Walk with clean people for the rest of your life

/June 2022

the writer Yu Hua has a saying:

the highest evaluation of a person is cleanliness.

is really clean, not just on the surface, but from the inside out.

external cleanliness is a kind of accomplishment, which makes people relaxed and happy;

inner cleanliness is a kind of realm, which makes people respectable.

A clean person who speaks appropriately, acts innocently, is magnanimous, and is welcome everywhere he goes.


speak cleanly, blessings come

as the saying goes:

language is a bridge of communication, but it is also a sharp weapon to hurt people.

some people make people feel like spring breeze as soon as they open their mouths, while others avoid them as soon as they open their mouths.

there is a favorite character called an Xin in the movie "parents' Love".

she was born into a famous family, full of poetry and elegant knowledge.

even though she was later exiled to a desert island with her husband, destitute and indifferent, she never complained and treated people politely.

Anxin said:

the depth of the water flows slowly, and the precious words are late. How you speak represents what kind of person you are.

Don't let the words out of the mouth become spilled water. Don't break your mouth addiction and break the hearts of others.

more words are not as good as fewer words, and less words are not as good as words. Think twice before words, give people dignity and form a good relationship.


do things clean and worthy of the heart

Montesquieu said:

there is such a story:

Gong Sun Yi, prime minister of the State of Lu, loves to eat fish very much. During his tenure, many people sent him fish, but he never accepted it.

disciple is puzzled:

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"Don't you like fish very much? Why don't you accept so many people send you fish? "

Gong Sun Yi said:

"I like to eat fish, so I can buy it myself, but if I accept other people's fish, I have to work for others, and it is inevitable to break the law. If I break the law, can I still eat fish? "

Clean is not only the bottom line of a person, but also a reputation for dealing with the world.

Liang Qichao once said:


everyone is a blank piece of paper at first, and everyone has to roll in this dye vat and get some color.

some people slowly wash away the flashy and restore the original color, while others get caught up in it, are completely assimilated and lose their original innocence.

as Mr. Yu Guangzhong said:

peace of mind means physical well-being.

A lot of troubles in the world of mortals. Only when you understand yourself can you be clean in your heart, and only when your circle is clean can you live in peace.

there is a saying in "those things of the Ming Dynasty":

May you be like a plain lotus, out of the mud without being stained.

be a clean person and walk with clean people.

May you have seen the darkness in the world, and your heart is still clear; through the ups and downs, you still keep your original heart.