Your mouth hides the feng shui of your life.

/August 2022

speaking is the easiest and most difficult.

the leader has assigned a new task, and you will say, "I'm sure I can do it well?"

will you still say, "what a nuisance, endless work?"

the former will be full of confidence and go all out, while the latter will be full of grievances and perfunctory.

different answers represent different attitudes, and different actions indicate different outcomes.

every seemingly casual word not only reveals what you are thinking at present, but also hides the direction of your life in the future.

Cai Kangyong said, "you are what you say."

what you often say is to predict your own life.


A friend told us the story of two children in her class.

students An and B are neck and neck.

the strange thing is that An is always the first and B is always the second, and the score gap is not big.

No matter how hard classmate B tries, it doesn't seem to help.

he said, "as long as classmate An is here, I will never win the first place."

once, without the knowledge of the two students, the teacher put them in two classrooms and did a paper at the same time. As a result, they both got full marks.

language is a weapon, and the words we often say grow in the body, melt into the blood, enter the subconscious, and imply behavior.

when you are positive, sunny and confident every day, cheer yourself up: "I can do it!" , "I'm sure I can do it."

if you are hinted, you will work towards excellence, and the result will get better and better.

when you often say, "it's boring, it sucks." If you talk too much, things are really going to get worse.

Murphy's Law tells us that things tend to go in the bad direction you think.

if a person often receives the message "I can't", the subconscious will suspect that he really can't, and will be afraid of hands and feet and give up his efforts.

ask yourself that most of the time, it is not difficulties that overcome us, but we give up on ourselves.

language is like a spell. When you limit yourself, it is like drawing a circle on the ground as a prison, setting a circle that will never escape.

I have read such a story:

A person needs to travel frequently because of his work, but he is often unable to buy a ticket.

but it's not a big deal for him, because he can always find a seat.

he always said to himself, "I will find an empty seat. There are not many people like me who persevere."

in fact, every time he takes the bus, he is ready to walk from the first car to the last car, but he often finds his seat without having to go to the end.

other people always worry about gain and loss:

The beautiful and outstanding princess bride long train dress is all you need. Enter this catalog and choose the fittest clothes.

"is it worth squeezing around to find a seat with your backpack on your back? What if it's so crowded that you don't even have a place to stand now? "

language hints tell us that we will fail, so we give up even the chance to try.

there is a "self-fulfilling prophecy" in psychology, which means that because of human narcissistic nature, you will fall in love with what you often say and try to make it come true.

if an idea is deeply ingrained in your heart, you will verify it over and over again, or even create conditions and opportunities until you prove yourself right.

A person who cries all day long that he is miserable, his life is really bad;

A person who often says "I can do it" is full of hope.

because language is not only a tool to express ideas, but also a weapon to imply oneself;

words are not only spoken to others, but more often to themselves.


my colleague Xiaomei remarried, and her first marriage failed because her ex-husband couldn't do anything well in her eyes.

if you can't see life in your eyes, say a word and move.

the change of clothes is not washed in time, and do not cook when it is time.

Men, expecting nothing

became her mantra.

her ex-husband completely became a shopkeeper in her endless nagging and scolding.

and they, too, ended in divorce.

this time, Xiaomei opened her eyes and found a family-oriented and diligent person.

soon, the relationship between the two men turned red again.

the reason is that the clothes are not washed separately and dyed.

Xiaomei began to chatter:

"I don't even have this common sense!" Nothing can be done to help. "

"I can't save my mind, man, I can't count on it."

my husband put up with Xiaomei's accusation again and again and finally slammed the door and left.

psychologist Jung once said: "people's subconscious guides life, but people think that is fate."

in fact, fate and circumstances are hidden in everyone's words and deeds. Examples like

can be seen everywhere in life:

"Oh, no, I'm going to be late for work." And I was really late.

"another unlucky day. I'm really in a bad mood." Sure enough, it wasn't a smooth day.

"there is bound to be trouble today." Indeed, he was criticized by the leader for making mistakes in his work.

some people say that there are two people in everyone's body, one is an angel and the other is the devil. The key is which one you awaken with words.

the words of angels are like magical blessings, which not only glow but also shine around.

the devil's words are like endless black holes, dejected and miserable.

positive portrait of the sunWhere it shines, where it shines; negative people are like the moon, the first 15 is the same.

Life is not elsewhere, in our minds and in our words.


Wang Jie, a famous musician in Taiwan, lived a hard life when he was a child.

when I was working in a teahouse at the age of 15, I was accused of stealing teahouse food because I ate Steamed BBQ Pork Bun, which was left after the guests paid the bill.

the manager gave him a good slap in the face and fired him.

Wang Jie told himself: "everything is not doomed. I have the music I like. No matter how difficult it is, I will stick to it."

Ten years later, one Game, one Dream is on the market.

A colleague said in a strange tone, "your singing is so strange. How much do you think it will sell?"

Wang Jie said frankly, "300,000."

within half a day, his answer was spread all over the company as a joke.

Wang Jie, who was ridiculed, always told himself: "it is impossible to be doomed, and there is always something in return."

A few months later, "one Game, one Dream" won the top song on the pop chart and eventually sold 18 million copies, making Wang Jie an overnight hit.

there is a saying: "when you think you can, the whole world will make way for you." You don't think you can do it, and the gods can't do anything about it. "

if you say yes, you can do it, or you can't; if you say no, you can't, and you can't either.

if you doubt it, others will not believe it.

scientists have shown that

those who have made extraordinary achievements always give themselves language hints at critical moments, which will greatly boost their self-confidence and overcome numerous difficulties.

Mike Pavu, a famous American long jumper, achieved mediocre results before setting a new world record.

after years of hard work and hard work, he still lost by one centimeter to Carl Lewis, who won 56 long jump championships in the national championship.

A few years later, in the world men's long jump in track and field at the Tokyo National Arena, Pavu Elu and Lewis had another showdown.

when Lewis thought he was safe, Pavu broke the 23-year world record.

he shouted:

everyone says that Lewis is invincible and the world record is impossible to break.

I keep telling myself that I will beat Lewis and break the record. I have succeeded.

the energy of the subconscious is enormous, and the suggestion of language is the most effective way to influence the subconscious.

many successful people are good at motivating themselves with verbal cues.

Jack Ma often says, "never give up."

Yu Minhong often says, "the beginning does not determine the end."

Lin Dan often said, "through your own persistence and efforts, you can impress others."

excellent people are first of all confident people, because they believe that they will work, so the results will work.

what you believe is what you become.


mouth, between opening and closing, do you spit out lotus flowers, or do you say bad words to each other? Do you mean to say that the world is beautiful, or that it is sinister?

is it the motivation of "I can" and "I can", or the negative negativity of "bad" and "bad"?

pay attention to your words and thoughts, because everyone lives in his own mouth.

if you want to grow into a good look, start by changing the way you speak.

stop saying "I can't" and replace it with "I can"; stop saying "boring" and replace it with "not bad".

the Bible says, "words are the flesh."

whatever you say, it will be your destiny.

encourage each other.