This article is dedicated to the post-70s who have reached middle age.

/August 2022


year after year, the wind and frost covered the face.

the hasty time not only takes away the good time, but also takes away the beautiful youth of the post-70s generation.

what is left behind is the vicissitudes of life and mental maturity.

in the ups and downs of the years, the post-70s have gradually learned that life is not easy, and no matter how beautiful the scenery is, there will be a day of withering.

Life is a long journey.

not only full of endless ups and downs, but also full of laughter and happiness, while you are leisurely looking at the scenery, you are also experiencing pain.

after 70, half bright, half sad, tearful, painful and happy.

in the good memory, recalling the past, chewing on the experience of life, more spur yourself in the rest of my life.

what to do, what not to do, what to do best, and who to stay away from.

in the hearts of the post-70s generation, there is a yardstick to measure the distance between people and how big the gap between themselves and life is.


the middle-aged people of every age have a sense of historical vicissitudes.

because of the passage of time, it enriches people's knowledge and experience.

once upon a time, in the heart of the post-70s generation, they always thought that they did not have the vicissitudes of life, but the image in that mirror told the truth.

wrinkles have already climbed onto the face, green hair gave birth to Hua hair, the whole body is full of a kind of mature breath.

in fact, being old is not terrible, what is terrible is that you can't have a young state of mind.

the attitude of the post-70s generation is optimistic, with a unique beautiful childhood, unlike the people in the fifties and sixties who lived a hard life and experienced a hazy history.

We are running in the spring of our childhood in a time of peace.

the sky is clean, blue and absolutely pollution-free.

the field is boundless, there are no tall buildings, the green rice fields emit a thick fragrance, and the green waves are surging when the breeze blows.

the hut, with long chimneys and uniform green brick and red walls, has a poetic beauty.

on that road, there are few cars with four wheels and bicycles with two tires running around.

together with that winter, it is very much like winter. In the middle of winter, the snow will float down and the whole world will be dyed white by the snow all over the sky.

now, there are fewer forests, fewer fields, less clean air, and everything is degraded, including the snow dance, which is gradually disappearing from the eyes of southerners.

all the beauty can only stay in the memory of the post-70s, like an old cow regurgitating cud, often chewing and reviewing it warmly.


in fact, the life of the post-70s is more likely to have extraordinary tenacity.

when people reach middle age, everything is not easy; when they reach middle age, they better understand the philosophy of life.

after 70, I have experienced the sufferings of life, so I understand that life is hard to come by and cherish it.

there are middle-aged people who are old and young, and the post-70s generation choose to bear it silently, just like grass. No matter how they trample on it, they should live out their true self.

pressure, let the bald start after 70.

hardship makes the waist of the post-70s more bent, every step, there is a value, because the sweat, in exchange for the value of life, after all, the livelihood of the whole family is tied to one person.

70, witnessed the historical changes, the reconstruction of a generation of houses, the replacement of vehicles, historical scenes, preserved in the best memory.

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this is an era of a connecting link between the preceding and the next, which inherits the hard-working spirit of the previous generation and inspires the next generation to carry forward this spirit.

the post-70s in middle age, with beautiful memories and heavy-bearing footsteps, they are still in pain and happy, on the road of life, always moving forward.