When people reach middle age, it is important to wake up! (that's so good.)

/August 2022

Ji Xianlin said in "peace of mind is home"

in life, some people are always pursuing perfection. Can look back on the past, more or less, there is always regret.

Gold is not perfect, and no one is perfect.

people don't wake up until middle age. Instead of being hard on themselves, it is better to let go of their desires and obsession and accept the imperfections in life so that life will be at ease.


know how to give up at the right time

in our daily life, we often say that only when we give up can we get something.

learn to give up at the right time, and you may reap surprises.

Lu Yizhen, the banana king of China, was born in a poor rural area of Guangxi. After graduating from junior high school at the age of 17, he went back to his hometown to start a business and contracted a large piece of land to grow bananas.

at first, he was just an ordinary banana grower. But a few years later, he became the largest banana grower locally or even in the city.

the same land, the same planting and watering, only his banana quantity is high and the price is high. So how did he do it?

it turns out that instead of following the old path of traditional farmers, he chose to "subtract" bananas.

generally speaking, the yield of a bunch of ripe bananas is about 12, while Lu Yizhen will cut off four of the three when the bananas hang fruit, ensuring that only seven or eight of the best quality bananas are left in each bunch.

when other farmers' bananas are not yet ripe, Lu Yizhen's bananas are ready to be harvested.

what is even more surprising is that the weight of each bunch of bananas is almost the same as that before the harvest. On the other hand, the quality has risen several grades, only sweet and full, huge and attractive.

therefore, his "premature banana" quickly occupied the market and made a lot of profits.

Lu Yizhen cut off the abandoned bananas with a knife, which seems to have reduced production, but in fact, it has given the rest of the bananas a better room for development, resulting in a qualitative improvement in output and quality.

willing to give up, only by learning to "give up" can we have "get".

every time I am willing to give up something, it will give back to you in another form in the future.

dare to choose in order to get more harvest.


it is rare to be confused

Buddha said: "people should not do too much, things should not be too clear, and fate is bound to come to an early end."

it is true that there is no shortage of cleverness in one's life, but even less confused.

rare confusion is the great wisdom of life.

there is a folk story about an old painter and Zhu Yuanzhang.

one day, Zhu Yuanzhang went to visit a palace that was about to be completed. He asked the guard to wait outside the door and went in alone.

looking at the resplendent hall, Zhu Yuanzhang could not help being complacent and said with emotion, "I just wanted to be a robber, but now I actually sit on the supreme throne of 1995. It's incredible!"

however, his eyes suddenly glanced and saw that on the beam in the dark, a painter was painting.

he suddenly panicked and thought, "if my former bandit identity is spread by him, it will be laughed at by the common people."

so Zhu Yuanzhang made up his mind and shouted to the old painter, "you, come down!" But there was no answer to a few shouts.

Zhu Yuanzhang decided to send a guard outside the door to climb the beam and shout. After the old painter came down, he knelt in panic and confessed in front of Zhu Yuanzhang: "Cao Min is deaf, so he did not hear the golden words of the saint. I hope the saint will forgive me."

after listening to this, Zhu Yuanzhang thought to himself: since he is deaf, he must not have heard what I said before. So he asked the old painter to retire.

the old painter breathed a sigh of relief when he walked out of the palace. As a matter of fact, he heard every word of what Zhu Yuanzhang said just now. But he also knew that if he didn't pretend to be deaf, he would lose his life today.

Zheng Banqiao, a famous scholar of the Qing Dynasty, once said, "it is difficult to be smart and difficult to be confused, and it is even more difficult to change from being smart to being confused."

there are thousands of smart people in the world, but there are very few smart fools.

A rare confused person is, in fact, the most sober person in the world.


learn to be silent

Confucius said: "A gentleman wants to be slow in words and quick in deeds."

A person should learn to be silent and know how to see through without telling, which is a sign of high EQ.

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there is a public service advertisement in Norway that touches hundreds of millions of netizens, called "the lunchbox of the little boy".

it tells such a story:

during the lunch period after class, all the children happily take out their lunch boxes and get ready to eat.

only a little boy slowly took out his lunch box from the table without a smile on his face.

because his family is poor, his lunch box is empty and there is no food. But he was afraid of being laughed at, so he brought an empty lunch box to maintain his remaining dignity.

when the students were eating well, the little boy raised his hand and wanted to go to the toilet. He wanted to escape the embarrassing situation in this way.

he walked idle in the corridor and went to the toilet to drink a few mouthfuls of water to satisfy his hunger. When he estimated that his classmates had finished their lunch, he returned to the classroom again.

just when he was about to put the lunch box into his schoolbag, he found that the lunch box had become heavy, so he lifted the lid and found that it was filled with all kinds of food: bread, grapes, carrots, lunch meat.

it turns out that when he went out, the students took some of them out of their lunch boxes and quietly put them into his meal.In the box.

in fact, both teachers and students know that the little boy's family is poor, but they don't say it directly, but silently use this way to help him and save his face.

there is a sentence written in "Xunzi is not the Twelve Zi": "if you speak, you will know; if you are silent, you will know."

speaking properly is wisdom, but choosing silence when you should not speak is also a sign of self-cultivation and wisdom.

it is true kindness to fulfill others quietly.


take a look at everything

Shen Fu wrote in the six Tales of a floating Life: "the world is boundless and time is limited, so there is no need to rush!"

in the face of a troubled and complicated world, instead of worrying about the gains and losses of interests, it is better to take a light view and maintain a normal mind.

I have heard such a short story:

once, a takeout boy was riding a battery cart to deliver takeout non-stop. In order to make more money, he must race against the clock.

however, at a corner, a motorcycle running at top speed suddenly appeared, and he bumped into it before he could react.

Unfortunately, a large case of beer on the delivery boy's car fell to the ground and most of it was broken.

many people think that there will be a scene in which they abuse each other.

but unexpectedly, there was not a word of argument between the takeout boy and the man on the motorcycle. They crouched silently by the side of the road, picked up the bottles with wine, began to drink, and even raised their hands to drink.

for the tragedies that have happened, they know that quarrelling is not the solution to the problem. You might as well take it easy, sit down calmly, have a drink and have a chat.

Buddha said: "the mind is tired only because it attaches too much importance to everything and learns to look down on everything."

in life, people feel tired because they take everything too seriously.

there are always ups and downs in life. Learn to be bearish about everything, and those entanglements and troubles will disappear.

you know, there is nothing in the world, and everything is nothing to worry about.


Bai Luomei said:

when people reach middle age and see through things in the world, they are wise.

give up at the right time, know how to choose, can get more harvest.

it is rare to be confused. If you pretend to be silly properly, you will show your top wisdom.

it is the highest goodness to learn to be silent and not to say anything.

everything is open and free and easy, and life is much easier.

A person's life is a process of constant awakening.

only by waking up can you become a better self. May you be bearish, transparent, open-minded and free for the rest of your life!