The people you meet are here to ferry you.

/August 2022

Buddha said, "if you don't owe anything in your previous life, you won't see you in this life. If you don't owe each other, how can you meet each other?"

everyone who appears in your life comes with a mission, either to love you, to help you, to make you, or to hurt you, to temper you, to perfect you.

all encounters in the world are repaid by the previous life.

be kind to those who love you and be grateful to those who hurt you.

everyone you meet is here to ferry you.


those who love you

nourish you

fate is providence; affection is deep and shallow, it is friendship.

Zhang ailing said:

the most beautiful thing in the world is this. Meeting is luck, and meeting is reunion.

I have read such a story:

an old man has been taking care of his wife with Alzheimer's for ten years.

wash her face, comb her hair and change her diaper every day; feed her medicine, water and three meals a day.

day after day, year after year.

his family lives on the second floor. As long as it is not windy or rainy, he takes his wife out to bask in the sun and look at the crowd every day.

he first carried the wheelchair downstairs, and then went back to carry his wife downstairs. He was already tired enough to come and go.

when he could no longer hold his wife, he sold his old house.

after taking out their life savings, the sons and daughters chipped in to buy a small apartment building just for an elevator.

Searching through our prom long sleeves attire with floor length you will find a rich variety of prints, sizes, designs and fabrics. Whatever your taste, we have just what you need.

he still accompanied his wife downstairs to relax. Although she didn't know anything, he thought he was the happiest person.

in the vast sea of people, choose a person to know each other, stay together, and keep company.

from then on, someone set up with me at dusk, and someone asked me that the porridge could be warm, which should be the best appearance of love.

Family affection, love and friendship are the gifts of life, so that the lonely life no longer moves forward alone, so that the difficult life is no longer cold and full of warmth.

there is such a story:

A high school student is infatuated with online games. I often climb over the wall from school to surf the Internet in the middle of the night.

that day, when he came out of the Internet bar and returned to school, he met his father sitting under the corner.

my father came from his hometown to pay for his living expenses and was reluctant to stay in a hotel, so he sat in the corner all night.

since then, he worked hard and never played games again until he was admitted to a key university.

he said that his father did not expose him that night for fear that he would lose face.

Love is speechless.

A short mirror in this life, how much incense and fire in the previous life.

not to mention the love you love your parents, work together with a lifelong partner, call your parents' children.

those who love you will help you and ferry you.

Let you have something to depend on, fall in love with, be pitied and read in this cool world.


those who hurt you

Sakyamuni said:

the people who hurt you force you to be strong, and the people who trip you force you to grow.

when Yue Yunpeng was a child, his family was poor.

dropped out of school at the age of 14 and came to Beijing from his hometown in Henan alone to find a way out.

he worked as a security guard, cleaned, washed dishes, worked as a waiter, and did almost everything a teenager could do.

the darkest moment of life was when he was a waiter in a restaurant. Because he miscalculated six yuan, he was scolded by customers in full view of the public.

Yue Yunpeng apologized and said all his kind words. in the end, he not only lost the guest's meal, but also was driven out by the manager.

A regular guest who often comes to the hotel instructs him to go to the overpass to learn crosstalk with Guo Degang, who may be able to make a difference.

from then on, Yue Yunpeng's life had a turning point and began to move towards light.

Buddha said: "all adversity is to help you make progress."

everyone you meet, there are good people and evil people.

they come to you with different scripts and play different roles, or make you or perfect you.

it's God's best arrangement to meet anyone.

Yu Minhong is known as the "godfather of studying abroad". The "New Oriental" he founded is the largest English training institution in China.

he once said: "Thank you for the frustration and inferiority experienced at Peking University, which has created my stability and self-confidence today."

when he was an English teacher at Peking University, Yu Minhong set up a training course outside the school in order to earn the cost of studying abroad.

the school played Yu Minhong's punishment on loudspeakers, and the cable radio and billboards were also filled with punishment notices.

for a while, Yu Minhong became a school celebrity, but it also humiliated him.

more than a decade later, when New Oriental was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the world's largest exchange, Yu Minhong turned gorgeously from a teacher to an entrepreneur.

everything in life, everyone, has a meaning, and is helping us find our true selves in different ways.

is an eagle, it is necessary to spread its wings and fly in the all-powerful transformation;

is a snow lotus, which is about to bloom brilliantly in the arms of icebergs and snow peaks.

when God closes a door for you, he will open a window for you.

whether it is to help you or to ferry you, it is destined to fulfill each other and grow up with each other.


never blame anyone in your life

Roman Roland says:

there is no meeting for no reason, no resentment for no reason.

every passer-by in life should feel it.Thank you, they all deserve to be remembered.

it is because of them that the confused life has an inflection point.

Hollywood superstar Stallone was born with facial nerves injured by forceps, partial muscle paralysis in his left cheek, drooping left eyelid and left lip, and inarticulate speech.

at this point, his suffering life began.

in childhood, he had no friends because of his appearance. When his parents divorced at the age of 11, his father was addicted to drinking and gambling, yelling and insulting him, punching and kicking him.

living with his mother at the age of 15, he was expelled from 12 different schools one after another because of his poor grades and bad habits of fighting.

when he grew up, he wanted to be an actor. Although he was successfully admitted to the acting department of the University of Miami, he was once again persuaded to quit because of his poor image.

he said: "although I can't change my appearance, I can modify the script I wrote."

he devoted himself to writing until Rocky was published.

at that time, many producers were optimistic about the work, but they were repeatedly rejected because Stallone asked to play the leading actor.

until a film and television company promised him, the film was shot quickly at a very low cost.

after the film was broadcast, it caused a great sensation and became a dark horse in the history of Hollywood film, winning numerous awards.

Stallone has also become a super idol and martial arts superstar.

Don't blame anyone in your life, just because they exist, secretly guide us to be what we want to be.

someone said: "the one who hurt you gave you a scar, but it also became the armor of the future."

what can't beat you makes you strong.

every situation is a karmic meeting arranged by God;

every encounter is the cause and effect of reincarnation.

to cross a person, that is, to cross oneself, he can only cross his heart.


Dong Qing said:

in a sense, everything in the world is met.

just like the cold meets the warm, there is rain; when spring meets winter, there is time; when heaven meets earth, there is eternity; when people meet people, they have life.

all life is fate.

all the encounters in this life are the reunion of the previous life.

someone who loves you is a blessing from a previous life, while someone who hurts you is a gift with a mask.

the one who helps you is the benefactor of life; the one who harms you is the nobleman who wears makeup.

everything you experience is helping you grow; everyone you meet is living through your life.

encourage each other.