The 29-year-old girl who likes milk tea, organ failure lives in ICU: "indulgence" is ruining your life.

/August 2022

A few days ago, a frightening news appeared on Weibo, which has been read by more than 80 million people.

Miss Lin, who lives in Guangzhou, is a lover of milk tea.

A few days ago, she suddenly felt dry mouth, abdominal pain and dizziness.

went to the hospital for examination, was diagnosed with fulminant diabetes and was sent to ICU.

it is understood that she not only likes to drink milk tea, but also drank more than a dozen sweet drinks a few days before she was not feeling well.

the result of indulging in a wanton diet is a sudden illness, even life-threatening.

fortunately, Miss Lin is out of danger.

Modern people's life is faced with great pressure and temptation.

We all inevitably get caught up in it and indulge ourselves to have fun.

wait for a serious illness to find that indulgence is ruining our lives.


youthful indulgence is the biggest lie

how much time do you spend on your mobile phone every day?

in Guizhou, there is a 20-year-old girl, Xiao Yang, who is especially addicted to playing with her mobile phone.

after staying up late for a long time to play with her mobile phone, she suddenly felt that her eyes could not be opened, her eyesight was declining rapidly, and her vision was blurred.

she hurried to the hospital for an examination and was diagnosed with corneal ulcer perforation. The doctor said that a corneal transplant must be performed as soon as possible.

this kind of operation has a high risk, and if it does not go well, it may cause intraocular bleeding or prolapse of eye contents.

even if the operation is successful, rejection or poor vision may occur later.

fortunately, Miss Yang finally found a suitable cornea and underwent the operation smoothly.

I believe that she will be very careful to control the time of using her eyes and protect her eyes more carefully in her later life.

coincidentally, 23-year-old Shao also likes to stay up late to play with his mobile phone.

after playing with his cell phone all night, he lost his hearing in his right ear and was diagnosed with sudden deafness.

these two young people are both in their twenties.

they may never have thought that they would have to pay such a high price if they just stayed up late to play with their mobile phones.

A person almost loses light and lives in darkness; a person almost loses hearing and lives in silence.

people always easily indulge themselves to have fun and sink, but they are unaware of the huge price to pay behind it.

A "contemporary indulgence observation report" was posted on Weibo of the Life Times, which said:

Today's people, obviously at the age of 20, have 50-year-old knees, 60-year-old back and 70-year-old waist.

indulge in eating, disorder in work and rest, and keep buying.

these unquitting happiness will become the last straw to crush health.

gluttony can lead to obesity and increase the risk of digestive system diseases and diabetes.

lazy people have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer.

staying up late for a long time can cause low immune function and increase the risk of heart disease, breast cancer and stroke.... The words are stinging to the heart.

there are always some people who take chances in the face of these problems and give themselves countless reasons not to face them:

Youth is never an overdrawn capital.

to excessively indulge one's desire is to overdraw the future and the body.

You know that your beautiful figure will look its absolute best whatever you choose from our collection of gowns sixties bridal. Buy now to enjoy and experience the happy shopping.

there will always be an overdraft in the future, and the body will have its limits.

when that day comes, even if you repent, it won't help.


indulgence is ruining your life

in the dialysis room of Sanhe Hospital in Huiyang, Guangdong, there is a young man nicknamed "Brother Coke".

before he got sick, he was a foreman at a construction site. he liked to drink Coke very much and drank at least two or three bottles a day.

some people advised him to drink less, but Brother Cola didn't take it seriously:

"what can I do if I drink more Coke?" It's just a little fatter. I don't care. "

after drinking like this for two years, he often felt extremely tired and went to the hospital for examination and found that the creatinine value was nearly 10 times higher than the normal value.

finally diagnosed as the late stage of uremia, the rest of life will be maintained by dialysis.

he was only 24 that year.

24 years old, young, the best age of life.

but Brother Cola has become a regular customer in the hospital, living on dialysis.

it has been 10 years for him to do so.

what could have been a healthy and happy life was destroyed.

indulgence destroys not only a person's health and life, but also a person's life.

in recent years, there have been endless cases of suicide by jumping off buildings because of online loans.

in 2019, Miss Feng, 23, jumped from the 17th floor in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.

when his father was packing up his belongings, he found that Miss Feng, who earns 4000 yuan a month, had to repay a loan of 7000,000 yuan a month.

Why does she have so many loans? Three words: buy, buy.

our lives are always dominated by all kinds of desires.

I saw this bag today. I want to buy it.

if I see that lipstick tomorrow, I want to buy it, too.

my favorite mobile phone comes out of the latest model, continue to buy.

swipe your card after your salary is spent, and spend money and notes if the card is overdrawn.

not really, there are all kinds of loan platforms.

if you overdraw again and again, what you buy is another.A thrill.

when the stimulus disappears, continue to borrow money, continue shopping, and continue to overdraw.

until all the money is squandered, there is no more money to borrow.

A person is thus forced into a desperate situation of high debt and a complete "social death".

Neil Bozman said:

"what destroys us is not what we hate, but what we love."

temporary pleasure is not a bad thing, but if you indulge yourself blindly and do not restrain yourself, you will lead to destruction.

the pleasure of indulgence is temporary, but it takes a lifetime to repay.


in life, you should do something you "don't like"

"Mandarin" says: "the heart is like a beggar, but the back soil is difficult to fill."

Human nature is inherently gluttonous and lazy and insatiable. There is nothing wrong with desire and procrastination.

but if you want a better life, you must learn to control your desires.

not long ago, Andy Lau opened a live broadcast on the 40th anniversary of his debut, which was as charming as that year.

there are many legends about Andy Lau, one of the most interesting of which is that he has always kept his weight at 63 kilograms since his debut.

in a variety show, he exposed that he ate only cereal grains, plain cheese and a small amount of boiled chicken for three meals a day.

even if there are friends eating and drinking around, it will not change.

someone asked him, "won't you get tired of such a day?"

Liu Dehua said: "it won't get bored. When you get bored, just pull up your clothes and look at your abs."

this August, "Brother through difficulties" began to broadcast, and Yan Chengxu's first stage made people go back to the summer when "Meteor Garden" began many years ago.

after so many years, Yan Chengxu, who was once a little immature, is now more charming.

this is all due to his usual self-discipline and fitness.

after work, he often goes to the gym to "lift iron" and sometimes does some intensive training.

diet is also strictly controlled.

Liu Dehua and Yan Chengxu both chose the same path in the face of temptation:

control desire in exchange for a better life.

the documentary "the Last Ten years of Life" introduces two completely different ways of life.

one is to ride a bike to and from work every day, exercise, even when you are old, you are still energetic and happy with your family.

one is to eat and drink and indulge in pleasure when you are young. In your old age, you can only rely on oxygen masks to support your life, and your family can only stay in front of the hospital bed.

A good life is not indulgence, but temperance.

which life do you want to choose?

A life of indulgence is happy, but all indulgence comes at a price.

A life of abstinence has some pain, but pain can buy longer freedom.

No one in the world lives easily.

everyone has their own difficulties and troubles, and we are all struggling forward under great pressure in order to make a living.

I know that staying up late is happy, indulging is easy, Coke is delicious and hot pot is delicious.

it's not wrong to have fun, what's wrong is to indulge yourself and have too much fun.

I don't want to persuade you to quit staying up late, quit Coke, exercise every day and live a life of extreme self-discipline.

I just want to tell you that you can choose to stay up less late, drink less Coke, exercise once in a while and try to live a healthier life.

We are not stars, so we don't need to control our weight and figure harshly.

but everyone has their own family, a family that loves them, and a goal to achieve.

Please do something less happy for your ideals and for those who love you.

keep your desires in your hands in order to live an ideal life.