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/July 2022


what's the rush?

Sunset, sunrise, spring sowing, summer hoing and autumn harvest.

early puberty, short life and poor quality are always right.

what's the rush when it comes to maturity


there are really no shortcuts in life. You have to give as much as you want.

some shortcuts go fast, but the foundation is unstable and may not go far for a long time.

some people walk slowly, but steadily, and every step is the way forward.

Don't worry, take your time, time will be kind to those who have lived hard.


what are you afraid of?

but do good, do not think evil, obey the law and love the motherland.

the new and old debts are borne, and there are no ghosts but demons in the heart.

heaven and earth are fair and cause and effect are obvious

what are you afraid of?

the ancients said, "reap what you sow, reap what you sow."

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whenever you plant the seeds of kindness, you will always be rewarded with kindness; if you plant the seeds of sincerity, you will always reap the beauty of happiness.

in this world, there is a law of cause and effect in being and doing things, and there is no blessing in what kind of cause, what result, what person, what blessing.



Senior officials are prominent, rich and rich, and they are as rich as clouds.

vegetables and turnips taste authentic, piano, chess, calligraphy and painting enjoy themselves.

what does each have their place


the most important thing in life is never how much you have, but whether your heart is satisfied or not.

Don't insist on what doesn't belong to you; let go of what you can't get.

No blind comparison, no entanglement, no escape, and greet a new tomorrow with the best posture.


what is it?

work hard, work hard, sweat in exchange for gold and silver stacks.

get rich through hard work for a long time, plunder will lead to misfortune.

what is generous and stingy


as the saying goes, small victory depends on wisdom, and great victory depends on virtue.

you don't have to be too shrewd and too calculating to be a man who is kind and blessed.

A kind-hearted person, because of his magnanimity and tolerance, is always considerate and generous to others; therefore, it is easier to win the respect and appreciation of others, and to have important people to help him.

on the contrary, those who are too shrewd and calculating tend to focus on the present, and the losses outweigh the gain in the end.


what is the product?

be patient, be content, and give alms to things outside the body.

if our children and grandchildren are determined not to rely on us, it is a curse for future generations to be ignorant of wealth

to teach their children to be wise, and to lead by example


A person's real capital is not beauty or money, but character.

character is the passport of life. In cold and fickle times, character is the last dependence of each other's hearts.

the greatest wealth for our children and grandchildren is not a lot of money, but to teach them to be virtuous people.


what is an inverse?

parents' kindness is unforgettable, and the teacher's teachings are kept in mind.

even if the lamb knows how to kneel, which is it if there is no filial piety?

serve as a teacher for the aged, do your part

reverse what?

the ancients said that the grace of dripping water should be reported by Yongquan.

Thanksgiving is the foundation of being a human being. Only by knowing the kindness and seeking the reward can we have a foothold in heaven and earth and be worthy of our hearts.


what are you greedy for?

fill your belly, that is, if you are not hungry, you will live for a hundred years.

excess nutrition is out of balance, greed is not harmful to the body.

what are you greedy for?

Su Shi said: if you want to eat, you can't be poor. Every frugality is also the way to cherish blessings and prolong life.

eat more and taste less, eat less and taste more. If you eat too much, the mind cannot tolerate the body; if you don't have enough to eat, the body can't support the soul either.


what are you jealous of?

fate is given, good fortune depends on misfortune, and the law of heaven is never wrong.

it is too late to read books in this life.

see the virtuous, fight for personal repentance

what are you jealous of?

you don't have to look up to others, you are also a scenery.

No one in this world is always excellent, and no one is always mediocre. The end-result of life is not what we have and what we want to get, but whether we live magnanimously and safely.


what is greed?

I can't ask for anything outside my body, but I'm busy keeping things for others.

there is no way to gather money. A million dollars can be bought with a bullet.

come and go naked, which belongs to me

greed what?

in this life, rich or poor, we are all passers-by between heaven and earth.

in this life, whether it is perfection or regret, we are all walkers in time.

A hundred years later, no one can take away a penny of wealth, no one can take any merit, and no one can take away every plant and tree.

what is outside of the body?


what do you love?

the world is cold, human feelings are thin, and beautiful women become ugly in the blink of an eye.

the mansion suddenly changes the lord, and in an instant someone else sits in the high position.

Adhesion and obsession, great hindrance to liberation

Love what?

Zeng Guofan said: contentment is wide and the universe is narrow.

if a person knows how to be contented, he will feel that the world is broad and he is small. If a person is insatiably greedy, he or she will not have enough hearts to swallow an elephant.In his eyes, the universe is narrow and small.

contentment is the wisdom of life. Do not let yourself live too tired, learn to properly relax yourself, do not lust for wealth, do not ask for fame and fortune.