Yuanxiao | full moon in the sky and reunion on earth

/July 2022

there are three important full moons in a year, namely, Yuanxiao, Mid-Autumn Festival and Mid-Yuan, among which Yuanxiao is the most symbol of reunion.

Lantern Festival, also known as Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival, Lantern Festival or Lantern Festival, is not only one of China's traditional festivals, but also a national intangible cultural heritage.

this festival represents the importance that every Chinese attaches to reunion and their yearning for a better year.

Uncle Fan sent you five "circles" during the Lantern Festival today.


first Circle: family reunion

although this poem is about Double-ninth Day, it also sounds particularly melancholy during the Lantern Festival, and a kind of homesickness comes to mind quietly.

all we do throughout the year is to make money, and to make money is to be better reunited with our families.

Home is the warmest place for everyone.

Life yearns for safety and family reunion.

in this life, people seem to be busy for money and career, but in fact, the end point of money and career is for reunion.

No family, no reunion, no amount of money is boring.

Today's Lantern Festival, no matter how busy it is, remember to go home early; no matter how far it is, don't forget to call.


the second round: delicious dumplings

Food is the most important thing for the people, and festive food is an indispensable holiday gift for everyone.

there are two kinds of delicacies in the Lantern Festival, Yuanxiao in the north and dumplings in the south.

the appearance of the two kinds of food is similar, but the practice is different. Yuanxiao rolls the stuffing into a ball in the flour, while the dumplings are wrapped in leather and kneaded into a ball.

although the food is different between the north and the south, the moral is the same.

these humble Lantern Festival delicacies are the most inseparable things for Yuanxiao.

A mouthful of dumplings and a reunion. May all people at home or far away from home eat soft and delicious dumplings on Lantern Festival.

the internal organs are warm, and so are the hearts.


the third circle

Last year, an epidemic pressed the pause button for the world, and everything was covered with frost.

even when it comes to the Lantern Festival, people do not go out easily. It is the most deserted "Lantern Festival", but everyone who pretends to be at home cheers for Wuhan and Hubei.

We all firmly believe that if we get through the ice and snow, we will have a good day, just as the popular saying last year:

Yes, we did it.

now a year has passed, the new Lantern Festival, we are reunited, all the good things will come unexpectedly.

this Lantern Festival is the face of the new year, which indicates the coming of the new year with joy and expectation.


the fourth circle: the full circle

looks back in order to move forward better. The "circle" of Yuanxiao brings people's hope.

this year, don't be afraid to change or worry about the unknown future.

when you get through a series of wind, frost, rain and snow, you will understand that all the hardships are worth it.

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No one in the world can rise to the sky in one step, and it depends more on years of sweat and hard struggle to create success based on accumulated strength.

Lantern Festival, eat a mouthful of tangyuan, I wish you a full circle, many years of efforts, can have a good return; all actions, live up to your original intentions.


the fifth circle

Yuanxiao in ancient times, singing and dancing, red lanterns were held high, men and women, old and young, looking forward to the night, strolling in laughter.

at this time, it is the time for young men and women to meet each other and secretly pry into each other, and it is also a time for reunion and reunion.

although the atmosphere of Yuanxiao is not as strong as it was then, it is still the carnival in the heart of every Chinese and the "full moon" in the heart of every Chinese.

the Lantern Festival is coming quietly, so we might as well give up our troubles and immerse ourselves in the beauty of the full moon at this moment.


the fifteenth day of the first lunar month is a good time.

the first month, that is, when spring comes, the climate is getting warmer and everything gradually wakes up. On the fifteenth day, a full moon is in the sky, symbolizing reunion and good luck.

May everyone who pays attention to me eat glutinous rice dumplings and have a good New year with laughter.

Please accept the blessings of these five circles and pass them on to others.

Today's Lantern Festival, no matter how busy you are, don't forget to eat Yuanxiao tangyuan.