What is positive energy? It is these three things that go to the extreme.

/June 2022

positive energy has been talked about by the public from time to time as a way to dispel one's own bad mood and convey healthy optimism and positive emotion and motivation.

positive energy can dispel your haze, drive away your troubles, and make you passionate about life.

if you want to be better and reap happiness, the first thing is to be a person full of positive energy.

A person with positive energy usually has three abilities: self-discipline, self-modesty, and self-healing.

these three "magic weapons" make them diligent and mature.



Chen Tingjing, a virtuous minister of the Qing Dynasty, can be called a model of self-discipline all his life.

Chen Tingjing is an honest and honest official. he has strictly warned his family members that those who give gifts and bribes for personal gain are not allowed to enter the mansion. Those who violate the law will serve the family law and will be driven out of the house. When the Ministry of Etiquette took office, he laid down the rules. Since him, it is strictly forbidden to hire people to do things, trust each other in personal affairs, and accept them in private.

after the pacification of San Francisco, the economy recovered and the court's demand for copper money increased sharply. Chen Tingjing was ordered to supervise the production of copper money and crack down on corruption.

once, someone found a Qin Dynasty copper coin from the scrap copper pile and thought that the ancient coin was auspicious, and implored Chen Tingjing to wear it around his waist to ward off evil spirits and welcome happiness. Chen Tingjing also agreed that the ancient money was the mascot, so he wore it on him.

A few days later, he remembered that he had vowed not to be greedy for a penny and not to take a penny. Now that there was such a discrepancy between words and deeds, he felt ashamed and hurriedly returned the copper coin.

Zeng Guofan once said:

Chen Tingjing used this law to discipline himself. He was an official in the DPRK for many years, scrupulously performing his duties, not bending the law for personal gain, not embezzling and accepting bribes, and was praised by Kangxi: "lenient and mature, almost perfect."

Shen Congwen once said:

all people have their weaknesses. If you want to conquer your own weaknesses, you need to start with self-discipline.

self-discipline is a person's personality charm, self-discipline people from the inside out of the self-examination, self-alarm, self-improvement and positive aura, admirable and convincing.

self-discipline is a sign that a person is responsible for himself. By virtue of self-discipline, people who are self-disciplined can always overcome inertia, restrain greed, put an end to speculation and overcome difficulties, and success is natural.

born as a human being, you always have a dream in your heart. If you don't want your dream to be just a flower in the mirror and a moon in the water, you need to make your dream come true with the help of self-discipline and continuous efforts.



Peking Opera Master Mei Lanfang has studied and performed Beijing Opera all her life. After becoming famous, Mei Lanfang never slackened. She is still modest and eager to learn and is not ashamed to ask questions.

once, while starring in the Beijing Opera Kill, among the many cheers, he heard an elderly audience say "not good".

after the show, before he had time to take off his makeup, he found the old man, took him home by chauffeured car and respectfully said:

when the old man saw his sincere words, he pointed out:

Mei Lanfang suddenly realized and thanked him for his winning streak. Since then, Mei Lanfang often invited the old man to come and watch his performance, asking the old man to correct him and call him "teacher".

it is precisely with this virtue of self-modesty that Mei Lanfang can always put down her posture and ask dissidents for his performance, never miss any opportunity to improve herself, and eventually become a pear orchard leader.

Feng Menglong once said in the General words of warning:

Jin Ying also said: "those who are not complacent benefit, those who are not themselves are well-informed."

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modesty is a kind of realm, it can make people realize their own shortcomings, understand that there is no gold, no one is perfect, there are people outside people, there are days outside.

modesty is an ability that allows people to give up their vanity, keep a low profile, learn from others and learn from others to offset their weaknesses.

those who are self-humble are humble, understand the truth of "the collapse of the cliff, the overflowing of the lavish", understand the power of humility, regard humility as an intangible capital, humble themselves, choose good things, and keep themselves on the road of progress.



as one of the few writers in the contemporary literary world in China, Jia Pingwa is praised as "ghost talent" for his unique literary creation.

however, in the more than 40 years since his work was published, he has also encountered creative troughs several times, because his works have caused controversy and frustrated his self-confidence, and for some time he has almost disappeared in the literary world.

but even during this period, he never gave up writing.

as he once said:

it is by virtue of this self-healing ability that Jia Pingwa can always bring forth a new spiritual flower from the downturn, and then return to the literary stage again, causing a sensation.

Liang Qichao once said:

however, only those who have the ability to heal themselves can withstand these trials and seize these opportunities to exercise their will and increase their abilities.

some people on the Internet say that the stronger a person's self-healing ability, the more likely he is to be close to happiness.

this is because only when we have the ability to heal ourselves can we calmly face and calmly deal with all difficulties and be more likely to reach the other side of happiness.

people who have the ability of emotional self-healing can cut their feelings with swords and cut the mess quickly, so as to stop the loss in time.

people who have the ability of emotional self-healing can quickly adjust their mentality and avoid becoming emotional slaves when things go wrong.

people who have the ability to heal themselves from setbacks can timely analyze the pros and cons, find out the causes, and regard difficulties as stepping stones to make a comeback.

the road of life is never smooth. Only those who have strong self-healing ability will have the opportunity to accept greater challenges and make more remarkable achievements.

there is a long way to go in one's life. May we all be people with positive energy, self-restraint, self-discipline, courtesy, modesty, courage and perseverance.