The story is short and the truth is deep.

/July 2022


A reporter went to a remote mountain area for an interview and came across a mother cooking instant noodles for a child of several years old. The reporter said: "Instant noodles should not be eaten more."

Mother said, "I won't eat too much!" Today, he only gives it to him for his birthday. Where do you usually give it up?


many times, each person's situation is different, so they occupy a different angle.

sometimes you remind and admonish you out of kindness, but not everyone has the same background and conditions as you.


Today I asked a friend, "have you ever been to a high-end place to spend money?"

my friend thought about it and asked me, "does the hospital count?"

No matter how rich a person is, he will lose everything.

whether there is much money in the bag, whether there are too many houses, whether there are too many bank deposits, do not compare with others, there is no need to compare.

for the vast majority of ordinary people, peace and health is not only the greatest blessing, but also the greatest wealth and capital.


legend has it that the abbot of a temple laid down a special rule for the temple:

at the end of every year, the monk in the temple had to talk to the abbot about his feelings during the year, but only two words were allowed.

at the end of the first year, the abbot asked a new young monk, "how do you feel this year?" The little monk replied, "the bed is hard."

at the end of the second year, the abbot asked the young monk, "how do you feel this year?" The little monk replied, "eat inferior food."

at the end of the third year, before the abbot asked him, he went to the abbot and said, "good-bye."

the abbot looked at the distant figure of the young monk and said to himself, "if you have a demon in your heart, it is difficult to achieve the right result. What a pity!" What a pity! "

what you want to fix is not external circumstances, external conditions, what you really want to fix is your own heart.


the disciple asked, "Master, you often talk about the heart to us. Where is the heart?"

"in our bodies." The Zen master said.

"the light of the sun, the light of the moon, the light of the stars, the light of the lamp and the light of fire are all blocked out by our bodies. Isn't the heart in our bodies dark?" The disciple asked.

"Light can come from outside our body or grow in our body." The Zen master said, "if there is a lamp in our hearts,

A lamp of love, a lamp of goodness, a lamp of hope, a lamp of dreams, a lamp of faith, will our hearts still be dark?"


what a person has in his heart, he will see.

when there is light in your heart, you can see the light. When there is only darkness in your heart, you can only see darkness.

instead of looking for the strength to move forward in the outside world, learn to give yourself light, support and hope.


if one of the 100 readers does not mix well, they will say that reading is useless. If one of the 100 people who don't read books is out of the game, they will say that they are still doing well without reading.

this is the "illiteracy theory" commonly used in this society.


everything should not be generalized, but should look at the general direction and have a broad vision and pattern.

if you just catch a small mistake, a small flaw, and a small failure, then you will never make it.

Don't take shortcuts, take shortcuts, or even just try your luck.


when I was a child, my mother told me not to drink overnight water. I asked her, "can I drink water boiled at 6 o'clock in the morning and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon?" My mom said she could drink.

I asked, "can I drink the water boiled at 9 o'clock in the evening at 6 o'clock in the morning?" My mom said not to drink.

I said: "the same several hours of water, the same storage environment, low temperature at night is more conducive to preservation, why the latter can not drink?"


A lot of things, time changes, machines change, everything changes.

sometimes, it doesn't seem to be much worse, but it's actually a lot worse. Sometimes, they all look the same, but in fact they are completely different.

whether it is the encounter between people, or the opportunity between things, there is the most appropriate opportunity.