There are three signs that a home is getting better and better, and one of them is great.

/August 2022

writer Bing Xin put it well: a beautiful family is the root of all happiness and strength.

I am deeply convinced that the premise of a good family life is warm and harmonious.

as the old saying goes: home and everything are prosperous.

Family harmony and love is the best feng shui for a family.

the harmony and love of the family is the result of the concerted maintenance of the whole family. If we can achieve the following three points, the family will not be worried and prosperous!


words of identity are left to children

children who grow up with abuse and rebuke are either extreme in temperament or self-abased and withdrawn.

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Children who grow up in affirmative appreciation are humble and polite, confident and quiet, and try to face everything life has to offer.

I am deeply convinced that different family environments have an unnegligible impact on the physical and mental health of children.

Children taught by different ways of education end up with a completely different life.

the character formation of a child is closely related to the education of his parents, if the parents will only belittle, beat, and blame the child in the process of growing up.

then the child will define himself subconsciously, he just can't, he will only flinch in the event of something, and eventually accomplish nothing.

because his parents' words and deeds have been invisibly destroying his confidence and depriving him of his sense of achievement.

for this kind of children, the family is no longer a loving growth base, but a dream stripping machine.

the educational style of the family is very important to a child. We can't always beat and criticize. We should have more positive words and learn to appreciate the strengths of the child.

if it goes on like this, children can be more confident, feel loved and learn how to love.

parents' way of educating their children is a compulsory course for a lifetime, not only to be a good mentor in their children's life, but also to be a good spiritual guide for their children!


considerate words are left to your partner

friends will drift away, parents will grow old, and only partners are the ones who grow old together.

when two people are together, understanding and understanding are essential.

Life is not so romantic, but more about firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea. no matter what happens, you should know how to think of others, consider problems from each other's point of view, and give more consideration and understanding to lovers who help each other.

between husband and wife, the most taboo is to turn over old debts and quarrel endlessly.

there are not so many right and wrong in life. There is no need to win or lose. If you win or lose, the loss outweighs the gain. People with pattern and wisdom will know how to be tolerant, considerate, and control their emotions, and will not give the worst emotions to the people closest to them.

the rest of my life is not long. Remember to be more considerate and caring, more tolerant and understanding to those who never give up. Even if they are invincible, there will be moments of vulnerability and helplessness, and remember more companionship and encouragement.


patient words are left to parents

the years are hurriedly unforgiving, life passes in a flash, it is twilight in the twinkling of an eye, and the parents slowly stumble, their temples are grey and their fingers are dark.

the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, and the son wants to raise but not wait. Remember to accompany your parents more, greet them more, and give them less tit for tat.

parents may not love in the way we want, but don't forget that parents have good intentions and you are their only concern.

parents are strict with you in the hope of becoming better; parents nag you because they miss you. Although your parents are clumsy, they love you no less.

as we grow up, our parents grow old, their legs are not clear, their words are not clear, and they become nagging. Please don't blame our parents. We should be more patient, understanding and caring for them.

parents are more gracious than the sky, so don't show your parents their faces. When time is wasted, things change, people will be cool, and their parents will become less sensitive than they used to be. Remember not to show dislike to elderly parents, even impatient attitude!

the world is changeable. I don't know which comes first, tomorrow or accident. don't wait until it's too late to stay with your parents while your parents are alive.

Home is our warm haven, our lifelong concern and our lifelong attachment.

I hope we can all keep in mind that home is a warm place, and your family is the one you should cherish the most, not the object of your harsh words, let alone your punching bag.

when we have a home, we just have peace of mind, live a down-to-earth life, and have a family, so we can be happy at all!