The six secret recipes left by our ancestors had better be memorized! It's precious!

/August 2022

the six secret recipes left by our ancestors had better be memorized! It's precious!

Academician Zhong Nanshan said: "the greatest success is to live healthily."

only when you are in good health will everything be all right.

time is fleeting, life is very fast, you should learn to be kind to yourself.


1000 health care, ten thousand health care, mental balance is the key

the entertainment industry is a highly competitive high-pressure industry, we often hear the news that artists are suffering from depression.

Li Jian is an accident. He is like a gentleman who is indifferent to fame and wealth.

after making his debut for many years, he has always refused the company hype and a large number of commercial performances.

his friend advised him: "now there are too many new people, you have to show your face more to be remembered."

but Li Jian always thought that fighting for fame and fortune was too boring, so he chose to return to his family and focus on creating music.

he lives in seclusion for more than half of the year, getting up early every day to drink tea, planting flowers in his spare time, and writing songs and compositions the rest of the time.

he never worries about whether he will be popular, but only cares about whether his music can be done better.

Li Jian, who seems to be out of sight of the masses, is always full when he opens a concert.

there is no mental pressure to worry about gain and loss, only peaceful music creation.

Li Jiancheng's peace of mind makes Li Jiancheng feel at ease in the entertainment industry.

as Mr. Yang Jiang said:

We were so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others. "

this is not only Mr. Yang Jiang's wisdom, but also her secret of longevity.

the Buddha says that there are eight hardships in life, one of which is not to get it.

instead of struggling and competing in the sea of desire, it is better to cherish the present.

Happiness is not getting what you want, but enjoying what you have.

remember that keeping a peaceful state of mind is the key to good health.


live well, do not be small in heart; be good at controlling anger, and live a long life

as the old saying goes: "suddenly come without surprise, add without reason without anger."

Ji Xianlin once encountered such a thing:

one day, he and his friends went to a small restaurant and sat at the next table with a mother with her children.

after a while, the woman put the child on the stool and went to the bathroom.

as a result, the child accidentally fell off the stool and burst into tears.

Ji Xianlin, who is kind-hearted, saw this and hurried to help the child.

when the mother came back, she only saw the child crying and thought the child was being bullied, so she scolded loudly, "Why would an adult bully a child? if my son gets hurt, I'll embarrass you!"

in response, Ji Xianlin did not answer back, but returned to his seat to continue to eat.

at this time, the customers around them really couldn't bear to watch, accusing the woman of being unreasonable: "it was your child who fell on his own. this gentleman was kind enough to help him up. Do you swear without asking?"

the woman felt wronged, so she took the child and left.

afterwards, a friend asked Ji Xianlin: "you were clearly misunderstood, she scolded you like that, why didn't you talk back?"

Ji Xianlin said with a smile: "arguing with her, things will only get worse and worse." She is just eager to love her son, so she doesn't have to care too much. "

when people are angry, their IQ is zero, and two irrational people argue about what good results can be achieved.

Ji's self-cultivation helped him through the difficult times of his life and spent 98 years.

as the saying goes, nine times out of ten there are unsatisfactory things in life.

Don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

anger is chronic suicide, and open-mindedness is the secret of longevity.


disaster comes from the mouth, the disease comes from the heart

the disease is born from the heart, it is better to seek medical treatment than to seek medical treatment, and the heart should be treated first.

the source of health lies not in the body, but in the mind.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic concludes: "like to be sad, anger hurts the liver, sad lungs, thought hurts the spleen, fear hurts the kidney."

the most reliable way to maintain good health is to be as naive as possible.

talk less about right and wrong, think less about what's on your mind, cultivate a pure heart, and be quiet in the natural years.

Lin Daiyu in A Dream of Red Mansions is a typical case of sentimentality and anxiety.

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when she lost her father in her early years, she was extremely sensitive and fragile.

she will sulk when she feels that other people are treated differently;

when she sees the flowers falling, she will also weep for them;

she frowns all the time, which makes her already unhappy body even more depressed.

until beloved Baoyu married someone else, she was dealt the heaviest blow and died.

the so-called "deep love is not longevous", excessive emotional ups and downs is the greatest loss of spirit.

there is a saying in the Buddha saying, "A bed is wide when there is nothing in mind, but the three realms are narrow in the eyes."

venting emotions is the instinct of ordinary people, while controlling emotions is the skill of long-lived people.

if you want not to get sick, please be the master of your own emotions.


good people are healthy, while evil people live a short life.

Master said, "Don't give up doing good deeds even if it is not important, do not do bad things even if it is inconspicuous."

Bing Xin's longevity is not only her peace of mind with the rest of the world and contentment, but also her willingness to help others.

there are many unknown authors who like to send her works for revision or recommendation, but she always takes them seriously and actively recommends them.

not only that, she also intends to pay attention to new people and recommend good articles read in newspapers and magazines to colleagues or friends.

because she is willing to help others, Bing Xin has made a lot of bosom friends who can talk to each other.

one more person to share happiness will multiply, while one more person to share sorrow will quickly fade.

in Bing Xin's view, helping others not only adds more positive energy to her, but also injects vitality into her life.

Buddha said, "whatever cause you sow, what you receive; good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil."

the study found that a person who is willing to help others and get along well with others has a significantly longer life expectancy;

on the contrary, those who are malicious, benefit themselves at the expense of others, and do not get along well with others, the mortality rate is 1.5 times higher than that of normal people.

the six Zutan Sutra says: "all Fukuda can not be separated from the heart."

sowing the seeds of kindness in your heart will naturally lead to more happiness and longevity.


three smiles a day, life is difficult to grow old

Research shows that when people are happy, the body's immunity will be greatly improved.

when Faraday, a famous British chemist, was young, he often had headaches and insomnia because he was too nervous at work. Although he took medicine for a long time, he still had no improvement.

later, a famous doctor examined him in detail, but did not prescribe a prescription, leaving only a word and left.

that's an English saying: "A clown in town is better than a dozen doctors."

from then on, Faraday often took time to see farce, circus and comedy, laughing with delight every day.

such a happy state of mind greatly improved his health, and his headaches and insomnia were cured without medicine.

smile, less than ten years. Many long-lived old people are happy people.

this year, Japanese 112-year-old Shigeru Watanabe was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest man in the world.

in 2012, twin sisters Ainap and Lily Milva were listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest twins on their 102nd birthday.

when the reporter interviewed, their secret to longevity was surprisingly identical, with only one word: smile.

Mr. Xu Yuanchong, a famous translator in China, is still in his nineties and insists on a lot of translation work every day.

he said:\ "if you do what you like with the person you like, you will be happy.

the corners of the mouth raised unconsciously when thinking about the translation is Xu's experience of longevity.

Please be a person who loves to laugh, spread happiness and prolong life for the rest of your life.


the best doctor is himself, and the best exercise is walking

"the best doctor is himself, the best medicine is time, and the best exercise is walking."

as early as 1992, the World Health Organization put forward this health motto about the 21st century.

Academician Zhong Nanshan has been using his own practical actions to verify that "life lies in movement."

at the age of 84, he still keeps on exercising, his body is strong and his muscles are no less than those of young people.

this allows him to stick to his job and be at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic with many medical workers.

talking about health, Academician Zhong said: "the middle-aged and elderly do these three kinds of exercise, tai chi, swimming, walking, longevity and disease prevention."

and repeatedly stressed that walking is the most suitable and the best.

remember the German philosopher Schopenhauer said: "A healthy beggar is happier than a sick king."

how to spend our lives, the choice is in our own hands.