What happened to those COVID-19 patients who were cured?

/August 2022

"chest pain, the lungs seem to be caught in a rough net when inhaling, and it hurts in one breath."

"without a sense of taste, you can't smell anything, like living in a vacuum."

"I can only sleep sitting down. As soon as I lie down, I can't breathe and feel sick all over."

"dizziness, headache, general weakness, take two steps to gasp for breath."


these words are the sequelae written by COVID-19 's healers.

read their answers, each of which is tiresome to the chest.

many people think that it doesn't matter if they have COVID-19. As long as they are cured, they can still live like ordinary people.

does not know that since novel coronavirus's discovery, the virus has mutated rapidly, refreshing people's cognition again and again.

even if it is really cured, the sequelae will become the shadow that the healer can not get rid of.


her name is Amy Watson and she is a preschool teacher.

after being tested positive for a new crown in March last year, she was assigned to rest in isolation at home because her symptoms were not serious.

the symptoms are not serious, which means that there is a good chance of recovery.

after being quarantined at home for half a year, her symptoms have been greatly relieved, and many COVID-19 tests have turned negative.

she thought she could teach at school, run a marathon and live a normal life as before.

but did not think that the virus was conquered, leaving sequelae, but almost killed her.

she posted that her autonomic nervous system had been destroyed.

affected her breathing, heart, vision, smell and other functions, she also developed brain damage.

she listed her other symptoms, each of which was frightening.




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gastrointestinal problems  alopecia  low thermal tolerance  hyperhidrosis  migraine  nausea

neurological deficiency

orthostatic hypertension

olfactory hallucination-smell of chlorine and chlorine

light sensitivity  pleurisy  anorexia  P>

dyspnea during exercise

small fibrous neuropathy  tachycardia  body temperature regulation disorder  yellow tongue

because of symptoms She can't sleep normally and will have severe pain in her lungs if she lies down.

I can't take a bath normally either. Sometimes I just take a hot bath and my heart beats faster.

I can't even run my favorite marathon. Now even walking around the house is exhausting. Climbing stairs is harder than climbing mountains.

in order to control these symptoms, she ate herself a medicine jar alive.

she said: in the past year, she had to take 189 pills a week.

but even after taking so much medicine, suffering so much, and then having an examination, no one can tell her exactly when she will return to normal.

the sequela left by COVID-19 is far more terrible than we thought.


there is a forum abroad, which has gathered more than 6000 people.

people share their symptoms here, and many of them are similar:

"Perfume smells like rotten eggs."

"my lover's body odor is disgusting."

"Steak coffee smells like rotten fish and shrimp."

and those who share here, without exception, have been infected with novel coronavirus.

in the course of treatment, they had the symptoms of temporary loss of taste and smell.

for example, the former Prince Charles, the sense of smell and taste has not been restored for a long time.

they thought there would be some relief after the cure, but some of them have not recovered until now.

the doctor gave the symptom a name: olfactory inversion. What does


mistake one obvious smell for another, such as odor for aroma, or no odor for odor.

that is to say, their sense of smell is upside down from that of ordinary people. They have to endure a pain that no one else has ever experienced before.

some people have to resist nausea to make coffee and cook for their families. When someone gets close to their partner, they feel "smelly".

there are many more people, eating and drinking water every day has become a problem, no matter what is eaten in the mouth, it is like chewing rubber.

live in suffering and pain every day.

what makes this group of people even more desperate is that until now, experts are still at a loss as to how to treat "olfactory inversion."

they can only speculate that this may be caused by damage to nerve fibers.

how should I be treated? When will it be back to normal?

No one can tell.

there are statistics, and these more than 6000 people are not alone.

of the 100m patients infected with COVID-19 worldwide, about 6.5% are unable to regain their sense of smell even after recovery.

what awaits them will be pain and suffering that we can't imagine.


not only that.

the Daily Mail previously reported that after a large number of autopsies, it was clear that every patient had signs of thrombosis.

Thrombosis may lead to vascular blockage, pulmonary embolism, cerebral embolism, myocardial infarction and other symptoms.

for older healers, it is dangerous.The harm is undoubtedly fatal.

in addition, there is kidney damage.

Pennsylvania reported that many of the patients who recovered on their own developed kidney damage.

even if there is no previous renal damage, the risk of developing end-stage renal disease is twice as high as that of the general population.