The power of aura (good text in depth)

/August 2022

someone asked, "what is the most fundamental difference between people?"

the answer is "aura."

aura is a business card for a person to walk.

some people wear gold and silver but look depressed, some people are caught in disputes but calm, some people are weak in appearance but full of spirit, some people are born in poverty without losing their integrity, and some people do not forget their ambition in times of adversity.

gas field, in the final analysis, is a kind of magnetic field.

it comprehensively reflects a person's knowledge, shows a person's mentality, and reveals a person's accomplishment.

it cannot be seen or touched, but it is a person's spiritual core and exerts great energy.


quiet qi is a good medicine

the ancients said: "quiet to cultivate the body, quiet to nourish the mind."

in the face of a troubled world, only by calming down can we not be held hostage by reality, and we can build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in our hearts.

A young monk who was deeply troubled asked the Zen master, "the uncle in East Street called me a master, and the aunt in West Street called me a bald donkey.

Brother Zhang praised me as ascetic, but Miss Li said I was bold. Well, some people praised me to the sky, while others threw me to the ground and stepped on me. Am I good or bad? "

the Zen master said nothing but pointed to a stone beside him and a pot of flowers.

the clever little monk understood in an instant what the Zen master meant: no matter how scolded the stone, it is still a stone, and no matter how much the flower boasts, it is still the same flower.

whether it is praise or slander, you are still who you are.

Mr. Yang Jiang once said: "after all, the world is our own and has nothing to do with others."

calmness allows us to have a clear judgment of ourselves.

not exuberant with praise, nor confused by slander.

"Zhuangzi Xiaoyaoyou" said: the whole world is famous without persuasion, the whole world is not added, it is determined by the distinction between internal and external, and the distinction between honor and disgrace is already done.

quiet qi, like a good medicine, makes us have a strong immunity to disputes in the world, merits and demerits, honor and disgrace, not trapped in love, not confused in the heart, so that our eyes are firm, walk calmly, and move forward all the way.


courage is a gorgeous counterattack.

I like the saying on the Internet: "Youth is a mighty rainbow, courage trumps cowardice, enterprise trumps peace."

Life is only a hundred years, fleeting, life without hard work, will eventually be a blank piece of paper.

Zeng Guofan, known as "Xiuqi Zhiping one perfect person", is actually mediocre in talent, and his success is inseparable from indomitable spirit.

Zeng Guofan led the Hunan army to fight against the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. Unexpectedly, he suffered a fiasco at the beginning, and even several of his advisers and staff were killed by the other side.

Zeng Guofan tried to kill himself by diving, but luckily he was rescued by his men.

in his playbook to the court, he truthfully reported that his record was "repeated defeats" and asked the court to punish him.

but in the end, in the playbook of asking for punishment, Zeng Guofan changed "repeated defeats" to "repeated failures".

the same four words convey Zeng Guofan's indomitable spirit and will.

it is by virtue of the determination that we must win that we finally turn things around.

in 1967, American psychologist Seligman did a classic experiment with dogs.

keep the dog in a cage. As soon as the buzzer goes off, the dog starts to shock it. The dog tries to escape but can't escape.

after many experiments, as soon as the buzzer rang and the cage door was opened, the dog immediately fell to the ground and moaned instead of running away.

this experiment is called learned helplessness.

the psychological phenomenon of "learned helplessness" often appears in our lives.

Business continues to lose money, marriages are betrayed, the workplace goes from bad to worse, and life is difficult.

Life gives us one difficult problem after another, exhausting our original passion.

We are as described in the debate on Cao Kui: "one encouragement, then decline, and third exhaustion".

if you give in, you will be routed in the end.

only when you are strong, will difficulties make way for you.

there is a saying in the poem: "where there is a will to succeed, one hundred and two Qin Guan belongs to Chu; if he works hard, he can swallow Wu."

even in adversity, as long as you don't lose your upward spirit, your mind will stimulate the body to generate great energy, thus changing the situation and realizing your ambition.


backbone is the greatest strength to be a man

Xu Beihong once said: "one must not be arrogant, but not without arrogance." In his early years, he studied in Europe.

at that time, China was very backward, so Chinese students were often discriminated against.

at a party, a foreign student said, "you Chinese are stupid and stupid, you can't become talent at all, you only deserve to be subjugation slaves!"

Xu Beihong was infuriated by this remark and replied, "Let's compete with you to see who is the talent and who is the fool."

from then on, Xu Beihong studied harder.

when I go to the museum to learn copying, I often bring a piece of bread and a pot of water and sit all day.

his efforts moved the French painter Dayang, who invited Xu Beihong to his studio and personally instructed him to paint.

after some efforts, he finally came back from his studies and became a master.

as the saying goes, "people can be poor, but not boneless."

if a person has no backbone, he is like a rootless duckweed, and his life becomes numb.

and with the support of backbone, we can become nothing.Fear, bravely flow through the valley of suffering, climb many mountains and obstacles to reach the land of light.

ambition, create infinite possibilities

Mencius has a saying: "the husband's ambition is handsome; Qi is the filling of the body."

when a person has an ambition, the body will stimulate the potential of the whole body to help him achieve it.

Wang Yangming has a lofty ambition since he was young.

at that time, the world was honored to enter an official career, but he wanted to be a generation of saints.

however, his road to saints is full of hardships.

because he offended the treacherous minister Liu Jin, he was exiled from Longchang, Guizhou Province.

in the stone cave under difficult conditions, he "clung to his heart like heartache", never forgot the dream of "saints", and finally realized the proposition that "the heart is reasonable".

he made great achievements in war all his life, made great efforts to turn the tide, and stabilized the tottering dynasty, but he was seldom rewarded.

later, he resigned bravely and resigned to give lectures, carrying forward the philosophical thought of "the unity of knowledge and practice".

on his deathbed, he left eight last words: "if this heart is bright, there is nothing more to ask for."

for the sake of his dream, Wang Yangming made unswerving efforts and finally achieved great success.

there is a "leather Malion effect" in psychology, which holds that belief is an amazing force, as long as you believe it can be done.

everyone's potential is unlimited, but we don't schedule them.

I have heard a saying: "Scholars should not be without ambition for a day, and there is a long way to go."

when you set the direction of life, you won't bump around.

with a goal in life, the aura is fully opened, the potential is better brought into full play, and the pattern is higher.


righteousness is the best health care

Cartwright once said: "A firm spirit is more beneficial to wound healing than any good medicine."

righteousness is a good state of mind, an indestructible idea, and a strong executive force.

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righteousness can enable us to achieve the state of "harmony between heaven and earth", which is beneficial to our physical and mental health.

once, after examining a young man, the doctor shouted, "this man will not live."

the young man seemed to hear it, but he did not accept the doctor's words, but stressed to the nurse, "I will live."

A miracle happened, and the man survived and soon recovered.

some studies have found that a good mood can best promote the health of the body.

and bad emotions such as anxiety, tension and anger are often the enemies of health.

A leader with lung cancer asked Professor qu limin, "I don't smoke or drink, so why do I still have such a disease?"

Professor qu limin explained: "because of the great pressure at work, you often live in anxiety, one string collapses every day, and something will definitely go wrong over a long period of time."

think positively in a positive and harmonious way, live a relaxed life with an optimistic attitude, and your body will change for the better.

A positive attitude dominated by righteousness is the best health care in the world.

Zhuangzi Zhi Le says: "between miscellaneous calls, mango fluorene changes to qi, qi changes to tangible, deformation and birth."