The state of mind is good, everything is good, the mind is relaxed and everything is safe

/July 2022

time never stops, prompting the years to change constantly. When you turn around and look back at the years that have passed, you will add some sighs and sighs from time to time. Living in the world, everyone is writing their own rough life with the pen and ink of time, but different people have different experiences, and the result of writing constitutes a different life.

when we come to this world, everyone is a passer-by of time, everyone will experience all kinds of ups and downs, whether we live happily or not depends on our own state of mind. As Carnegie said, "Happiness and happiness are not given by others, but in each and every one of us." It's just that some people covet the wealth of others, but forget to cherish the happiness in front of them.

know that the heart is not only the source of worry, but also the source of happiness. Like the Buddha, we cannot get rid of all our troubles, get rid of life and death, and reach Nirvana. However, we can learn to manipulate our hearts and let them face the sun. In this way, our world is naturally bright and bright.

Human life is limited, and no one's life can be too perfect. Therefore, a good attitude is the key to success. Because it is not the environment but the state of mind that determines a person's mood. Only by adjusting a good state of mind and letting a good mood accompany us every day is the happiest warmth of life.

as a great man said: either you control life, or life controls you. Your mindset determines who is the mount and who is the jockey. This is not without reason. In life, a good state of mind can make you optimistic and open-minded, overcome all kinds of setbacks, but also make you indifferent to fame and wealth, make life happy and leisurely.

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to live is to understand the whirling of the world, look down on the prosperity, play an elegant time, and let the fleeting years flow in a hurry. No matter how things change, you should cultivate a Zen heart, stick to a tranquillity, guard your eyes, live every day, and live with self-confidence and dignity. The best peace of mind is to make every footprint steady and steady.

as Bing Xin said: I am mortal, I only want the happiness of mortals. Yeah! As long as you don't dwell on the past, don't complain about the present, live simply with respect for life, simple love, follow the pace and style you like, and try your best to improve the life you want, a healthy and safe family is happiness and the greatest warmth.

only because there is only one life and can not be regenerated, it is wise to live healthily, love steadfastly, grasp the limited time and let life bloom with its due brilliance. You know, the most cherished thing in life is not material, not money, but health, time, and the beauty of the moment! Only accept the reality, grasp the present, do not struggle, do not complain, with tenacious optimism to face the mediocrity of every day, so that they can make a difference and development in the complicated world, can they come to the world year after year.

in fact, people live is a belief, as long as believe in good, you will be able to meet good, life will naturally spend a full moon. It can be said: if you have a good state of mind, everything will be good; if you relax, everything will be fine!