The truth of marriage: who to marry is really different!

/July 2022

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conclusion: Baisong-the beauty of the world is closely linked to you

Buffett, the god of stock, said a very profound sentence:

people who have been through a failed marriage often empathize with this sentence.

some marriages are like coconuts, which look like big shells, but they don't taste very sweet.

some marriages are like ugly oranges, wrinkled on the outside, but each petal inside is sweet.

whoever you meet, you will have what kind of life you will have, and who you will marry is really different!


A "neck-and-neck" marriage can last long

have seen a vote: the reason why husband and wife are getting farther and farther apart.

in the end, the largest number of votes is: different steps and different frequencies.

there is an old saying that it is best to be "neck and neck" in marriage, whether in terms of family affluence or other aspects.

recently, the TV series "Dajiang Dahe 2" has been very popular, which has caused a heated discussion on the whole network.

Song Yunhui, played by Wang Kai, was born in an ordinary family. In order to change his fate, he studies hard and develops his life direction step by step.

from the grass-roots clerk to the deputy factory director, he has never stopped growing, constantly enriching his knowledge, and has been broadening his pattern.

and his wife, Cheng Kaiyan, has been used to enjoying the comfort of life because she has lived in a favorable environment since she was a child.

after Song Yunhui became deputy factory director, Cheng Kaiyan was specially transferred to the local office in order that the couple could go hand in hand and let his wife learn more.

Cheng Kaiyan did not take the time to improve his ability, but wanted to use this position to build a good relationship with his colleagues and his career stagnated.

and most of the time she is paranoid, complaining that her husband is too close to other women, which has affected Song Yunhui's work many times.

the gap between husband and wife is getting wider and wider, the psychological distance is also getting farther and farther, and finally divorced.

I remember that there was an issue of "Strange work Theory". Xu Xiaoxu mentioned a point of view:

"A good marriage is that I have a track, you have a track, because of our relationship, we go side by side."

instead of I have no track, I jump into your track, which is called lying on the track to commit suicide. "

the rhythm is different, the pace is different, lose the track, also lose themselves, it is sooner or later to go their separate ways.

what is marriage like with the same frequency?

in the fascinating offer, interns Mei Zhen and her husband use sweetness to show that "good people attract good people."

Mei Zhen was certified as an Australian lawyer at the age of 20 and was admitted to a doctorate at Peking University. she kept on growing up and got the full support of her husband.

and her husband himself is very good, and his career is thriving day by day.

when we reach a certain age, we not only have to deal with the trivialities of life, but also face the sudden heavy blow of fate.

only by being with people who "resonate on the same frequency" can we know each other and live a more and more hopeful life.


couples who "understand each other" will not be tired

Why are there so many misunderstandings between people? Fu Seoul has a saying to the point:

"because I am used to your sharpness, but ignore your tenderness, get used to your overexert, but ignore your fragility."

throughout our lives, we don't really understand a person, even if we care so much in our hearts. "

the feeling of not being understood is painful, and partners who do not understand each other are full of contradictions, because without understanding, there is no respect, only fatigue.

Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang are often called "alternative" wealthy couples.

because in the eyes of ordinary people, marrying into a wealthy family means intrigue, but Guo Jingjing's face is always brimming with the quiet smile of the years.

on a variety show, Guo Jingjing admitted that she and her husband had been married for eight years and almost never quarreled.

other guests also sighed that it was rare to see the two of them blushing, and no matter what they did, they were able to work out a plan that was satisfactory to each other.

there is a program that sets a link so that two people must act in unison. If it fails, it means that one of them has done something wrong.

because of repeated failures, they exposed themselves to the scorching sun for a long time, but instead of blaming each other, they encouraged each other to find the real cause of the mistake.

although they only got the sixth place in the end, they didn't complain at all. Huo Qigang smiled and said to Guo Jingjing, "it's all right, wife, let's keep trying."

in a relationship, the happiest state is: you understand my insincerity, I understand your joys and sorrows, connect with each other, and improve your relationship on the basis of mutual respect.

as Liao Yimei said: it is not rare to meet love and sex in one's life, but to meet and understand.

when you can sit face to face with someone without talking or feeling embarrassed, and share a moment of silence together, you will understand that you have met someone who understands you.


families who "keep their temper" are blessed.

some people say that marriage means that sometimes they love him very much, and sometimes they want to shoot him, but more often, they see his favorite food on the way to buy a gun, buy food, but forget to buy a gun.

if you ask what is the source of laughter in a family, I think the best answer is to be kind.

and harmonious generationMainly because of "the control of temper".

when I was talking to an old man, she talked about the topic of "living". She told me a story that impressed me.

A man has been married twice, and there is a great difference between the ex-wife and the current wife.

he often has social activities at work. He comes home very late every day. Because he drinks too much wine, he always gets used to throwing his dirty clothes on the floor and goes to bed drowsily.

when the ex-wife sees clothes all over the floor, although she will help put them away, she will lose her temper at home for a while, and when the man wakes up drunk, the two will have a big fight about it.

Life becomes hopeless because of these little things, but they can't communicate. The anger of the two people is getting higher and higher, but the temperature between them is getting colder and colder.

the marriage lasted for two years, then came to an end, until the day of divorce, they were at loggerheads.

later, the man met his present wife and lived a life of mutual help, insipid and beautiful.

when he first got married, he would still throw his clothes on the floor after getting drunk, and his wife would pick them up for him. When they were free on weekends, the two would sit together and communicate calmly.

over time, he got rid of this bad habit, and the relationship between husband and wife became more and more harmonious. He often said that it was the tolerance of the family that made him better.

at the end of the story, the old man said that in fact, the first wife was himself, and the man in the story was his ex-husband.

after the divorce, she met some new people and gradually realized that it was her "bad temper" that ruined the relationship.

now, she has lived with her current husband for nearly 40 years. Through reading and introspection, she has learned to put away her temper, treat others gently, and spend the rest of her life in a long stream of water.

in marriage, uncontrolled emotions are like killers, eating away all your sense of security posts and finally becoming moody and watching the relationship go away.

Research shows that couples who love again have the idea of divorce a hundred times in their lives.

A good marriage will only turn a person into a child, but a bad marriage will make a person crazy.

leave the best attitude to the one you love the most. If the husband and wife have harmony, the family can be harmonious and the family will be more blessed.

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in recent years, I suddenly realized that there are two most important things in one's life.

one is to do a good job, and the other is to find the right lover.

when the sun rises, devote yourself to your career and embrace your lover when the sun sets.

Marriage with the right person can withstand the polish of time, the test of time, and the dullness of life.