This is the best way to live for the rest of your life.

/July 2022

there is a high praise on Zhihu:

I think so.

the greatest absurdity in the world is to associate your life with others.

always staring at other people's lives, it is inevitable to compare with others, thus neglecting the scenery in front of them.

if you always want to live like someone else, you will inevitably force yourself to do something against your will.

Yang Jiang put it well:

every life is different, so why do you have to use other people's yardstick to measure your own life?

the best way for adults to live is not to be disturbed by others and to live a good life in their own time zone.


the habit of looking up at others is a mistake

recently, a piece of news about "600000 monthly income of the second generation in Shenzhen" went viral.

A young man surnamed Yang inherits seven properties owned by his parents and receives 600000 rent every month.

but he said that every day was empty and felt that life was meaningless.

he envies those who work outside and yearns for the kind of busy and fulfilling days.

so he became a taxi driver.

the pot exploded in the comment area, and netizens complained that he was "born unblessed".

Bian Zhilin said in the broken Chapter:

born human, we often envy others.

unexpectedly, others are envious of us, too.

just like this second-generation guy, others envy him for living an easy life, but what he envies is the most ordinary you and me.

people often have the illusion that everyone around them is going well, but their own life is a mess.

but in fact, whose life is not bittersweet?

the happiness of others is an illusion, but most adults are used to it: the bright side shows others, and the sad side can only be seen by themselves.

behind the blessings you don't enjoy, there are hardships you haven't experienced.

recently, the resume of Ren Zhengfei's youngest daughter, Yao Anna, was exposed, which stunned everyone.

Do you want to buy the stylish wedding outfits for the older lady and accentuate your slender and beauty? Latest stylish arrivals are on unbelievable sales right now!

15 years old, he became the winner of the highest level of RAD in the King's Ballet.

17 years old, he was admitted to Harvard University in advance with a full score.

19-year-old electric arm project, which was developed and developed, was named the invention of the year by time magazine.

20 years old, dancing with the Belgian prince at the world's top "Paris socialite ball".

she seems to have lived the life that countless people yearn for.

No success is easy. Behind those glamorous things, there are either sweat or tears.

in order to practice ballet, she jumped until her toes were cracked and bleeding, and her skin was stuck with gauze and had to be torn off with a belt.

when she was in college, she only slept 4-5 hours a day, and the rest of the time, she was either studying or practicing dancing.

in the adult world, all the scenery in front of people has actually experienced all the vicissitudes of life behind people.

you don't have to look up to other people's happiness. Rather than envy them, you might as well take the road under your feet.


other people's happiness is not necessarily your way home

there was a topic on the Internet called "what's the stupidest thing you've ever done?"

one of the netizens named KK, the story is the most heart-wrenching.

he said that he had suffered a lot because he envied other people's lives and blindly followed the trend.

when he first worked, he envied his colleagues for wearing famous watches, so he scrimped and bought one.

once I drank too much at a party and accidentally left my watch on the sink.

several months' salary has been wasted.

envy others that they have made money by investing in the stock market, so they use their savings to invest, but in the end they lose all their money.

seeing many people send their children to aristocratic schools, they also looked around for ways and relationships to send their children in.

but there is not much effect, but the high expenses have already overwhelmed him.

Haruki Murakami said: no matter how good other people's lives are, they may not be suitable for you.

other people's honey may also be your arsenic.

the stupidest thing a person can do is to live his own life in someone else's way.

because most of the people around you choose stable jobs, you give up your dream and go to work from nine to five.

because most people of the same age are married, you casually find someone to make do with.