There is a family style of not blaming in case of trouble.

/June 2022


A few days ago, there was a chilling piece of news.

in Wuhan, a 14-year-old student was invited to his parents for playing poker. When my mother arrived, she was so angry that she raised her hand and slapped her face.

he subconsciously blocked it with his hand, but his mother did not quell her anger and continued to poke her son on the forehead.

after his mother left, he stood silent for two minutes, then suddenly climbed up the railing and jumped down.

her mother should just want to teach her son a lesson, but she never thought it would lead to such a result. In the final analysis, she still didn't take each other's feelings to heart.

most of the time, we always treat outsiders politely and politely; when we treat our relatives, we are always unscrupulous, and we always forget to leave the best mood to those closest to us.

the best family style is not to blame in case of trouble.


some people say that happy families are all alike, and unhappy families are unhappy in their own way.

there are always mistakes in life. In unfortunate families, they always choose to blindly blame and picky, but do not know that home is a place of love.

when Zhang ailing recalls her mother, she always thinks of an angry face.

her mother is moody and often growls at people when she is angry.

once, when a guest came to the house, Zhang ailing found that a chair was missing. The young Zhang ailing painstakingly brought a chair, but her mother shouted in front of all the guests:

when Zhang ailing was ill, her mother had to spend medical expenses and take care of her. Her mother often shouted impatiently:

mother's knife mouth cast a melancholy haze over Zhang ailing's life.

Liang Qichao has a happy marriage, and his nine children get along well with each other, which is related to Liang Qichao's way of family management.

one day, Liang Sizhuang, the second daughter, was depressed because she only got 16 places in the exam, but Liang Qichao comforted her daughter:

he often said to his children:

he did not condescend, beat, scold, punish, just encourage, just trust, just respect.

under the influence of such a good family style, Liang Qichao's nine children have made extraordinary achievements.

the most important and precious thing in a home is not temporary right or wrong, but true feelings.

everything is prosperous at home, the family is harmonious, the family is of one mind, and its benefits cut off gold. No matter how poor it is, the family will become rich.


I still remember a fire that attracted the attention of the whole network:

A fire broke out suddenly in a household in a residential area in Guiyang. The scene video shows that the fire in the room is fierce, and the smoke goes straight to the resident's home on the roof.

the fire was under control in time, but the whole house was in a mess, with cracked walls, doors charred and beds left with only skeletons.

the head of the household, Ms. Meng, said that she blew the sheets with a hairdryer, and the baby began to cry. She put down the hairdryer to put on the baby's pants, and then the hairdryer burst, igniting the pillow at the head of the bed.

Ms. Meng is very sad and remorse. the most admirable is Ms. Meng's husband.

most netizens said that Ms. Meng married the right person.

Life is bound to stumble, and the reaction before difficulties is often the touchstone of husband and wife's relationship. What the husband did is a good interpretation of the wisdom of getting along with husband and wife.

it is an established fact that no one wants to make a mistake, and no matter how much you blame it, it cannot be undone. It is important to know how to avoid making the same mistake again.

when a mistake occurs, if you only pour out your emotions without realizing that the other person is actually remorseful and remorseful. The result will only add fuel to the fire and will not help solve the problem.

No blame in case of trouble, how comforting it is, is the antistaling agent of the relationship, and the relationship can be deeper and longer.

as the saying goes:

A happy family is more tolerant, less blaming, more understanding, less abuse, naturally harmonious and happy.

the world is always looking for a place of fengshui to bless the health of the family, the harmony of husband and wife, and the full house of children and grandchildren.

in fact, the best feng shui of a family does not lie in food and clothing, nor in wealth, but in the fact that the family does not blame and live in harmony when things go wrong.

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when the family is harmonious and friendly, it will naturally prosper.