The most advanced way to deal with an accident, only these four points (absolutely! )

/July 2022


the Art of War of Sun Tzu says: "those who have thunder in their chest and face like Pinghu can worship generals."

the people who can really do things well and do great things are often those who are passionate at heart and have a calm and capable face. Their calm posture will not only give themselves confidence, but also give others confidence to do things.

when you stop your temper in advance, learn to be calm and deal with it calmly. Keep your temper in your heart, don't show it to the outside, and keep your anger out of your face.

Don't let others see what you think through your face, let alone let your joys and sorrows dominate the way you do things. The biggest failure in life is to make yourself a slave to your emotions.

those who have the ability often have no temper, while those who have no ability have a big temper.

people who do great things are mature in heart and know how to control their emotions. Because they know that losing their temper won't help solve the problem.


Confucius said, "if you see the wise and think of each other, if you see the bad, you will reflect on yourself."

Di Zi Gui also said: "when you see people being evil, that is, introspection, if you have something, you will change it, and there will be no police."

when you encounter problems and difficulties in life, you should first see if you have done it or not, ask yourself where you are not good enough, and look for problems from yourself.

A family keeps a parrot. The parrot is very beautiful, but it has a bad habit: it has a bad voice. The parrot not only coughed all day, but also made a hoarse and ugly sound, like an old smoke voice.

the hostess took the parrot to the veterinarian.

the veterinarian examined the parrot, and the parrot was healthy and there was no problem, so he told the hostess, "as the saying goes, parrot talks, the reason why he makes such a sound may be that someone in your family often coughs."

then the hostess blushed. It turns out that she has a habit of smoking, so she often coughs.

the parrot is just a vivid imitation of the hostess's cough.

Zengzi said, "I examine myself three times a day."

the saints reflect on themselves many times a day. What is wrong with them? What's not done enough? Not to mention us ordinary people?

We don't want to be friends with people who like to find fault and pass the buck to others every time they are in trouble.

so, look at yourself first and reflect on yourself before you can come up with a better solution.


when things are done, there is no need to mention them; when things are done, there is no need to dissuade them; and there is no need to pursue the past.

No matter how you blame others for their mistakes, you can't change them.

it's like a person accidentally hammering a nail into a smooth plank. No matter how much you blame him and ask him to take the nail off, the nail has already damaged the plank and can no longer be smooth.

blaming can only add to one's own troubles and deepen the sufferings of others. It is an act that does not benefit oneself at the expense of others, and does not help to solve the problem.

A gentleman is self-cultivation and virtuous, and does not speak ill to others. As the saying goes, "be sensitive to things, be careful to speak". A talker must not be a man of high self-cultivation. It is the best accomplishment not to blame others.

"being kind to others is warmer than cloth; hurting words is deeper than spear." Try to inspire others to do something well with kind words, rather than discouraging others with hurtful scolding. This is a smarter way to deal with things.

Confucianism believes that do not do to others what you do not want to do to others.

the most common mistake we make when we encounter something is that I don't want to do it, so I ask someone else for help to do it. Leave what you are supposed to do to others. I never thought about whether anyone else would do it or not.

those who think only of themselves and never of others are the most selfish.

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so when we do things, we should think more from the perspective of others.

A father asked his son to bring him a pen. The son absentmindedly picked up the pen on the table and sent it to him, without thinking of putting the tip of the pen in his father's hand.

Father said earnestly, "take things for others, thinking that it is inconvenient for others to receive them." If you send me the tip of the pen, I will pour it over. If there is too much pen, I will leave a hand of ink in my hand. You should be even more careful when handing people knives and scissors. You must never point a knife at someone with a knife edge. "

if we want to ask someone else to do something, we must first think about what this person likes to do and what he doesn't like to do, and think about everything from other people's point of view. Will others be willing to do what they don't want to do?

when a gentleman pursues interests, he will also take into account the interests of others; when a villain pursues interests, he will only consider his own interests.

when things happen, you should think more of others. Only by doing things that you can satisfy yourself and others can you benefit both others and yourself. This is a good thing to do.

do things first

as the old saying goes. Only by being in place can we succeed in doing things.

to do things is also to be a man, to control your temper, to be more considerate of others, to be strict with yourself, and to be tolerant of others, which is also a kind of spiritual practice.