The highest way to live for the rest of your life: say few words, be generous, and do good things.

/August 2022

there are laws in heaven and earth, rules in nature, and all things run in the Tao. Those who follow the path prosper and those who go against it perish.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "in the land of Kun, a gentleman carries things with virtue."

A gentleman carries all things with profound virtue, which is connected with the broad and smooth road of the earth.

it can be seen that virtue is the gateway to Tao.

the deeper the virtue, the more in line with the road, the more in line with the road, you can be blessed by God.

people who are really wise accumulate blessings from these three habits, so that life is getting better and better.


the road to heaven, the law of the world is: if you don't fight, you will often win, and if you don't say anything, you will get a response.

in life, you will always meet all kinds of people, each with different experiences, different cognition, and different positions.

look at the same thing from a different point of view, each has its own difficulties, do not argue with others, do not easily judge others, is the kindness of doing things, but also the virtue of dealing with others.

Hu Shi's father died early, his mother was widowed at a young age, and she became a post-mistress.

Sister-in-law and sister-in-law beat and scold their children and say some sarcastic things.

Mother never quarrels with them, so she goes to the neighbor's house to sit down for a while.

Big Brother owes a lot of gambling debts outside, and New Year's Eve's house is full of debt collectors.

Mother handled things silently, and when the eldest brother secretly came home in the middle of the night, she didn't say a word of reproach.

it is my mother who has a good mouth. After every quarrel, my sisters-in-law always take the initiative to apologize. The eldest brother also has great respect for his mother.

"Cai Gentan" said: "the husband only does not fight, the world can not compete with it."

inaction is great, and inaction is a great struggle.

when people reach middle age and have seen all kinds of things in life, they know that there are some things you don't have to say, and some things are better than nothing.

A few words is a person's excellent practice. A person who speaks a few words is virtuous, and he will be respected by others and protected by God.


meditation on modesty

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Chapter 16 of the moral Sutra says: "there are many husbands and things, each returning to its roots. When you return to your roots, you will be quiet, and when you are quiet, you will return to life. "

means: everything in the world comes from the root. Only by returning to stillness can we find the root and see the essence of things clearly.

the world is complicated, the heart is calm, wisdom arises, and the road can circulate at the bottom of the heart.

A person who can calm down can always reflect on himself and gain insight into the laws of all things.

only when you know the changes of nature and be in awe can you cultivate the character of modesty and get help from heaven.

in the Han Dynasty, there was a man named Li Fa, who was upright and offended the emperor when remonstrating.

was removed from office, and when he got home, many people were concerned about the reasons for his rebellion against the emperor.

Li Fa just said, "I am not qualified to serve the emperor because I am not talented enough to learn."

he sits and reads books every day at home.

later, when he was re-activated, he remained upright, but he was extremely low-key and modest, and gradually gained the importance of the emperor.

when Li Fa was demoted, he did not complain, but quietly reflected on himself. This is a very high moral character, and it is precisely so that he can have the opportunity to be reused later.

there is a saying in the maxim United Wall: "sit still and often think about your own mistakes, and do not talk about others."

Heaven and earth are originally one, it is difficult to say things in the world, there is no right or wrong in the world, right and wrong can be distinguished.

people who are really wise can always calm down when they encounter things, think about the causes of things, and correct their mistakes.

Don't judge others even when chatting with friends. Only with modesty and prudence and profound virtue can we avoid disasters.


good thoughts accumulate goodness

Chapter 79 of the moral Sutra says: "the way of heaven has no relatives, and it is often with good people."

God is fair and selfless and will not be partial to anyone, but will care for those who are kind and conform to the way of heaven.

God has the virtue of a good life, and to have a good mind is to conform to the way of heaven. If a person has a good mind, he will accumulate good virtue and usher in good luck invisible.

I saw a story:

during the Qing Dynasty, there was a woman who lived in poverty and would go to Taoism to worship every day.

one day, when I met a beggar at the door, the woman thought, "although it is not easy for her, she is better than him." He gave the last two cents to the beggar.

on weekdays, I often give food to beggars. Later, when the woman and son were in high school, life became better and better.

when a high-ranking official heard of this, he spent a lot of money to build a temple, hoping to get blessed rewards. But he was demoted after a few years.

it turns out that this official usually did a lot of evil and built Taoist temples just to get something in return.

if it doesn't really come from the heart, it will not be rewarded.

and women do good deeds out of good thoughts, follow the nature of human nature, and naturally accumulate good luck for themselves.

Chapter 8 of the moral Sutra says: "the supreme goodness is like water, and water is good for all things without dispute."

True goodness is like water, which does not compete with all things, but nourishes them; does not ask for anything in return, but conforms to what it is; it does not treat it separately, but embraces everything.

the wise man understands that one mind and one mind is the real practice, and the true kindness is the sincerity and compassion of the heart. To have a good mind is the best virtue, and a good character is the highest practice in life.

as the old saying goes, "only the virtuous can have his strength, and only the moral character can stand alone."Yes. "

people are honed in the world of mortals in everything, and their moral character is good, so that they can win the respect of others, and only when their character passes, can they gain the trust of others.

therefore, virtue is the external expression of Tao, and Tao is the internal root of virtue. Only when the virtue is deep, can the road be carried.

Life is a spiritual practice, to cultivate virtue, to use every word and deed, to start to practice.

do not argue in case of trouble, practice mouth virtue less; know how to reflect on everything, meditate and cultivate modesty; follow your heart and practice good virtue.

in life, the more capable people are, the more they pay attention to their own virtues and profound virtues, which is the top intelligence of a person. Is the highest wisdom of life.

Let's keep peace of mind, ask inward for everything, and cultivate good habits. Fix your own character. Reap the joy of freedom and the beauty of the outside. Encourage each other.