Three things to stick to for the rest of your life: reading, exercise, and going to bed early

/July 2022

after spending the New year jubilantly, most people return to normal work.

recall the holiday that just ended. Because of the epidemic, many people may not go back to their hometown or visit relatives and friends, and have more recreation and leisure time.

however, no matter when or in what state, we must adhere to the following three things.


first, keep reading.

I wonder if you have found that many people always regard the time when they do not go to work, do not work, or even have a holiday as an excuse for not reading, not studying, and not making progress.

there is a saying: "it is never too late to learn."

A person can make use of his rest time to reunite with his family, talk to friends, and even do something he likes.

but in any case, you must set aside at least an hour every day to read some books, learn a little knowledge, and constantly improve yourself.

A day passed quickly.

maybe you spend a day chasing TV shows, chatting and playing games, but at the end of the day, you're not really relaxed, you're just consuming yourself.

maybe if you spare a little time after a normal rest, you can make yourself more knowledgeable and wiser every day than you were in the past.

in fact, reading is like eating, it's a very simple thing.

you don't just play just because you have a rest, but you still have to eat three meals a day. At the same time, just because you have free time, you can't completely indulge yourself and stop reading at all.

if a person doesn't eat all day, he may be hungry. But as long as you don't read, your mind will become mediocre.

in the matter of self-improvement, there is no one-day relaxation. Maybe you can reduce some study time, but you can't slack off completely.


second, keep exercising.

during the holidays, many people will stay at home and eat a lot of delicious food. They will also sit still for a long time, or have little exercise or exercise.

in fact, you will feel very enjoyable when you lie still and have a good time. After that, the weight soars, but it will make you feel frustrated and frustrated.

but in life, there are always a small number of people, no matter when and where, will maintain the good habit of exercising every day.

they may run five kilometers in the morning, maybe do yoga for half an hour, or do 100 sit-ups.

in a word, they will not have the worry and anxiety of "gaining three jin every Chinese New year".

because of the good habit of keeping fit all the year round, it not only keeps them in good physique and physical fitness, but also keeps them in good shape and physique.

secondly, after the Lunar New year, many people will feel tired, tired, and even cause other diseases because of eating and drinking without exercise and physical consumption.

but people who love sports always maintain good energy and good health, and can quickly devote themselves to their normal work and life after the holiday.

so don't make excuses as a shield for not exercising.

because the body is your own, no matter how much happiness you can enjoy without your body, with exercise, you can live with vigor and vitality.


third, stick to regular routine.

many people will think that during rest or holidays, they will make up for those who go out early and return late, do not wake up, and do not have enough beds.

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so they stayed up late at night and didn't go to rest until they were tired of playing. But the next day, they couldn't get up again, and they still felt sleepy until they slept until noon.

many people actually feel more tired than usual during the holidays, because although they usually work a little harder, at least their work and rest are regular.

you can't stay up too late and have to work the next day. It's impossible to get up too late, because I have to work the next day.

but holidays are different, because you always think that you don't have to commute to and from work, sleep as long as you want, and get up as soon as you want.

but the end result is that chaotic work and rest not only do not give you a better rest, but do more damage to your body.

in fact, we can relax ourselves properly when we are tired at work.

but the work and rest sooner or later must be regular, and we must not disrupt it without restraint.

after all, a person who can get up early and go to bed early at any time will not only live more calmly, but also be more self-disciplined and even better.

and those who keep working hard all the time are already one step ahead of you and are studying and exercising when you sleep in.

in a sense, the gap between people, especially in the work and rest maintained all the year round, can also be seen.


the new year has begun.

keep in mind that for the rest of your life, you should take time to read, exercise, go to bed early and get up early.

May you have a book in your hand and wind under your feet. May you have a healthy body and continue to ride out the wind and waves in 2021.