The longest relationship is heart for heart.

/August 2022

once read such a sentence: "people, because they do not hesitate to break up; hearts, because they are not true and cool."

there is a vast sea of people. I have experienced too many games and seen too many cool things in the world before I understand that the truth is commendable.

only when you treat others with sincerity can you be treated gently; if you are false, you will only break up in discord.

the longest relationship between people is to exchange hearts for each other.


those who are grateful win the hearts of the people

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Seven years have said:

when people live in the world, we should not only remember the goodness of others, but also not forget to repay the kindness of others.

once heard such a short story:

there was an old farmer who lived alone in the mountains and lived a leisurely life on weekdays.

one rainy night, he met a fainted boy on his way home.

the kind old man took the boy home in the rain.

the next day, when the boy woke up, he knew that the teenager had lost his mother when he was young, and that his stepmother and his son often beat and scolded him.

the boy couldn't get over it for a moment, so he wanted to come to the mountains to commit suicide.

after saying this, the boy cried and said he didn't want to go home and begged the old man to take him in. The soft-hearted old man agreed to him.

in the days when we lived together, the old man treated him like a relative.

I am reluctant to eat and dress well, but I leave it all to him and teach him to read and read.

who thought it wasn't long before the boy's father suddenly came to the old man's house.

he was afraid of being beaten by his father, so he lied that the old man forcibly detained him.

the boy's father was so angry that he not only beat the old man, but also burned down his house.

as the saying goes, not everyone knows how to cherish your good and be grateful for your service.

those who do not know how to be grateful have only calculation in mind, which not only hurts the hearts of good people, but also destroys their own character.

interact with people, don't owe favors, don't chill the hearts of the people.

only by returning good for good can we get along comfortably.

people who have good causes, get good results, and always have a grateful heart can always build a good relationship.


those who treat others with sincerity are respected

"Zhuangzi fisherman" wrote: "the true, sincere, not sincere, can not be moving."

people walk in the world, not by appearance or identity, but by a sincere heart.

people who are sincere in their hearts are trustworthy, and they can talk freely with them.

people who are hypocritical are fond of playing tricks, and getting in touch with them will only make them physically and mentally exhausted.

in the TV series "I'm fine in my hometown", I saw a touching scene.

one night, Hu Jingjing, a girl, stood in line at the supermarket to pay. At the front of the line was an elderly man.

the old man looked embarrassed when the shop assistant asked her to show her the payment code. She is too old to use WeChat Pay at all, and she doesn't have enough cash.

as time goes by, the customers at the back of the line become more and more impatient and begin to urge the old man.

Hu Jingjing saw the old man's predicament and offered to pay for her.

the old man thanked him very much, saying that his home was nearby and asked Hu Jingjing to go home and get the money.

but later, all the salespeople in the supermarket were off duty, but the old man still didn't show up.

just as Hu Jingjing was about to leave, the old man came hurriedly from afar.

the old man not only paid off all the money, but also gave Hu Jingjing the food he cooked at home.

it turns out that the old man's house has run out of water, and he has just finished tidying up, so it is a waste of time.

looking at the figure of the old man leaving, Hu Jingjing felt a burst of respect.

I agree with a sentence: "there is no road to sincerity, sincerity itself is the road."

people who go back to their faces may make a profit for the moment, but those who do what they say can benefit for the rest of their lives.

those who are honest with others are magnanimous and highly respected.


those who do not forget their roots

there must be a saying like this: "you can't forget your roots, and don't be complacent."

the situation of life has its ups and downs. Only by not forgetting your roots can you gain a foothold in the world.

some time ago, I attended a party with an elder in the industry.

at the party, a boss talked a lot about his business and bragged about his current achievements.

at first, everyone will pander to him in order to save his face.

but what the boss said next silenced the whole table.

he said that a few days ago, a neighbor from his hometown came to him by train and asked him to arrange a job for himself.

"after so many years in the city, I'm not from that place anymore. How can I get in touch with each other?"

it turns out that in his mind, the place where he was born and raised in the past is a stain of life, and he disdains to mention it at all.

and a few months later, his investment failed, all his fair-weather friends left him, and only the people from his hometown were willing to lend him money.

I often hear people say, "No matter how far you go, don't forget where you started."

No matter how much you have achieved today, don't forget that those who once shared adversity together, denying the past is tantamount to looking down on themselves.

the tree is big because of its deep roots, and if you want to go for a long time, you must not forget your roots.

A person who forgets his roots will never compare his heart to heart. When he sees benefits, he will abandon his friendship and is not worthy of deep acquaintance.

A person of noble character is never ashamed to talk about his past, let alone feel superior.

if you don't forget your roots, you will have many friends and a long way to go.

Su Qin once wrote:

"be with whoever you are comfortable with. Those who can enter my heart will be treated as kings, and those who do not enter my heart will disdain to be perfunctory. "

when people get along with others, the most difficult thing is to change their hearts and live up to their debts; what they fear most is to set up tricks with each other, which will only add to their troubles.

there are gains and losses in life, feelings get together and scattered, and it is a great blessing to meet a relationship that you never get tired of.

the people you are willing to make friends with will always have gratitude in their hearts, do things sincerely, and never forget their roots in life.