The best family style: smell the smell of books, hear quiet, see calmly

/August 2022

Bing Xin once said:

Yes, when a family is together, it has nothing to do with more money and less money.

because home is not a house, but a harbor of the soul, you can take off all the camouflage, do not be confused, do not see the wind and frost, even if the door is as cold as snow, the door is also warm spring breeze.

the best feng shui in a home is to smell the smell of books, hear it quiet, and see it calmly.


smells the smell of books

Su Shi said in the inscription of Sanhuai Tang: "loyalty and sincerity has been handed down for a long time, poetry and books will last forever."

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A family can develop for a long time only by being loyal and reading.

in history, there are no more talented people in a family than the three sons of the Su family: Su Kui, Su Shi and Su Zhe. The most admirable one should be Su Kui, who trained two talented talents and left many classic works for future generations.

at that time, Su Kui, as a father, was also very worried. His two sons were mischievous and did not like to read books, so they came on forcefully and were afraid of being counterproductive.

therefore, he decided to set an example to educate his children, start with motivation, actively guide them, and make them interested in learning and turn harm into benefit.

at the beginning, Su Fu hid her books in the study every day. When the children saw them secretly, she hid the books and seriously warned them not to enter the study.

this thoroughly aroused the curiosity of the two children, and we wanted to see it if you didn't let us see it. So the two children tried their best to steal books from the study.

in this way, the Su brothers also found the pleasure of reading and gradually took reading as a habit, creating a miracle of the Gemini in the history of culture, and the Su family has been passed on for seven generations.

as Yao Wentian said in the Qing Dynasty:

for a family, the best heirloom is not to leave children a house, car, money, but to teach children to read.

you know, family education is with the child for life, and the parents are the child's first teacher, but also the child's lifelong mentor, a reading family, the child will benefit from life.

read more. At first we may be ordinary, but we are not ignorant, or busy, but not boring. Because it can not only broaden our horizons and increase our knowledge, but also empathize with great people, cultivate sentiment, learn the wisdom of great people and restrain ignorance.

there are no books in life for nothing, and every page counts. Although it does not make us rich immediately, it allows us to teach our children to find the answers to life and discover the truth, goodness and beauty of life through the knowledge in the books.


hear quiet

in the Book of morality, there is such a saying:

A glass of muddy water will not be clear until it is left motionless, and the family will not be so irritable if it settles down, communicates more and does not make noise every day.

Zeng Guofan, the first perfect man, won a scholar after taking the exam seven times, while Zeng Guofan's family, who never scolded him, always told him softly and supported him as always.

when he was reading, his father, though strict, would communicate with him, asking him to take his time, not to worry, not to understand the last sentence, not to read the next sentence, not to finish this book, and not to continue with the next book.

even after Zeng Guofan went to Beijing to take the exam and failed, he ran out of money. Zeng Guofan, who was penniless, even asked his father's friend to borrow 120 silver and bought a set of 23 histories.

you know, at that time, with the income of my father as a teacher, it took two years without food or drink to complete it.

the father did not scold his son for this "bad behavior", but said calmly, "if you read these books carefully, I will pay your debts."

since then, Zeng Guofan worked hard to become a senior official in Beijing.

No matter how big problems Zeng Guofan encountered in his life, he learned to communicate well and use it quietly, so that the Zeng family spread for more than 200 years and extended to the eighth generation, without a "black sheep."

it is said that communication is the source of world peace.

indeed, some families, often because of poor communication, often quarrel over trifles and make their homes restless.

A family that can communicate tends to be quiet and calm. Because they understand that harmony is the way for a family to prosper.

there is no need to raise your voice, because you can hear and speak softly, but show self-cultivation, highlight your quality, and do not need to be high-spirited, because you can see and walk gently, but with a kind of demeanor and charm.

Home is a harbor, not too big, quiet is good, although not gorgeous, but prosperous.



some people say, "Children will never listen to adults, but they will certainly imitate them."

Yes, as a parent, your words and deeds will exert an imperceptible influence on your child. When you have an emotional breakdown, the child sees whether you are used to being reasonable or losing your temper at will.

if you hold your phone and browse video every day, lazy and unmotivated, how can you ask your child to study hard and be a hard-working person? you know, the kind of person you are, the kind of person your child is!

in the modern history of our country, Liang Qichao, the most famous figure, is a politician, thinker, and writer, but what he is most powerful is not having these halos, but an excellent father.

and in the area of educating his children, he has his own experience, especially when it comes to the poor scores of the children, and Liang Qichao is never angry.

once Liang Sichuang got the 16th place in the exam, which was particularly sad. When Liang Qichao knew about it, he said very calmly: Zhuangzhuang's score is already very good. Even if he fails the exam, it doesn't matter.Let's take our time.

even when the children choose their major, Liang Qi is calm and calm and respects the wishes of the children very much.

unlike today's parents, they only consider whether to make money and whether they can find a good job. Paying close attention to the children's grades, I wish I could learn math, chemistry and chemistry in the first grade of primary school.

it is precisely because of this calmness that Liang Qichao's nine children were able to play according to their own wishes, and in the end, there were three academicians, all of whom were outstanding.

in the final analysis, family education is the best education for a person. In the face of life, children may be clumsy at the beginning, but as long as we are leisurely and do not have too many worries, we will create a good space for children to grow up.

you know, no one can protect their children from wind and rain for a lifetime. A good parent is to take a leisurely job and let their children learn to face the failures in life calmly and control the ups and downs of life easily.

the best feng shui for a home is to be calm and calm, so that children can live as they like in their own time zone.