The most vengeful revenge (deep good article)

/June 2022


I remember that when I first graduated from college, a television company invited me to host a special program. The director of that program read my article well and asked me to be a screenwriter.

but when the program is finished and gets paid, the director not only does not give me the screenwriting fee, but also deducts half of my host fee.

he gave me the receipt and said:

I signed it in silence and thought it was not too late for a gentleman to take revenge.

then the director came to me again, and I did it for him several times.

for the last time, he didn't deduct my money and became polite to me, because at that time I was attracted by the news department of the TV company and suddenly became a TV reporter and news anchor.

We often met at the company later, and he laughed a little awkwardly every time.

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I wanted to tell on him, but as the high school classmate said, could I be where I am without him?

if I could not bear to breathe in the first place, could I continue to get the chance to host?

the opportunity is given by him. He is my noble man. He has already known his mistake. Why should I retaliate?


then I went to study in the United States.

one day, a classmate who was already employed complained to me that his American boss "ate" him, not only giving him a small salary, but also deliberately delaying his green card (right of abode in the United States) application.

I said to him at that time:

"such a bad boss, it's okay not to do it.

but how can you work for so long in vain? you always have to learn more and then change jobs, so you have to steal a lesson. "

after listening to me, he not only worked overtime every day, but also stayed and memorized the writing of those business documents.

even how to repair the photocopier, follow the workers to take notes so that one day you can go out and start your own business and save money on repairs.

half a year later, I asked him if he was going to change jobs.

he unexpectedly smiled:

his grievances are gone. He retaliated, only in a different way, and he self-examined himself. In fact, he did not work hard at that time.


about the first five years, an interesting thing happened to me.

an old friend suddenly learned fortune-telling, learning astrology from birth characters, crape myrtle numbers and names.

he learns fortune-telling, of course, not because he thinks it works, but because he wants to prove that fortune-telling is a lie.

the reason is that a very famous master told his fortune and counted that he would not live to 47. He swore that he had to break the master's sign.

guess what?

the more he learned, the more scared he became, because he found that he was himself, and he really didn't live long.

at this time, he changed. He went to charity and said:

he is very actively engaged. Everyone says that he has changed, from an anxious snobbish villain to a kind and kind gentleman.

unconsciously, he passed 47, passed 48, and now he is 53, glowing and lively, and living a healthier life than anyone else.

"you can smash the master's sign!" I made fun of him one day.

his eyes lit up and asked me, "Why?"

smile again:

friends, do you like to be brave and fight hard? Do you always have grievances?

do you have the resentment of "this revenge is not a gentleman"?

Please think about these stories.

you should know that enemies and enemies can stimulate your potential and become your dignitaries.

you should also know that the problem with many grudges, grievances and grievances lies with you.

what's more, you should know that the best revenge in the world is to use that injustice to make yourself successful, to treat your enemies with the mind after success, and to turn them into friends.

when does the win-lose of "vengeance" become a win-win situation of "meet and smile", isn't it the greatest success in life?