The heart is free from dust, and the breeze comes naturally.

/August 2022

Li Bai once said in a poem: "the man of heaven and earth is the reverse journey of all things, and the man of time is the passer-by of a hundred generations."

standing in the long river of time, I found that life is short, gains and losses are only a moment, ups and downs are only for a while.

only with a clean and clear mind, can life be more indifferent, less annoying, more simple, less impetuous.

as the saying goes, the heart is free from dust, the breeze comes naturally.


the most painful thing in the world is not to get it and then lose it, but to have an obsession in your heart.

if you cling to a thought in your heart, you will be trapped in this thought in your life.

A group of people once said to the Zen master, "I am very painful, because I always have a lot of things and people can't let go."

the Zen master said calmly, "there is nothing in this world that cannot be put down."

the pedestrian said in agony:

the Zen master was silent, then picked up a teacup, put it in the walker's hand, and poured water into the teacup.

when the cup is full and hot water flows into the pedestrian's hand, the burned pedestrian releases the cup hurriedly.

the Zen master said, "you see, there is nothing you can't let go."

Yes, all the things in this world can not be put down because they are not reconciled to it.

but some people don't stay where they are, and some things don't start all over again.

excessive persistence is just a self-movement. in the end, sadness is you and pain is you, which has nothing to do with the years.

"if you can let it go, you will be free in the world."

when you decide to let go, what you lose is nothing but annoying sorrow; when you decide to let go, the wind blowing will become clear.

as the writer Bai Luomei said:

"True peace is not to avoid the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, but to build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart."

although the past is like the past, the sound of the waves remains the same every day, as long as we eliminate our obsession, we can be silent and quiet. "

bitterness is not bitterness, joy is not joy, everything starts from the heart.

put aside your obsession, do not cling to the regrets of the past, do not cling to the frustrations in front of you, and will eventually usher in a happy breeze.


all things in heaven and earth have breathtaking beauty only because of the word "simple".

the reason why the journey of life has physical and mental exhaustion, only because of the word "complicated".

A lot of things in life are not that complicated, but we think of it as too complicated.

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as Zhuangzi once said, "A virtual room gives birth to whiteness, but auspiciousness stops."

only when the room is empty can the light come in; when the heart is simple, the clear wind will blow in.

Zhuangzi is poor all his life, but he still keeps his heart clear and listens to his inner voice, and does not let his life be chaotic because of the secular world.

the King of Chu once sent someone to ask Zhuangzi to come out of the mountain. Zhuangzi said:

"I heard that there is a turtle in the State of Chu who has died for three thousand years, but its bone armour is still worshipped by the king of Chu on the temple.

for this turtle, do you want to be honorable after death or live freely in the mud? "

fame and fortune are pursued by others, but their ambition is not in the court, so why go against the heart?

Thoreau, who wrote Walden, said: "everyone is the king of his own kingdom."

Life will give you what you have in your heart.

most clear-cut people understand that from simple to complex, that is growth, from complex to simple, is mature:

when something happens, learn to peel off the cocoon and simplify it, this is the skill;

when you encounter problems, learn to change your perspective and let your mind open up, this is the pattern.

No matter how difficult the problem is, it can be solved in the simplest way, and no matter how tortuous the road is, you can stick to it in the simplest way.

the heart is simple, life is simple, life is simple, and the soul will not be in chaos.


Life is changeable, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy.

mind at ease, calm in case of things, it has become a top ability.

as Dickens said in bleak House: "No matter what happens, be calm and calm."

only by keeping the state of mind stable, can we think twice and act when things happen, and get more satisfactory results.

in ancient times, a man got a rare purple sand teapot, which he cherished so much that he took it out and looked at it when he had nothing to do, and would put it at the head of the bed at night.

one night, he accidentally knocked down the lid of the purple sand kettle that he had placed at the head of the bed.

angrily, he grabbed the kettle and threw it out of the window: what's the use of keeping the kettle without the lid?

unexpectedly, only after dawn did he see clearly that the lid that had fallen to the ground was intact.

after the joy of being lost and regained, there was another burst of exasperation. With a foot of anger, he crushed the lid of the pot: the body of the pot was gone, why leave the lid alone, only to add to the trouble.

but I don't want to. The purple sand teapot thrown out last night can be hung on the branch, complete.

it is a realm not to shed tears for missing last night's stars.

but the premise is that before things become clear, lighten up and stay calm. Otherwise, there will be a "kicking cat effect", leaving only regret.

A person with peace of mind and no fear of favor or disgrace can often make people treat each other differently.

the world is troubled. Only by keeping peace of mind can we take our time and think calmly.

such a state, often get the favor of life, everything goes smoothly, such a life, only then get Enron.


Lin Qingxuan said:

in fact, as long as you change your state of mind, you will find that the valley is still the same.The valley is a start to look forward to.

instead of complaining about the impermanence of the world and the deserted environment, it is better to change your state of mind.

after all, you can change your life only by changing yourself.

as the legend of Leather shoes says:

in a remote country, people walk barefoot.

when they walk on a rough road, their feet will hurt and numb, and when they walk on a road covered with gravel, their feet will be cut and hurt.

one day, when the king was visiting the territory, he accidentally cut his foot by a pebble. He decided to change the environment, so he ordered his subjects to cover all the roads with cowhide.

people panicked. Even if they killed all the cattle, they would not get so much cowhide.

A wise minister said to the king:

the king immediately realized that it would save more time and effort to change himself than to change the environment.

as a result, leather shoes were born.

Haiyan, which soars in the sea, never tries to change the winds and waves of the sea, nor does Lamei, which is in full bloom in winter, never tries to change the cold in winter.

the same is true of smart people. Instead of trying to influence the everlasting environment, it is better to change their state of mind first.

in this way, you can have a vegetarian heart in any situation.

cultivate the mind, fortune and fate, which is the most important practice in one's life.

Buddha said:

"sitting is also Zen, walking is also Zen, one flower is one world, one leaf is the same as the Tathagata.

Spring flowers come from the green, autumn leaves fall, infinite Prajna mind is at ease, and the words are quiet and natural. "

mindset is right, the brilliant flowers in spring and the falling leaves in autumn are the ultimate beauty.

mindset is right, the majestic rain in summer and the goose feather snow in winter are all extraordinary sights.