A simple life is charming, and a simple heart is happy.

/August 2022

A person's beauty is not a face, not a love for earthly vanity, not sighing the desolation of the world, watching the flowers bloom and waiting for them to fall.

people's hearts are fragile and need constant encouragement and comfort. Do not show your weakness to others. You must learn to be strong alone in everything, because you have to rely on yourself.

there are no ifs in life, only consequences and results. Simple life is charming, and simple hearts are happy.

learn to give up, turn around and leave before you cry, leaving your simple figure. In fact, everyone has an unknown story, as long as you have a loving heart, you will calmly use your own hands to create your own future.

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the sun that pierces the clouds is always the most dazzling, and the heart that comes out of the cage will be full of grass. Tell yourself that this is your own reality, it will make your state of mind more peaceful and calm, will also let your mind without distractions, but also let your soul get relief and comfort.

the weight of the years can never stop the lightness of time, will let the simple life send out bursts of flower fragrance, this fragrance is neither strong nor light, it is the fragrance precipitated by the years, it will last forever.

when people live, they should quietly observe the years and treat themselves lightly. Life is too short, and there is no need to care too much about life. People who are chic and unrestrained are not beautiful but in a mood; what people gain is not complex but simple. In this world, only learn to be confident, do not humbly please others, only equal treatment, in exchange for real respect.

there are too many questions in life that cannot be answered. What we need to do is to be in prosperity with kindness and be content with adversity.

the most luxurious possession of life is an immortal childlike innocence and a healthy body. If fate breaks the sail of hope, please don't despair, the shore is still there. Life, the simpler the richer, what we pursue is not food and clothing, luxury cars and houses, we pursue warmth and happiness. A celebrity said: "Don't think too complicated. If you hold it too tightly, things will break and your hands will hurt."

We should learn to cherish every day of life, because the beginning of each day will be the first day of the rest of our lives. Even if there are no flowers on the road, we can enjoy the desolation, no one's life is always full of happiness, there is always some pain will torture our hearts, as long as we choose to be silent, we win.

if a man can restrain his desires and live a life of nothing, he can set his mind free. Everyone has his own way of living. Don't be a slave to your wishes. You should satisfy your wishes through active practice and spiritual resonance. As long as you sincerely make a wish, you can drive away the emptiness of your heart and let you enjoy the taste of a rich life. You can be a simple, simple, self-sufficient person.

A celebrity put it well: "indulge your desires to pursue pleasure, and the scourge of sorrow will follow." We should pursue to breathe calmly, live with a smile, and do things without confusion or panic. Remember: always believe that if you step back, you will have a further state of mind.

without sunshine, learn to enjoy the coolness of wind and rain. Life is so simple. With a little courage, you can turn your life around and start over.