes at work, while partners who are often late are more likely to cause quarrels in the process of getting along.

those who do not know how to leave room for time do not know how to leave room for life.

some work can be done with a little more care, and some quarrels can be avoided with a little more tolerance.

regardless of being a person or doing things, treating yourself or others, dealing with time or dealing with an appointment, just think a few more steps and prepare in advance, life can be more elegant and leisurely.

everything is done in advance, and if not, it is wasted. Those who are prepared in advance are more likely to be favored by fate.

Don't underestimate those few minutes, it not only represents a person's concept of time, but also reflects a person's attitude towards life.

Ten minutes earlier every day, we can live a more leisurely life.