The best way to enrich yourself in the second half of life

/August 2022

Chuang Tzu said, "if Bai Ju crosses the gap between heaven and earth, it's just all of a sudden."

in the second half of life, one day, one day less.

in the rest of the day, the most important thing is not to please others, but to enrich yourself and leave no regrets for yourself.

enrichment means not only material food and clothing, but also spiritual fullness.

enjoy all the good things in life and live the way you want, so that you can come to this world.


work hard to raise money

as the old saying goes, "Life and death cannot help but fate, wealth is diligent."

hard-working hands can earn everything, but laziness can only get nothing. To think of falling pie in the sky and enjoying it is just silly talk.

if you do not plant in spring, you will have no harvest in autumn; if you are young, if you are not diligent, you will have no support when you are old.

maybe you can live by overdraft, cleverness and luck, but after a certain age, what really supports you will be self-discipline, positivity and diligence.

Why should we work hard and work hard to make money?

nothing else, just to be able to live an independent and free life even if the road ahead is bumpy.

what is hidden in your diligence is not only your money, but your strength, your retreat, and your right to choose your own life in the future.

as there is a saying in "self-sacrifice": "if you work hard, you will have leisure in your heart."

work hard and busy, the body will be tired, but the heart is leisurely.


if you read more books on weekdays, you may not see any change for a while.

but just as Su Shi said: "the bosom and Tibetan ink is empty, and the belly is full of poetry and books." over time, your temperament and speech, your mind pattern, will certainly be different.

because a good book contains a lot of wisdom and philosophy of our predecessors.

A person's time and experience are limited. Through reading, you can talk and communicate with your predecessors across time and space. The more you live, the more thorough you are, and the more you live, the wiser you are.

people with poems and books on their belly will not confine themselves to the trivialities of life, nor will they be trapped in the trough of life.

because the books you have read have grown into your bones and flesh and blood. If you read more books, your horizons will be opened, your heart will be clear, and there will be fewer problems.

if you read too many books, you will nourish the soul and broaden your horizons, so that your heart will naturally be full and full, and you will no longer be in want.


it is said in

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that the Tao of Heaven has no relatives and is often associated with good people. "

Heaven and earth are selfless and will not be partial to anyone, but they will never be unkind to good people.

all the good things in the world are interlinked, and your blessings are just accumulated goodness.

as the old saying goes, "A little goodness gradually leads to a great virtue."

even a trivial act of kindness and quiet kindness can bring its own light and power to change a person's fate.

Destiny is, in the final analysis, a cycle of cause and effect.

the gang should give way. If you suffer some losses here, you may have hidden strength somewhere else. Believe that your blessings are behind you.

what you are going through now comes from your thoughts; what you have in the future begins with what you say and do now.

always be kind, don't care about gains and losses, don't worry too much, just ask yourself, and blessings are behind you.


means that running water often flows so it doesn't stink, and the door shaft often turns so it doesn't get eaten by worms.

the same is true of people. Only by exercising regularly can we have long-lasting vitality, exuberant vitality and strong physique.

even if you have a healthy body at this moment, don't forget to keep exercising.

No matter how busy life is, we should set aside some time to exercise, have a good body and stay away from diseases and injuries in order to resist all the difficulties in the world.

writer Zhou Ling says: "the ecosystem of people who exercise regularly is more like a Wang Qingquan, while those who are sedentary for a long time are like a pool of stagnant water, lifeless."

exercise or not, your body is in a very different state, and you live two completely different lives.

move, once or twice may not see the effect, but you just stick to it, time will give you the answer.

May you meet a better self in the sweat.


quiet to nourish the heart

Zhaode New Edition says: "the water static pole is bright, while the quiet heart leads to wisdom."

when people live in the world, they will inevitably face a lot of troubles.

only by calming down can one's mind be free from troubles and wisdom extinguish his troubles.

people who are too impetuous will be at a loss when they encounter a difficult problem.

only by abandoning superfluous desires and calming down can we keep calm and calm and keep the clouds open to see the moon.

the mind is calm and clear, and the heart is clear. This is the best attitude towards life and the highest realm of life.

only when you have peace of mind and peace of mind can you really enjoy external well-being, otherwise money, fame and fortune are nothing but shackles and encumbrances.

I like what Mr. Yang Jiang said in his book "coming to the Edge of Life":

"Life is really hard, and throughout our lives, we must constantly practice our souls and improve ourselves."

LifeBut in a hurry for a hundred years, no one can change the length of life, but we can choose to improve our way of life.

there are countless better and better selves waiting to meet you in the future.

you have to enrich yourself, to change, to ascend, to dance, to turn yourself into a precious being.

the sweat you have shed, the books you have read, the roads you have traveled, and the good you have done, will eventually be transferred to you.