The volume of the mother determines the child's life! Every mother should have a look!

/August 2022

A few days ago, I heard my best friend complain:

"after being a mother, I can't control the strength of my body, and my voice is loud enough to sing a soprano."

there is no easy word in the adult world. It is difficult to be a mother, and it is even more difficult to be a gentle and good mother.

in the face of children's mischief, disobedience, or even "repeated teachings do not change", can not help but be in high spirits and raise the volume.

yell at him because mothers are too impatient and love him too much.

however, for the child, the mother's high-pitched roar is terrible, and the damage to the child's body and mind is indelible.

because most of the yelling and blame are punitive, which reduces the child's happiness.

Chen Heqin, an education expert, said:

Education expert Chen Heqin said:

on the way to education, the biggest rival is the volume of parents.


the louder the volume, the worse the parent-child relationship

"Children are so annoying that they don't count themselves, so they have no choice but to fight."

in the eyes of Qiao Qiao's mother, yelling, scolding and beating are the most direct ways to educate children.

Qiao Ma's motto is: "if you're upset, you have to yell it out."

there is no positive parent-child communication in their family.

she was supposed to be tired of acting coquettish in her mother's arms, but Jojo and her mother didn't kiss at all.

"Roar" is a kind of emotional catharsis, not the fundamental solution to the problem.

the way of education such as "roar" is in itself language violence, mixed with inequality.

for the sake of others, when we parents make mistakes in life and work, do we like someone to give you patient guidance so that you don't make mistakes next time, or do we like others to criticize you on a higher plane of principle?

when a child is young, he needs his parents to guide him, wait for him, and don't rush for success.

there is no right or wrong in the concept of a child. When you yell at your child, he doesn't know why he is wrong and feels confused and scared.

after more times, the child will not know what he can and cannot do, depends on the face of his parents, and does not have the ability to judge what is right or wrong.

parents cut off their children's wings with a simple, rough volume, but accused their children of not being able to fly and breaking their children's hearts.

experienced parents will communicate equally, guide their children to do things voluntarily, and make their children feel respected.

the most successful education is to get a child to do exactly what parents want him to do.


the louder the volume, the worse the child

We have always proposed to respect our children, but we begin to show parental authority when disciplining our children.

psychologist Mona Shure believes that

if the parents' way of discipline is to yell and command, the child is easily psychologically and verbally aggressive.

the louder the parents are, the louder they are, the more disobedient the child is. You tell him to go east, but he goes west, with little effect.

for a long time, under the way of parents' education, children will be able to resist by dillydallying and singing a different tune.

when the child yells at you, it's not that his wings are hard, but that you hurt him.

yelling, some children seem to be unresponsive, but in fact, they quietly destroy the child's brain structure, hurt the child, and hinder the child's growth.

Xiao Yong's mother likes to roar her children into obedience.

causes the adult Xiao Yong's character to be imperceptibly close to his mother, and even have a slight "post-traumatic stress reaction".

he especially hates women talking to him in a sharp and sarcastic tone. As long as anyone yells at him, he will lose his mind intermittently like a red cow.

Xiao Yong, who has been yelled at since childhood, can't control his emotions. He knows it's bad, but he can't change it.

your high volume may eventually reap a violent youth who lacks vitality or is full of hostility.


low voice education is more effective

parents' low voice encouragement is more effective than loud roar education.

the book "positive discipline" says:

Children need encouragement, just as plants need water. They cannot survive without encouragement. "

Children need adult encouragement to thrive.

discover the strengths of the child and tell the child that it is very important that once the child realizes his or her strengths, it can have a chain reaction to awaken other advantages.

educating children is not an easy task, and it is inevitable to be upset and emotional.

when the child makes a mistake, when the parents do not control their emotions, after calming down, call the child to his side and give him a whisper of reason.

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you can hug him and tell him at the right time that parents are also very hard. As children, they are also part of the family. If they are obedient, they will help their parents.

when you tell him that you can't help losing your temper and apologize to him, the child may comfort you wisely.

Children love adults more and are more sensible than we think.

they will forgive their parents easily, but our parents don't let them down.

establish correct values for children, help to promote family harmony, adults and children understand each other.

there are no naturally good parents, and there are always all kinds of problems in educating children.

be frustrated and furious.Angry like a son, wondering why the child was disobedient. . These things happen from time to time.