The sharpest social quotation of 2021 (too incisive)

/July 2022


Don't expect everyone to understand you, because radish and cabbage have their own love.

if you make radish, you will not be able to make green vegetables.


there is only one step between a good person and a bad person.

within the scope of ability, those who try their best to help the gang are good people.

they are good people who lack principles and respond to whatever they want without thinking about themselves.


to unite a group of people, what you need is not a wise leader, but a common enemy.


EQ is high, mainly to make others happy;

IQ is high, mainly to make yourself happy;

IQ is not high and EQ is not high, mainly because you are unhappy and do not make others happy.


if you like strawberries, you will not hesitate to buy them.

if you don't like bananas, but considering that bananas are good for digestion, you will still buy them.

so like is very simple, do not like will be weighed.


reality tells me that even the people closest to you will look down on you without money; feelings tell me that don't think that the person you think of is also thinking about you.


when you trust someone unreservedly, there are only two results in the end: either the person in life or a lesson in life.

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what is the reality?

A lawyer wants you to be accused;

A doctor wants you to be sick;

A mechanic wants your car to break down;

only thieves, they want you to be rich forever.


people live too hard, one is too serious, the other is too eager.

however, whatever you want to control actually controls you.


is good for everyone, it is not good for anyone.

only by being true to a few people can you get a group of people who cherish you.


people who approach you at ten times the speed will also leave at ten times the speed.

No one can accompany you forever and unconditionally.

you know, on rainy days, even shadows are absent.


if you are a person, there will be people everywhere; if you are a loser, people will look cold everywhere.


when desires are not satisfied, people suffer; once desires are satisfied, people are bored; so life vacillates between pain and boredom.


people, who have the heart of a Dream of Red Mansions, live in the world of the Water margin.

I want to make some Taoyuan brothers from the three Kingdoms, but I always encounter demons and ghosts in Journey to the West.


girls who like to laugh will not have too bad luck.

but to be honest, if a girl has been unlucky all the time, I don't know how she can laugh.


people who invite you to dinner for no reason will either ask you now or ask you later.


hating someone for four years is worse than liking someone for four years.

because you only need to get used to liking someone and constantly pushing yourself to hate someone.


Why are most people complaining about now?

because complaining used to require a good memory; complaining later requires a rich imagination;

complaining now only needs a tireless mouth.


I didn't know until I grew up, "try not to cause trouble to others, and others had better not bother me either."

this sentence is not indifferent, but mature.


charcoal should also be sent by others.

otherwise, not only will you not be appreciated, but you will also be blamed for the poor quality of charcoal.


work is something that no one wants to do, so society encourages it through remuneration.

Entertainment is something that the public wants to do, so society restricts it through fees.