Those who like to talk about these four words must have a deep acquaintance.

/August 2022

writer Wang Meng said: "whether a person has a level or not is mainly manifested in speaking."

how to speak and what to say can best see a person.

some people are full of witty remarks but empty expressions; some people are like honey but their hearts are like poison arrows; others are not good at words but are sincere and reliable.

the quality of a person depends not on how beautifully he says, but on whether what he says is appropriate.

those who like to talk about these four sentences are the most worthy of deep acquaintances.


people who like to say "receive"

have a post that has caused a sensation on the Internet.

an employee habitually replied "hmmm" after receiving a work message from his boss.

did not think about it, but the boss criticized him and reminded him: "one detail of you will lose an order or a customer."

the employee felt aggrieved and exposed the matter.

it never occurred to me that instead of sympathizing with him, netizens thought that what the boss said was reasonable.

one netizen commented well: "the word'um'is too perfunctory and giving a clear reply is a basic accomplishment for human beings."

how you reply to others, you will leave an image.

his friend Hao ran is very popular in the company, and his colleagues like to cooperate with him.

because, but whenever a message is sent to him or something told to him, he will reply "received" or "good" in time and put it into action.

one weekend, a big customer was in urgent need of a batch of products, and the leader asked in the department, "who can handle it in the company?"

under the message, only Haoran replied, "copy that. I'm going to the company now." No one else responded.

then, Haoran not only rushed to the company to prepare the product, but also personally followed the car and delivered it to the customer.

customers admire Hao ran and praise him again and again: "this young man is reliable."

since then, the leaders also attached great importance to him, and in less than half a year, Hao ran was promoted to project manager.

like a sentence very much: "the so-called reliable people have an account for everything, a reason for everything, and a response to everything."

the simple word "receive" conveys a reliable character.

reply in time, not only a message, but also respect for others.

reliable people do what they say and do, and interact with reliable people, which makes people feel secure and secure.


people who like to say "nothing" are  tolerant and magnanimous  some people on the Internet ask, "what kind of people do you admire most?"

highly praised replied: "I appreciate those who always talk about 'nothing', such people have a tolerant heart."

I can't understand it until I think about it.

the world is numerous and complicated, some people criticize tyranny, others are tolerant and magnanimous.

I have seen the real experiences of the two takeout workers, and my memory is still fresh.

in Xilinhot, a takeout man got out of the car angrily and began to abuse the takeout clerk.

the takeout clerk apologized repeatedly, but the car owner did not relent, even punching and kicking, and the takeout clerk was knocked to the ground many times.

another takeout man passed by to dissuade him, but the car owner ignored it and gave him a cold look.

finally, the takeout clerk had to call the police.

in Dalian, Liaoning Province, a car owner was walking straight on the road when the takeout guy who was riding on the side suddenly changed lanes, and the driver collided with the two cars before he could brake.

when the takeout boy panicked, the car owner first asked, "are you all right?"

the takeout boy waved that he was all right and apologized. The owner only said, "it's all right, slow down later."

with that, the owner drove away.

I can't bear to sigh, but the attitudes of the two car owners are very different about the same thing.

different attitudes, different personality.

Mu Xin once said: "the forgiving night conceals the dirt of the river."

A person who criticizes an overbearing person has only one mu of land in his eyes and refuses to forgive the mistakes of others.

tolerate magnanimous people, never stick to gains and losses, and know how to be tolerant to others with empathy.

the sentence "nothing" is not only the embodiment of character, but also the manifestation of the pattern.

tolerate others and let go of yourself. if you look down on everything, you will not take into account the gains and losses, and will not be surprised or disgraced.


people who like to say "really nice"

know themselves and are open-minded

is there such a person around you?

when you get a promotion and a raise, ta will sincerely bless you and say "that's great" from the bottom of your heart.

when you are praised and praised, ta will be really happy for you and praise "great".

in this world, there are many people who add icing on the cake, but few people sincerely praise them.

Grab yourself a piece of good place to get short dress for homecoming and accentuate your ensemble to bring out your elegance. Ideal choices for your big days!

during the Tokyo Olympic Games, a video of Guo Jingjing chasing stars became popular.

after Quan Hong Chan won the gold medal with three full marks in five jumps, Guo Jingjing saw the swimming team stay on the podium to take pictures and trotted all the way over.

she took out her mobile phone, hoping to take a photo with Quan Hong Chan, and while waiting for a photo, she couldn't help secretly taking pictures of Quan Hong Chan like a little fan sister.

when preparing for a group photo, Guo Jingjing kindly arranged the gold medal for Quan Hong Chan and cuddled the younger generations talking and laughing.

the former world champion meets the current world champion, there is no collision, no struggle, only appreciation and love.

in the live broadcast after the match, Guo Jingjing praised Quan Hong Chan, saying:

"Xiaoquan skipped three full marks. I envy it. I haven't skipped so many full marks in 20 years."

seeing those very clean and beautiful movements, it will bring back memories and feel ashamed. "

as the diving queen, Guo Jingjing said nothing about her brilliance and showed nothing but praise.

this is not only an attitude but also a realm.

as the writer Lin Qingxuan said, "the mind changes with the circumstances is an ordinary man, and the environment with the heart changes is a sage."

Human nature is jealous, the weak are narrow, and the strong are open-minded.

people with high horizons are never stingy in their praise to others.

because if you have heaven and earth in your heart, you will not be trapped in temporary honor or disgrace.

only by facing up to the excellence of others can you accept your own shortcomings.

people who like to praise others are self-aware and open-minded, and are more worthy of deep acquaintance.


people who like to say "thank you"

calm and humble

writer Junichi Watanabe told the story of an old lady in his book insensitive Power.

the old lady, Junichi Watanabe's neighbor, is already in her 80s. She dresses up every day and goes out in high spirits.

one day in the early spring of one year, Junichi Watanabe had just walked out of the house when the old lady happened to push the door. The old lady smiled and Junichi Watanabe nodded and responded immediately.

that day, the old lady was wearing a pink dress with light colors on her shoulders. She asked Junichi Watanabe, "how about this?"

although Junichi Watanabe felt a little flamboyant, he gently praised and said, "it's very beautiful. It really fits you."

the old lady smiled and said, "Thank you. I'm so happy." then she turned and left.

when we met again a month later, the old lady asked him for his opinion in an orange dress. Junichi Watanabe still gave him high praise, and the old lady replied with a smile, "Thank you."

Junichi Watanabe is a well-intentioned compliment, but some neighbors will deliberately raise their tone and sarcastically say, "it's very beautiful. It suits you."

to this, the old lady will also smile and reply: "Thank you".

gradually, the neighbors stopped satirizing the old lady's clothes.

Louisa May Alcott wrote in Little Women: "the most attractive power is humility."

peaceful and humble, moist as jade.

people who like to say "thank you" have peace of mind, humility, maturity and intelligence.

look down on the vicissitudes of life and feel safe and sound.

"Thank you" is like the same glass of wine, one for affirmation and one for negation.

all praise and ridicule come because of your attention, and will eventually go away because of your attitude.


Xunzi wrote in Quanxue: "Pengsheng hemp is straight without support, and white sand is black in Nirvana."

Life is a big dye vat, and you become the kind of person you get along with.

when you know someone who is upright and reliable, you will know the charm of "do what you say";

when you get along with people who are tolerant and magnanimous, you will understand the freedom and ease of "tolerance";

when you get acquainted with open-minded people, you will feel the profound meaning of "coexistence of the sun and the moon";

you will understand the introversion of "peaceful and humble people".