When you get old, you must get better.

/August 2022


the road to getting old must be calm.

years turn into songs, time goes by like flowers, and everyone gets old sometimes.

at this time, don't sigh that the years are too thin, the fingers are too wide, and you'll get old if you don't pay attention.

if we calm down and think about those who arrive early, we have no reason to sigh.


learn to be bearish on the way to getting old.

Don't regret not fighting for what you should have, not earning what you should earn, and not having what you should have.

in this life, horizontal and vertical are also living, more money is also living, less money is also living, owning is also living, losing is also living.

We don't live the dazzle of life, we live the thickness and length of life.

since we have gone through ups and downs and ups and downs, our life must be excellent and worthy of appreciation.


learn to take it easy on the way to getting old.

Don't complain that society is unfair to you, fate is unkind to you, and others owe you anything.

No ear of wheat is the biggest and best in the world.

if you are excellent, society is yours, if you smile, fate is yours, if you let go, everything of others is also your scenery, and the happiness of others is also your happiness.

Don't compete with yourself, don't compete with others, don't compete with your children, don't compete with this society, get lucky, lose my life, and let nature take its course.


keep a low profile on the way to getting old.

Don't put yourself too high, don't take yourself too seriously.

the full millet will bow its head and the withered ears of wheat will raise its face. At this time, the precipitation is not only the annual rings, but also a wealth of knowledge and humble life.

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Don't be furious because others say you can't, don't be anxious because others can't remember you, and don't work hard to prove how good you are.

at this time, we should learn to bow our head, learn to be modest, keep a low profile, keep a low profile, not show off, and not be defiant.

most of the time, bowing is also a kind of wisdom, a kind of tolerance, an open-minded mind, a kind of competitive avoidance, a kind of wisdom of survival;

is also a sign of maturity, a gentle state of turning into steel, a kind of humble posture, and a pattern of getting old.


learn to give up on the way to getting old.

as the saying goes, there are gains and losses, with youth, it is impossible to have years, with rings we must let go of capriciousness.

Don't be reluctant to let go of this and that all day long. Children are called children when they are older, money when they are spent, and people when they are alive.

fame and fortune is only a piece of clothing alive. With it, no matter how good others look at it, you may not be comfortable;

No, other people don't like you any more, as long as you have a good mentality, the bad is the best.


when you grow old, you should learn to be open-minded and grateful. Don't walk with small feet. You must be liked by others.

in one's life, some people say hello, some people must say you are bad, some people like you, some people don't like you.

Don't hold a grudge all your life because someone hurt you. Don't get angry with others because they don't like you.

in this life, everyone has his own circle, and everyone has people he likes and dislikes.

when others hurt you, it must be that we have done something bad to hurt others, and that other people don't like us. It must be the reason why we have others who don't like us.

Don't worry about it, don't worry about it, be more open-minded, and if we are broad-minded, others will be more tolerant to us.


follow the fate on the way to grow old.

Life is long, and we are destined to take some roads by ourselves.

Don't force many people to accompany us, never mind that you are so kind to him, he is so unkind to you, and everyone has his own life turn at the intersection of time.

when he comes, he is greeted with lanterns, he goes, and we send each other with umbrellas, as long as we have a clear conscience is the purest friendship.


on the way to grow old, don't argue with your children, don't worry about you raising them, they don't grow old with you.

at the beginning, people are born with a good nature. there is no parents in the world who do not want their children to be good, and the children of the world must want to grow old with their parents.

but there are too many helplessness and bitterness on the way of life, they must have a choice, because they are not only our children, they are also other people's father, mother, and the backbone of a family.


you must get better on the way to getting old.

Don't struggle, don't worry, don't compare, don't curry favor, and don't look for hatred for no reason.

at this age, it should be a big tree, half green and half deeply rooted for itself.

Don't always talk about the pain of the past, think of the hatred of the past, and don't always bring negative things to society and children.

at our age, we have not only lived for ourselves, but for the value of our existence.

in any case, we must have a grateful heart, an open-minded heart and a transparent heart to repay our life.


passers-by who grow old must love themselves.

whether life is good or bad, more happiness, less worry, more sunshine, less sadness.

in this life, our parents only give us a body, and every day we move forward is a life we borrowed from ourselves. Don't expect that God will give you 500 years. If you don't cherish it, no one will help you.

learn to appreciate yourself, learn to take care of yourself, and learnTrying to take care of your life.

as long as we have a healthy state of mind, healthy body, do not add tiredness to our children, do not add burden to society, our life is noble, elegant, worthy of our brilliant life.