The best investment in a man's life: be kind to his wife

/August 2022

some people say: a wife is the soul of a family.

if the wife is happy, the family must be harmonious and happy; if the wife is sad, the family must be restless.

in a happy marriage, there is a husband who dotes on his wife.

the best investment in a man's life is to be kind to his wife!

because a man's attitude determines his wife's mood, while his wife's mood determines the future of a family.

if a man is kind to his wife, he will benefit from it in the end.


being kind to his wife is the best betrothal gift for men

recently on a popular variety show "mother-in-law and mother", du Chun caused public anger over his wife Wang can's behavior.

Wang can said that when I was looking for something a few days ago, I found that the password of du Chun's box was still my ex's birthday. Du Chun said disapprovingly, "I'm too lazy to change it. They set the passwords themselves at that time."

his wife is pregnant for half a year, and he has no idea what a pregnant woman can eat or what she can't eat.

du Chun has hardly accompanied his wife for antenatal examination in the past six months, and this time he finally accompanied her.

Wang can's placental position is low, there is a risk of premature delivery, the baby's choroid plexus has cysts, Wang can shows worry and fear.

after the doctor told du Chun, he asked him what else he wanted to know.

but he said lightly, "there seems to be nothing wrong with me."

it seems that the safety of his wife and children has nothing to do with him.

Wang can put forward the idea that du Chun would create a little romance at ordinary times, but he refused to say, "that kind of bad is all false. I don't like sweet words. I only like to talk with actions."

so Wang can asked du Chun to peel an orange for himself. At first he refused, saying that he didn't like oranges.

forced to do so, he peeled off one, but ate half of it himself.

Uncle got angry after reading it.

my wife doesn't attend the antenatal examination and doesn't care about her health. She says she is an activist, but she even finds it troublesome to do a little thing like peeling oranges.

now that you are married, you should shoulder your responsibilities and give your wife the care and love she should have, instead of acting like a shopkeeper.

after Fu Seoul became famous, many people thought that their family was strong in women and weak in men.

but in fact, love is like drinking water.

in a variety show, Fu Seoul and her husband Liu held a new wedding. The witness was his son Dole.

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Lao Liu said: "39 years later, I will still bring the fruit to your study and press your old arms and legs before you go to bed."... "

from these words, what I hear is full of her husband's doting and preference for her.

Fu Seoul said she wanted to live a struggling life, while her husband always supported her, taking care of her, taking care of children at home, doing housework, driving, and taking care of the elderly.

she once expressed publicly on Weibo that she had suffered a lot of grievances since she was a child, that she did not get the warmth of love, and she did not want to rely on anyone.

but because of Lao Liu, she began to open her heart, let her guard down, and began to understand what it feels like to be loved. Lao Liu once said to her sadly, "I hope I can make up for the wounds caused by your previous misfortune."

Love is nothing more than that. Even if I will give you the firmest love, I will make you a little girl who doesn't need to be strong in front of me.

the best betrothal gift in a man's life is to be kind to his wife.


be kind to your wife, no matter how poor you are, you can get rich in your family.

A man's kindness to his wife is his own accumulated blessing and luck.

I have a cousin who is 40 years old, but looks like a 20-year-old girl.

once I asked curiously, how did she get younger and younger?

it turns out that my cousin has been protected by her husband after so many years of marriage.

my cousin's husband takes care of her and her children everywhere in life, for example, he brings her delicious food when he comes home every day, does all the housework, and takes the family to travel on holidays.

my cousin is in a cheerful mood, her eyes stretch out naturally, and she looks younger and younger.

she also said, "when I married your cousin, he didn't work very well and stayed with him for a long time, but he also tried his best to be kind to me and never let me feel aggrieved."

my cousin's husband also added: "several times the leaders heard me on the phone with your cousin and thought that I was kind, good, and trustworthy, and that I would assign some important tasks to me, and slowly get a promotion and a raise. Now the day is getting better and better."

people who love their wives are not so bad in character, so will their natural blessings.

the husband knows how to share, understand and tolerate his wife. The wife is in a happy mood, the family is harmonious, and the family fortune will be better and better.

be kind to your wife, no matter how poor you are, you can make a family rich.

and behind every unhappy family, there is a vacant husband.

the husband socializes all day long, lies on the sofa when he gets home, doesn't share the housework, doesn't care about the children, and is picky about his wife. Over time, the wife naturally gets angry, nagging, quarrelling and even divorcing you.

A man who is bad to his wife is doomed to have a good future.