The price of anger (depth good text)

/July 2022

Hu Shi once said in my Mother:

A person's life is only a few decades, nine times out of ten unsatisfactory things, do not spend precious time angry with people and things that are not worth it.

in life, everything is trivial except life and death. Don't pay an unnecessary price for being angry.


being angry is the stupidest expression

Feng Menglong, a writer in the Ming Dynasty, said: words in anger must be leaked.

when a person is angry, emotions will gain the upper hand, and they will often do irrational behavior, hurting others and themselves.

being angry is the stupidest and most useless behavior in the world, which not only cannot solve the problem, but also may cause unnecessary trouble.

A camel was trudging in the desert. The sun was like a fireball, making it thirsty, hungry and restless.

at this time, a piece of glass shredded the soles of its feet, and the tired camel was furious, raised its feet and kicked the fragments out.

at the same time, it accidentally made a deep cut in the soles of its feet, and the bright red blood immediately turned red with sand.

the angry camel limped along, and the blood attracted the bald dove in the air, hovering in the sky, and the camel ran wild with fear.

when running to the edge of the desert, the strong smell of blood attracted the wolves nearby.

tired and bleeding too much, the powerless camel can only run around like a headless fly.

accidentally ran to the ant nest near the cannibal ant. The smell of blood made the cannibal pour out of the nest and pounced on the camel.

the man-eating ant colony wrapped the camel like a black blanket, and soon the poor camel fell to the ground dripping with blood.

when he was dying, the camel lamented, "Why should I be angry with a small piece of glass?"

stupid people tend to get angry, can't control their emotions, and end up doing nothing and living a miserable life.

people, no matter how bad the environment, should be calm and calm, do not get angry when things happen, and look at problems rationally is the way to be wise.


angry, who is cheaper?

as the old saying goes: anger hurts the body.

when people are in a state of anger, their emotions fluctuate, the human body will change, and physical problems will occur over time.

it is easy to get angry because of lack of self-cultivation; to suffer because of others, because the realm is not deep.

after the Chibi War, Sun Liu and his family competed for Jingzhou. Zhuge Liang thwarted Zhou Yu's plot three times and finally angered Zhou Yu to death.

for the first time, both sides pursued and wiped out Cao Bing. Zhou Yu was caught by Cao Ren's trick and was shot with a poisoned arrow. Zhuge Liang took the opportunity to occupy the towers of Jingzhou. When Zhou Yu was injured, he saw that the flag of Liu Bei had been planted on Jingzhou City.

several groups of cities had no one to share, and Zhou Yu was so angry that Zhou Yu fell off his horse because of the hard work.

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the second time was Liu Bei crossed the river to recruit relatives. With Zhuge Liang's three tricks up his sleeve, he made the fake come true, which not only saved Jingzhou, but also got his wife.

Zhou Lang made a brilliant plan to settle the world, losing both his husband and his soldiers. He was so angry that his golden sores burst and fell unconscious on the ship.

for the third time, Zhou Yu wanted to take Xichuan as a pretext, taking Jingzhou unexpectedly while Liu Bei was unprepared. As a result, Zhuge Liang was prepared to expose his trick on the spot and humiliated him.

the narrow-minded Zhou Yu, in a fit of anger, the golden sore cracked again, fell off the horse, and soon died.

before he died, he complained that God was so unfair that he looked up to the sky and sighed, "since you are born Yu, how is he Shengliang?"

all diseases are caused by anger, sadness is more harmful to the body, every minute of your anger affects yourself, and it also damages your health.

when people are alive, the most important thing is to be happy. Even if you are unhappy, don't be angry. If you are ill, there will be no one to replace you. Smile, life will be easier.


can you control your emotions before you can control your life

Xunzi says: anger is not enough to win, but joy is not enough.

instead of losing your temper angrily because of the rude words and deeds of others, it is better to change yourself and maintain a good state of mind.

in life, we often have conflicts with others because of little things, but people should not be slaves to emotions, we should know how to control them.

there is a professor who takes his child to pick out fruit at a fruit stand.

the vendor watched them pick around and said impatiently, "Sir, are you going to buy it or not?" Don't pick and choose like that. "

the professor replied politely, "I want to buy!" I want to buy it! "

then give the selected fruit to the vendor and ask how much it is.

the vendor said disapprovingly, "this fruit is very expensive. Can you afford it?"

the professor still replied modestly, "I can afford it, I can afford it." And pass the money to the peddler.

on the way home, the child could not help asking, "Dad, you are a professor and a person I admire. Why do you let the vendors shout like this today?" Aren't you angry at all? "

the professor replied, "it is my standard to treat people reasonably, modestly and politely. Rudeness and snobbery are the standards of this small vendor. I cannot let his standards lower mine."

people can have a temper, but they should know how to control their emotions. If they can't control their emotions, life can only be spent in negative emotions and only add to their troubles.

in the face of all kinds of unhappiness in life, we can't vent blindly on the spur of the moment. We have to be the masters of emotions in order to control our lives.

Mr. Feng Zikai once saidSince there is nowhere to escape, it is better to rejoice; since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate; since there is no wish, it is better to be relieved.

it is better to be angry than to be proud, not to force yourself, not to embarrass others, not to give up the happiness that should belong to you for people and things that are not worth it.

the rest of life is not long. I hope we can not be angry, relax, make peace with life, be calm, and watch the flowers blossom with a calm smile.