To children: you have to quietly top-notch, and then amaze everyone!

/July 2022

when the winter vacation is over, the child's heart is wild.

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how many people want to play crazy during the winter vacation, completely forget about their study, but forget that school will start after the winter vacation.

as the ancients said, "if you don't read for one day, you will find words tasteless, and if you don't read for three days, you will feel abominable."

if you don't read or study for more than a month during the winter vacation, the new semester will be empty.

Children, don't wait for the gap to be opened to regret not having studied hard, and don't wait for the new semester to catch up, to hate that you once had an easy life.

son, you can be very good, as long as you are willing to work hard.


your tomorrow is determined by your today

everyone wants to go back to the past, please believe me, no matter which period of you in the future, if you can go back to the present, the thing I want you to do most is to study hard.

someone once asked on Weibo: if you could turn the clock back, what would you choose to do?

some people say: if you want to go back to junior high school and tell yourself to study hard and get into a good school, you won't be like this now.

some people say: I want to go back to my first year of high school, not falling in love, not rebellious, not playing truant, and be nice to my parents. If I had worked hard enough at that time, I would not regret it today.

but time can't be turned back, and regret doesn't matter. Don't wait until time is gone and the opportunities are gone before you think of working hard, when it's too late.

but, son, you are different. You are now in a period of time that many people most want to go back to.

you have plenty of time to study hard, you have too many opportunities to change your destiny, and your life is just beginning.

there are countless roads paving in front of you. You will choose what kind of life you choose.

whether you want to be complacent to realize your life dream in the future, or you can only be numb and forced to make a living, it all depends on how much effort you are willing to make for your study today.

the biggest regret in the world is that I could have.

son, don't let yourself, who is covered with dust in the future, hate you who don't strive for progress now.


everyone has to endure hardships.

it's just the difference between eating early and eating late.

Children, is it hard to study? Of course it's bitter, there's no doubt about it.

early in the morning, you reluctantly leave the warm quilt, get up early, go to school and read early, and spend countless nights under the lamp at your desk, just for yourself to make progress in the next exam.

sometimes you are so tired that you cry and complain: "Why are you studying so hard?" Why do I have to study hard? "

Yes, if you can live an easy life, who doesn't want to live an easy life?

but life is one torment after another, surviving, outstanding, unable to survive, out.

you think reading is hard, but your parents work hard, everyone in society is not idle, everyone is clenching their teeth for their own happiness and family happiness.

Zeng Guofan said to his son, "if you get through this, you can make less progress." If you get sleepy again and work hard again, you will prosper and work hard one day. "

Children, the same is true of learning, afraid of suffering, suffering for a lifetime, not afraid of suffering, suffering for half a life.

when you want to give up, be sure to think of your peers who go to bed later, get up earlier, run harder, and are more talented than you.

they have already run in the morning light to the distance you can only see, but are you still standing still?

everyone has to go through hardship.

if you suffer a little more in your study today, you will suffer less in life in the future.

if you sweat a little more in order to learn today, you will be able to shed less tears in your life in the future.


when you were a student, you

should not be willing to be mediocre

some time ago, a girl who broke down and cried was searched on top.

the girl studied hard every day until 10:30 in the evening, and finally got a double hundred in this exam.

after getting the report card, the first thing the girl did when she got home was crying with her father in her arms.

it is conceivable that in her tears, there is the excitement of being rewarded by her day-to-day efforts and the joy of striving for progress at last.

son, I hope you can, like this child, never admit defeat in study, always pursue excellence, and be willing to work hard for it a thousand times.

Professor Qian Wenzhong said:

but similarly, the happiness gained after the pain is self-evident.

so son, please put down your impetuosity, put down your laziness, put down your three-minute heat, empty your temptation brain, and let go of your eyes that are easily attracted to anything.

calm down and do what you have to do. Learning is the fairest. It will give you feedback on how much you have done for it.

both study hard in the cold window, how do you want to be outdone; when you hear the word "juvenile", you should repel mediocrity!

son, when you are young, you should have a strong strength!

anyone has a chance to be that dark horse, why can't it be you?


May you be your own sun.

you don't have to rely on anyone's light

. The title of the final debate for season 6 is: "if he is just an ordinary person all his life, do you regret it?"

Huang Zhizhong said:

there are so many stars in the sky, we will not say which one is dimmer. Even if the dim stars are strung together, they are constellations that can guide the direction.

but son, it's not that you can'tOrdinary, but I don't want you to take the most precious ordinary as an excuse for your laziness.

persistence is tiring, but giving up is the easiest thing in the world.

if you don't want to learn, you can close the book and sleep on the table on the spot, go outside to play, pick up your phone and play games. Anyway, everything is happier than learning.

but what about after such a short period of happiness?

is at a loss, is empty, is at a loss what to do, is nervous.

on the contrary, learning is tiring, but it is fulfilling and satisfying.

every day I can feel a little more knowledgeable than yesterday, feel a little more confident than yesterday, and feel a little more dazzling every day.

Mr. Bing Xin said:

A successful flower, people only admire her bright beauty now! However, at the beginning of her bud, soaked in the tears of struggle, sprinkled with the blood rain of sacrifice.

however, what they get is often what they deserve, and any gorgeous turn is picked up again and again after countless falls.

son, I hope you have the courage to be the sun more than the stars. Even if you can't do it, you still have to work in that direction.

the easier it is to slack off, the harder you are, because when you feel pain, you are going uphill.

so, don't lose heart if you don't get good grades. You don't have to listen to any chicken soup. You have to be top-notch quietly and then amaze everyone. Life is the happiest when you turn against the wind.