You will meet whoever you are! (profound)

/June 2022

once read a passage:

if you fly with a Phoenix, you must be a handsome bird;

if you go with a tiger or wolf, you must be a beast!

how far you can go depends on who you are traveling with!

as the saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together." what you are, you will attract.

if you are a big tree, why contend with grass; if you are goshawk, why sing with birds.

it's enough to be the best you can be and meet the best people.


you will meet whoever you are

in life, it is not difficult to find that people with similar hobbies and the same temperament tend to attract each other.

if a person acts openly, respects the old and loves the young, then his friends must have the same character.

A psychologist once said:

people have different temperament, and you will attract what kind of temperament you are.

it's like this story:

when a young man buys a bowl, he picks up a bowl in the shop and then gently touches the other bowls in turn, making a dull and muddy sound.

the young man kept trying, picking almost all the bowls in the store, but none of them were satisfactory, even the boutique in the store.

the boss did not understand why his two bowls collided. He proudly told the boss that if he could make a crisp and pleasant sound, it would be a good bowl.

the boss suddenly realized, handed the young man a bowl again, smiled and said, "try this bowl and make sure you can choose the bowl you like!"

Young people act according to their words doubtfully. This time, each bowl made a crisp sound, and he looked at the boss questioningly.

the boss smiled and said:

the same is true of people. What kind of person you are determines what kind of person you will meet.

an optimistic and open-minded person, the people around him are equally positive;

an insidious and cunning person, most of the people around him have ulterior motives.

as a person, you decide the circle.

as the saying goes, "if you have different ways, you will not conspire with each other."

Dragons do not live with snakes, wolves do not eat with dogs, and it is difficult for people with different aspirations to get together.

the same is true of the old saying that "cats and mice sleep differently, tigers and deer do not walk together".

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only when the three values are consistent can we get along well with each other.


it's really important to be with

Han Han once said:

Don't underestimate the power of imperceptible influence and osmosis. People are slowly shaped in this power.

if you want to be a good person, you have to keep company with good people; if you want to be good, you have to be close to better people.

there was a young man who wanted to quit smoking and was worried that he couldn't quit all the time, so he went to the doctor for advice.

after listening to his troubles, the doctor said nothing and gave him a prescription directly.

the prescription says, "visit a friend who has quit smoking, once in the morning, in the morning and in the evening."

Young people wonder what kind of treatment this is.

the doctor saw his confusion and explained, "No medicine is more effective than the benign influence of a friend to kick the addiction!"

the young man went back doubtfully.

A few months later, he successfully gave up smoking and came back specially to thank the doctor for his help.

those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black. People influence each other.

people live a lifetime, meet a lot of people, but few can talk to each other. And with whom, this is a very important thing.

good people can motivate themselves to move forward; bad people will tempt themselves to decadence.

A wolf who has been in a kennel since childhood can hardly be as fierce as a wolf even when he grows up.

the longer you spend with each other, the greater the impact on a person.

optimistic people will make you happy every day; cynical people will make you grumpy every day.

the sufferings and gains and losses of life are all in the state of mind. The state of mind depends on how you are affected.

Life is not long. It really matters who you spend time with.

May everyone walk with excellent people.


when you become the best of yourself, you will meet the best of others

there is a saying:

Don't chase a horse, use the time to chase a horse to recommend it. When the spring blossoms, there will be a number of horses for you to choose.

Don't try to curry favor with someone. Use your time when you have no friends for a while to improve your moral character. When the time is right, you will have a lot of friends to go with you.

Friends made with human feelings are only temporary, while friends attracted by virtue are long-lasting.

enriching yourself is more powerful than pleasing others.

if you are a sycamore, the Phoenix will come to live; you are the sea, and all rivers will come to gather.

if you want to meet good people, you must also make yourself good.

an entrepreneur once shared his experience:

when he was in college, he was interested in e-commerce and met several big names during the event.

when he graduated, he decided to start a business and confidently contacted several of the bigwigs, but few responded to him.

he had to study and practice by himself, try and fail again and again, step by step, and finally make some achievements. After

, there was an endless stream of people looking for him to talk to him, including the big names of that year.

excellent people are friends all over the country; those who have no strength are unable to move in court.

those who are good will meet better ones.The better the character is, the better the character will be.

just as the Book of changes says: the same voice corresponds to the same phase.

similar things are always attracted to each other.

if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come; if you are wonderful, heaven will arrange itself.

if you become the best of yourself, you will meet the best of others.

how your life is, it has a lot to do with the people around you.

when you are with sunny people, your heart will not be dark;

when you are with happy people, you will often smile at the corners of your mouth;

when you are with enterprising people, you will not lag behind;

when you are with generous people, you will not be stingy;

when you are with wise people, you will not be confused;

when you are with smart people, you will become alert.

you will meet whoever you are; to be the best of yourself, you can meet the best of others.

Life is not long, be sure to make yourself excellent and walk with excellent people!