Trade-offs of different ages (epiphany)

/August 2022

Master Nebula once said, "anyone with great wisdom dares to give up."

people should know what to pursue and what to give up at what age.

the so-called hundred years of life means that people choose a life of small luck and great wisdom at different ages.


20 years old

be yourself

some people say: "many troubles in the world are compared."

when I was a child, I was forced to compare my grades with other people's children. When I won, I enjoyed the praise of my parents and the envy of my relatives. When I lost, I fell into a mood of sadness and loss, and I couldn't recover for a long time.

now that you are 20 years old, you have grown up and learned to be yourself so that you will not take the initiative to compare with others.

only when you know how to be yourself, can you live a more real life.

Twenty is the golden age, and you should learn to live in your own time sequence.

Control your own rhythm and pace, study hard, plan your life direction, recognize your life goals, and move forward at full speed.

"if the heyday does not come again, it will be difficult in the morning."

once youth is over, it is impossible to start all over again. You have to use your own hands to create a unique state of life that belongs to youth.

the ideal is far from now, even if it has extraordinary strength, it will never stop, it is what youth should look like.

in the prime of life, be yourself bravely and pursue your dreams!



take care of the family

Zhang ailing once said: "for people after the age of 30, ten or eight years is just a matter between fingers."

when I was young, I always thought that 30 was still a long way off, but it was not until middle age that I found that time passed so quickly.

at the age of 30, you are complacent and ready to do a big job.

but ideal and reality tear you apart every day, turning back in hope and disappointment.

your life deviates from the expected track and drifts away at the fork in reality.

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want to brake, but already do not have the courage of 20 years old, not willing to yield to reality, but also have to face the reality of the situation.

when you are 30 years old, you should first learn to make reasonable arrangements for your work and life, reduce unnecessary socializing, and take care of your family.

from one person to one home, you are no longer a single person who has enough to eat and the whole family is not hungry.

only when you lose your childishness can you take responsibility.

when you are 30 years old, you should spend more time with your family, your children are growing up quietly, your parents are getting older, and the years are unforgiving. They will leave us one day.

instead of waiting for the lost space to lament, seize the present time and enjoy every second you can be with them.

when the family is in harmony, the career can go smoothly.


40 years old

insist on enriching yourself

there is a popular view on the Internet: "40 years old is the new 20 years old."

Yes, forty is not old. After the ups and downs of life, it is a new starting point in life.

along the way, you learn to live in the sun, take your time, grow up calmly, and gradually understand that only enriching yourself is the most solid force against life.

there is a saying: "the crisis of middle-aged people never begins with reading."

persist in making a little progress every day, accumulate over time, quantitative change produces qualitative change, and finally burst out with great strength, glowing with the vitality of 20 years old.

Life at the age of forty is a process of enjoying serenity, sitting alone in a corner in your spare time, and enjoying the good times of the years in books.

every book you read accumulates inner strength for you to help you cope with the wind and frost of the years with a better posture.


50 years old

be bearish, and Zeng Guofan once said: "there is no wisdom, things come to adapt, the future is not welcome, it is not miscellaneous at that time, and there is no love in the past."

Let bygones be bygones of what has happened; don't think about what hasn't happened; accept what you've got, and let it go with the wind what you've lost.

the best way to live at the age of fifty is to go along with everything.

be pessimistic about everything, don't take it too seriously.

when you are 50 years old, you should know how to care too much, and you will lose more.

people live a lifetime, more than half a hundred years old, learn to follow fate and take it calmly.

Don't be angry with your wife. Young couples are old and flashy. Only the person around you is the one who grows old with you.

stop interfering in your children's lives. They have their own lives and they will live well without your guidance.

stop worrying about unnecessary things. Calm down and take care of your health. It is more important than anything else.

at the age of 50, you are natural, keep a normal mind, do not deliberately, do not insist.

everything goes with fate, and the stars are brilliant.


60 years old

do not argue, laugh at the coming and going

Daojing has a saying: "the husband only does not fight, so the world can not compete with it."

means that if you don't argue with others, others can't argue with you, so naturally no one can compete with you.

when you are 60 years old, you no longer have to argue about small things. It is great wisdom to know that reason does not dispute.

most of the time, not arguing is not confused, but the rare understanding and insight.

Gentlemen are harmonious but different, and their ideas are different, so there is no need to argue.

what is there to argue about when a person is sixty?

A true wise man never argues with people at different levels, let alone spend all his time arguing.

the world of mortals is more annoying, life is full of passers-by, and those who finally settle down in your life are not disputed.

if you don't fight, you can be truly carefree and trouble-free.

Laozi said that the highest goodness is like water, and all things in water conservancy are not disputed.

indisputable, it is a pattern.

if you don't argue, you can naturally build a calm state of mind and enjoy your own years when you are at peace with the rest of the world.


70 years old

be optimistic and be kind to yourself

the Tang Dynasty poet du Fu once wrote:

"Life has been rare since ancient times."

it is rare for people to live to be 70 years old, but it is such a lovely scenery to see butterflies flying back and forth among flowers, dragonflies flying on the surface of the water and clicking into the water from time to time.

an old man in his twenties, drinking, enjoying flowers, writing poems, living in his own happiness, is optimistic and beautiful.

when you are 70 years old, you should know how to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and be kind to yourself.

move forward slowly and arrange your life according to your own mind.

laugh boldly when you want to laugh, cry bitterly when you want to cry, and live with your heart after crying and laughing.

Don't worry about the troubles of the world and the eyes of the world.

living freely is the most advanced way of living at the age of 70.


at the end

as the saying goes, "three thousand troubles in life can solve a thousand worries."

different ages, different trade-offs, gains and losses, achieve completely different lives.

what you get in life may not last long, but if you lose it, you may not have it any more. It is enough to live a life with no regrets according to what you really think.

after the rest of my life, after wind and rain, in the face of gains and losses, may you choose without regret and move forward all the way.