Those who are contented are the happiest!

/August 2022

born as human beings, we have the process of constantly struggling with pain since childhood, birth, old age, sickness, death, love and hate.

Be ready to buy yourself the elegant sparkly homecoming dresses and stand out in a crowd. Find that perfect dress, it will stay timeless and trendy season after season.

it seems that in this life, people always feel that misfortune is greater than happiness, worry is greater than joy, pain is greater than happiness, and all kinds of obsession and grievance also arises at the historic moment.

do not realize that misfortune often comes from oneself, worry often comes from comparison, and pain often comes from discontentment.

the situation is born from the heart, and the situation changes with the heart. Contentment leads to happiness; discontent leads to pain.

if you want to be happy, you should first reduce your inner desire. Desire is hard to fill, and excessive demand is the root of all pain.

forced to do the impossible, the result can only be endless distress, so that the mind can not be quiet.

only by reducing one's own desires can we enjoy life and feel happiness with peace of mind.

everyone's life is an one-way journey, no matter whether your road is long or short, as long as the end comes, you have to unload everything other than life, whether it's money, wealth, fame and fortune. All the things you pursued in the past will not take away any.

therefore, in life, we should learn to choose, know how to give up, let gains and losses go with fate, and let our hearts be free. Everything is about the same, don't work too hard for it.

this life, whether in prosperity or adversity, is what we must experience in our lives, that is, the realization of our minds and the transformation of our karma.

We should be grateful in prosperity and in adversity, because every adversity will strengthen our ability to cope with the world, and every frustration will give us more mature experience. To this end, we will go further and better.

contented people will not be trapped in the world, not confused by the world, they will not feel sorry for themselves, nor will they feel that things are impermanent and ill-fated.

learn to smile at life with an optimistic and open-minded attitude, you can see the bright side of life, and you will find that life is so beautiful.

"not happy with things, not sad with ourselves", we may not be able to reach such a state in our lives, but at least, we can enjoy ourselves without fear of honor or disgrace. "look at the mountains and be calm, the lake is wide, the trees are simple, and the stars are clear." those who are content can hold the whole world with their hearts.

contentment is happiness, and less desire is a blessing. Let us forget what we can't get, cherish what we already have, keep our inner purity and peace, let nature take its course, and return to simplicity in order to have our true self and happiness.